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Biden Keeping Illegal Alien Kids in ‘Jails’

Breaking Now: When it comes to illegal alien children, Joe Biden is doing exactly what he criticized former President Donald Trump for doing. And, the source exposing Biden is, believe it or not, The New York Times.


Breaking Now from The New York Times:

The number of unaccompanied migrant children detained along the border has tripled in the last two weeks to more than 3,250, filling facilities akin to jails as the Biden administration struggles to find room for them in shelters, according to documents obtained by The New York Times. [emphasis added]

More than 1,360 of the children have been detained beyond the 72 hours permitted by law before a child must be transferred to a shelter, according to one of the documents, dated March 8. The figures highlight the growing pressure on President Biden to address the increased number of people trying to cross the border in the belief that he will be more welcoming to them than former President Donald J. Trump was. [emphasis added]

The children are being held in facilities, managed by the Customs and Border Protection agency, that were built for adults. The border agency has been the subject of widespread criticism for the horrific conditions in its federal detention facilities, in which children are exposed to disease, hunger and overcrowding. [emphasis added]

For more on this report, go to The New York Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Is Joe Biden creating a crisis on America’s southern border?


  1. David Smith says:

    CK Back when Ford was President they had it on TV he was walking with the Queen and he tripped but you did not see that on live TV it was later the real video came out where he tripped and almost fell. If they could fake things on live TV back then God knows what they can do now don’t believe what you see on TV and what you see on the internet. It is to the point now you can’t believe a word the news says or the politicians but we already knew that and you can’t believe what you see on TV or the internet

  2. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Their exposed to hunger,what about the children here, Americans.Feel sorry me me don’t cut it.This is just a ploy to make us feel bad, we’ll too bad.

  3. David says:

    LOL CK I just wanted to know where she got the information from Clintons computer as for her being in jail Her husband was friends with the pervert Epstein and went to his Resort where who knows what went on. Did you ever se the video of Clinton coughing during a speech and she coughed up two eyeballs into the glass of water LOL I thought that was hysterical. Hillary and Oblackma let four Americans be murdered and they didn’t go to jail Oblackma gave billions to the Iran terrorist state and he is not in jail so why would you think Clinton would go to jail id she did have a video of her tearing a young girls apart LOL She would just say it was fake just like all those fake e-mails that went missing LOL.

    • ck says:

      There are ways to tell if a video is real or fake, just because you don’t have the knowledge and or equipment to tell the difference doesn’t make it true. How stupid can you people really be?!!! You see something on the internet and believe it with every fiber of your being, but if you see something LIVE on TV it’s fake. Get some help people!!!

  4. Really smart king biden. Lock the u.s down with covid crap then open the back door with a welcome mat on it. All to heil with king biden dumb a double s. Useless president we EVER had. Run and hide i think someone wants to ask you anything. How can this not be noticed and something done about him before king biden makes another move.

  5. Dull Knife says:

    How can all you folks call them cages? Hells Bells there a heck of a lot better than the cages we keep our chickens in and they pay us for their keep ( LOTSA EGGS ). They don’t complain, their right friendly, they came here all legal like . Dull Knife

  6. Sam B. says:

    Thx red alert news for FINALLY posting my comment from yesterday Monday March 8th on this topic…this afternoon/Tuesday March 9th.
    No censorship!!

  7. This is just another example of the Democrat’s do as I say, and if you don’t, we will destroy you! WAKE UP AMERICA! This is just the tip of the communist takeover iceberg!

  8. Caroline says:

    Opening borders and luring these children is such a massive mistake. The main line press will never publish what is actually happening. One of the major results is the atmosphere for human trafficking’s increase. With no secure system at our border, here come the minors and here come the predictors, as someone else said.

    And yes, there will be many “unsavory” types flocking to our country. People eager to cross in a non-legal fashion are not what ANY SANE COUNTRY should want. Biden/Harris/Obama setting this in motion is a disaster for ALL concerned.

