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Biden Kills Trump’s Plan To Help Drug Addicts

In a move that has angered doctors and lawmakers from both sides of the political divide, Joe Biden has killed an opioid-treatment plan put in place by Donald Trump that many believed would be of great benefit for those fighting opioid addiction.


The Biden administration said Wednesday that it is canceling a last-minute plan by the Trump administration to let more physicians prescribe an opioid-treatment drug, despite exhortations from lawmakers and physician groups to keep it...” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. [emphasis added]

The Washington Post on Monday reported that Biden was moving to halt Trump’s last-minute plan, which would have exempted many physicians from the “X” waiver — a two-decade-old requirement, first mandated by Congress, to undergo a day’s training before they could prescribe buprenorphine for opioid use disorder. The Trump administration sought to go around Congress’s requirements by issuing new “clinical guidelines” that would have enabled doctors with a Drug Enforcement Administration narcotics prescribing license to avoid the training. [emphasis added]

Trump’s move was widely hailed by physicians, with the head of the American College for Emergency Physicians deeming it ‘a great day for our patients.‘… [emphasis added]

The Biden administration has been criticized by physicians and lawmakers since reports that the new president would halt Trump’s plan — particularly because as a candidate, Biden had criticized the prescribing rules and vowed to lift them if elected.” [emphasis added]

For more on this important story, please go to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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