  9. Shirley says:

    Maria, take ur head out of ur ass! You are one of the reasons Trump was cheated out of his rightful place as the pres! Why u ask, because u voted for him. I know, u fell for his bs with news u got from the internet or online. How in God’s name can people fall for all his propaganda?
    U heard the word “free” and that was all it took. Of course u didn’t do any investigating or research on ur own! I would be willing to bet u r in the 18 to 24 age range. Wake up b 4 we have all our freedoms r gone! God help us and God bless America 🇺🇸

  10. Sam B. says:

    Let’s state obvious FACTS: Obama-Biden built these very same “cages” back in 2012-2013 that Biden-Harris r now using again today!
    The very reason why these “cages” r about 100% occupied & more to come is because of their spineless America second-last agenda/open border policy.
    Attn Biden administration..: get a SPINE & stand up for the country! Stop playing politics with this imagination nonsense to pad the socialist voting totals by bribing these folks with citizenship for votes!!! Be honest..that’s ALL this is about. U damn sure don’t put near this much effort to helping out legal the unfortunate homeless situation we have in our country. What about these AMERICANS?!?! Why aren’t u putting this much effort in to helping them?!?!!! Just like the BLM organization/movement…they ONLY focus on a very small percentage of black lives when dealing with law enforcement & totally IGNORE the tens of thousands of black lives seriously injured &/or lost every year that have NOTHING to do with law enforcement!! Approximately 75% of these people r injured/killed by other black folks! But BLM & the spineless psycho-socialists totally blow off/ignore all these human beings……just like what the Biden-Harris administration is now doing to American citizens in favor of non-citizens!
    So YES…the Biden-Harris & the rest of the America second-last psycho socialist party have totally created this situation. If they had a SPINE..put America’s people/needs/issues FIRST & finished the southern border wall which is the SAME BORDER WALL THE OBAMA-BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, SCHUMER, PELOSI & NUMERS OTHERS WANTED A FEW YEARS AGO BUT COULDN’T GET IT DONE!! Once again this is nothing more than butt-hurt politics…because Trump got it done..& they couldn’t. Get over it!
    This Butt-hurt politics & pride clouds proper patriotic judgments which overrules positive progress for “We The People” aka The Country.

  11. Tim says:

    What the hell do you expect when this JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT started signing EO’S the first hour he’s in office.
    OPEN BORDERS POLICY’S. We have over 17 MILLION AMERICANS out of work and JOE FRAUDEN Wants to bring in ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS no vetting,no test for CHINA VIRUS-19 PRETTY soon there (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS) are going to be knocking on our doors With hammers, brick’s , machetes, then guns WHY s this sadists doing this. The POLICY’S PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP put in place we’re almost the right thing to do and this evil unamerican horrific disturbing don’t care or give a F__K about the the american people or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Which he chooses to HATE JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT needs to be IMPEACHED removed vanished gone eliminated cuput zip gone

  12. Deb says:

    Biden, Obama, Clinton’s and many other elit s (Satanists) use these poor kids as food or sacrifices. Human trafficking will be back in swing because BIDEN and his son HUNTER are Pedophiles.

  13. Sam says:


  14. Holly Rose says:

    They are in jail because it states in the above that they are placed there until they find space for them in shelters. Biden is not a cruel man the way trump is. If trump did this, I would believe it but I am not buying it that Biden did this. If he did, Biden had humanitarian reasons for this.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah sure. Biden’s humanitarian reason” is that they want a bunch more illegal voters so they won’t have to work so hard creating all of those fake ballots!

    • Deb says:

      Let me laugh a little Biden and his son Hunter are of the Luciferian bloodline. Biden and his son Hunter are Pedophiles. Proof on His loser sons laptop. Hillary’s laptop showed her butchering a young girl among other gruesome things. Wake up.

      • David says:

        Deb where did you find the information on Hillary’s laptop showing she dismembered a young girl??? Thanks David

        • ck says:

          OMG, don’t you think she’d be in jail if that were true. Can’t you idiots think for yourselves? Are your lives so pathetic you have to spice it up in such destructive, foolish lies?

    • Patricia Crumrine says:

      Oh, such hypocrisy!! Biden threw open the border doors and what the hell did he expect?? He was in such a big hurry to start signing those Executive Orders that he did NOT MAKE A PLAN for what would come!!!!!! STUPID. What did he expect when he signed that EO with no plan in place first? Exactly what he got…OVERWHELMED!!! Now we have people entering our country illegally. What are they offering in return? Drugs, human trafficking, sick people, killers, criminals, anti-Americans, and a few honorable people looking for asylum. So they are all thrown into a common crib, some with Covid, infecting many. Then we send them out into the states with the virus!!! What a plan!!!!
      So since the GOVERNMENT set this whole thing in motion with the Executive Order, it is a government responsibility. But the states are having to bear the cost of it, the personnel, and ultimately the people intent on evil, and those who are sick and carrying Covid, women who have come here to give birth to their babies, and then the whole family is invited. Who pays those hospital bills? The state!!! The states have to suck up the whole expense of what happens AFTER these thousands of illegals are released! All because there WAS NO PLAN. Just a power hungry man with a pen and a desire to start the cancel culture that will make him king. God save us.

      • Deborah says:

        First of all, Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing. The real people in control put the EOs in front of him and he signs them. He’s in full dementia/Alzheimer’s. It’s so obvious! He never does any press conferences and when he does get to the podium he can’t put a coherent sentence together! Unbelievable! When will he do the State of the Union Address? Never!! He won’t make it to summer and they’ll hit him with the 25th amendment then it’ll be Cameltoe Harris as president! God help us all!!!!

    • Holly. That made zero sense. Let’s get something clear. The United States has done better than other countries because we taught self reliance.
      The Clinton Foundation through control of the schools has destroyed that concept.
      The economy is in meltdown because of Obama, now Biden policies.
      There is no humanitarian reason for putting the kids in cages.
      Biden is trying to find more democrats. Because as people live in the U.S. and begin to build up a better life, they realize these democratic policies will destroy what they $600worked for. They become Republican.
      Look in your hand. Hold $600. Now in 4 months pull it out. You will need all of that to buy a loaf of bread. Joe Biden put 150,000 Americans out of work in an environment caused by the democrats, of 60 million unemployed. You call Trump bad but he had us at less than 11% total unemployment. You call him racist although he managed to get the black unemployment rate to less than 3% vs Obama era black unemployment at28%. You look at all of your savings. And understand clearly. Its about to become virtually worthless because of your hero Comrade Biden.

  15. Extremely Concerned says:

    Biden allowing illegal immigrants into America whether a child or adult is the worst thing to do when America has their own problems with Covid, unemployment, and the out of control homelessness of our citizens. He invites illegals here with the idea that everything is free for them. Facts are our own citizens will pay for their way to live here. All the while having our own problems taking care of ourselves and families first. And in addition to that, our country has its own out of control crisis with fixing our homeless situation. We can’t even begin to fix that problem but we’re automatically made to help and take care of illegal immigrants by way of paying taxes. How is that fair to our own citizens who have mental problems, or have lost jobs and unable to get work ultimately forced to live on the streets dirty, cold and hungry??? How is that any different than illegals coming here from their countries with the same problems and conditions of our own citizens who are homeless??? When will the FAR LEFT AND BIDEN realize we should and need to take care of our own citizens first and foremost, before inviting and creating more problems than we already have. Since when is it America’s job to take care of the world’s people and problems??? When are the politicians going to make America a priority and take care of our own first!!!!!!

  16. Verna L Hart says:

    Biden better wise up before these illegals start showing up on his doorstep. If they do, so be it. That bastard was warned and the dumb idiot did not listen , all he wanted to do was get back at President Trump. Now the dumb Ass has a horrific problem on his hands. Oh wait, now is when I expect Biden to come down with some illness and dump it all in Harris’ lap. Harris is as ignorant as Biden because that Bitch will have them eating off her dinner plate, mark my words. Especially having the Leftists rag head and Cortez biting at the bit. Biden is so far gone. I am surprised he even is able to put clothes on, oh wait that was Dr Jill helping him wasn’t it, or was that Harris? It’s so confusing! If Trump were in there none of this bullshit would have never happened on his watch. Yea you all Trump haters, kiss my royal ass! You ass loving Biden voters! Look at the good old boy is doing for you now! Eat crow you dumb shits! No ones perfect but you got Biden off the bottom of the barrel. I am amazed at how much bullshit Biden fed you and you ate it up like it was candy. Wait till your taxes go up and come crying! Your getting just what you asked for so sit back and watch Alzheimer Biden do his dirty deeds folks. If all those Bill’s he signed on his first day, weren’t in a stack someone placed beside him, he would not even known what the hell he was signing. I am waiting for all these thousands of new jobs to take hold and waiting to see when UNITY kicks in. I wonder how the old man hears his house? Give you 2 guesses! Nope! Exactly GAS. OMG Did I just say gas? Isn’t that bad for the green deal and the planet? Old man Biden’s going to save the world! Right! Wake me up when it happens or whenever that UNITY kicks in please!

  17. Toni Garber says:

    Really?? Cry me a river. They shouldn’t have come to the boarder in the first place. No one wants them here.Biden is nothing more than an ignorant buffoon who has no business running this country. He has no idea of how and what to do. And if he actually did, he’d probably forget anyway. Such a total embarrassment for the United States.

  18. ken ketterer says:

    sleepie joe screwed up again as usual

  19. Pegs says:

    MAJOR CRISIS !!! biden will say ANYTHING to get elected! he has BETRAYED OUR COUNTRY! Spreading MORE COVID all over the country! #LIAR # SICKENING

  20. G says:

    If MSM was reporting on all the problems Biden and his band of misfits were creating by there executive orders. they would demand the Dominion voting machines and ballots in the 5 states be turned over for a real independent audit. All these issues have to get out to the idiots who voted against Trump because they believed the narrative they were told for 4 years. The people who voted for Biden because they thought he was some great politician really can’t be saved.

  21. rick says:

    From what I’ve seen on news videos, 90% of these “children” are actually teen-age, early twenty-somethings, & male! Hardly qualifying as “children”! There’s a spot in Hell for you, Joe, ready & waiting, you crooked moron!

  22. Kathleen says:

    He should have stopped this before so many came but he invited them and had no plan or accommodations for them. Never should have done during Pandemic. I feel sorry for those children, no telling what hardships they indured coming here. We should keep the policies for entering and becoming citizens of the United States. Also keep borders safe, like the Capital, finish the Walls.

  23. Concerned says:

    Biden is one of those “do as I say, not as I do”. Him and is democrats are exactly what they seem to imply everyone is, “Racist”. They don’t care about the black people or any other nationality or the people with a different orinentation, they do care for themselves. I believe MONEY is possibly the main thing they care about. They just try to show they care about everything, so they can get the votes. So if you are one of the voters that voted them in, I feel sorry for you, because as you can see, if your eyes are open, they lied to you and they are destroying this country.

    They don’t care that the people that are trying to come to this country, are dying in their attempt to get here, are being abused by the crooks that their families paid to get them here. They are letting them all in because they HATE President Trump, that is the ONLY REASON!!!!!!

    God help us all, because we do need his help.

  24. Maria del Rosario Parker says:

    Saving Children’s lifes are very important n keeping them Safe from harms way in anyway, you do what you have too with whats available at the moment. Stopped finger pointing n live in this dangerous which are uncertain, from Second to Minutes to hours to day’s. Amen. 🙏. Peace on earth ☮️ to all. 🙋🌺.

    • FW says:

      Maria, how dangerous was it for these children to take this journey? How many children died making this journey? If their parents came to this country the legal way with their children there would less danger to these innocent children. And what do we do with these children once they re cleared? Put them in the foster system? In some cases the foster system (which is overcrowded) may not be better than being in their home country. And my last question to you is are you going to signup to be a foster parent? I always read comments from people how we should do this and we should do that but never what they are willing to do. It’s always easy to criticize and comment but harder to actually backup what you believe by doing something yourself.

    • F W says:

      Maria, how dangerous was it for these children to take this journey? How many children died making this journey? If their parents came to this country the legal way with their children there would less danger to these innocent children. And what do we do with these children once they re cleared? Put them in the foster system? In some cases the foster system (which is overcrowded) may not be better than being in their home country. And my last question to you is are you going to signup to be a foster parent? I always read comments from people how we should do this and we should do that but never what they are willing to do. It’s always easy to criticize and comment but harder to actually backup what you believe by doing something yourself.

  25. Sandra says:

    President Biden has created a horrible problem with allowing children unaccompanied without a parent into the United States. He surely is not thinking of the immigrant children or the people in the United States. I say shame on him for his ineptitude and his taking the pen to sign executive orders. The Southern border needs to be controlled again by the ICE

    • Kathy says:

      Yes and all these children. What will become of them. Our country has more children in need of homes to get out of the Foster homes and group homes. Will they be forgotten now. Very bad decision when so many of our children and homeless have not been taken care of. Shame on the Biden Administration. America Last again…

  26. Laura says:

    HE IS THE ” DEVIL “….

  27. Roger Everett says:

    It’s a distraction from a lot of things. Look here,not there politics . Create a Cris to take the attention away from oh, let’s see,certain laptops,shredded ballots

  28. Maria del Rosario Parker says:

    I feel that if theirs Safe n alive n being fed , then whats the problems? Children’s should be taking care of no matter where its at,amen. God bless our President Biden. 🙏.😁☮️😇🙏.

    • Laura says:


    • Norma Newman says:

      spoken like a true idiot!

      • Dorothy Jackson says:

        YOU are the idiot if you can’t recognize truth when it’s in front of you! Biden is an incompetent, lying politician who does anything (illegal) for money and power!!

        • Pegs says:

          AMEN Dorothy

        • Patricia Crumrine says:

          Absolutely correct. Biden is a power hungry woman hater, among other things. Women have had to fight for anything they ever got, beginning with the right to vote, to hold office, to make a fair wage, to set up their own sports…where none existed. Now the women’s sports are being invaded by people with a penis, who want to be winners when they can’t cut it in a man’s world. So mess up what women have created. This is a move to cancel women, to cancel the things they have created because they were not allowed to compete in a man’s world. Oh, spare me your whining. Women who have spent a large portion of their lives working hard, dedicating themselves to be the best athlete they can be, to be winners in their chosen sport, to win scholarships to colleges because of their skills…only to have it all taken away by someone with a penis. I say…”let’s cancel penises!”

        • Sorry. Joe is not alone in that. Once congress became a paid job with no accountability, it became a hotbed of criminals

    • mary brumley says:

      Yes, Maria, worship your GOD biden!

    • Milan says:

      Maria, the problem is Biden is doing more to take care of the illegals than he is for our own totally legal Americans. Why do you think God should bless a crooked hypocrite who doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth? I thought lying was a sin and God wants sinners to repent and change their ways.

    • How about they’re parents taking care of them? Don’t we have enough to take care of right now? I mean we have a president running around who doesn’t have a clue or a care about Americans and what he’s getting us into . we’ve got to get this incompetent demented old treasonous disaster of a president the hell out.and we’d better do it quick!

  29. Fred Zehend says:

    Total hypocrisy within this lying and disgusting administration. Cancelling the good that Trump has accomplished, just because it was he that did it, is a sure sign mental illness. We the people ,deserve better governing. This country is in for a very bumpy ride.

  30. bruce says:

    So once again we go back to the failed policies of Obama who threw kids into cages. These “Pods”are still cages. The problems at the border solved by Trump and now here we are with the same problems, only worse because Joe invited them in and is making every effort to destroy our border sovereignty. No other country in the world is stupid enough to do what Joe has done with a swipe of a pen, between naps.