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Biden: ‘Make Roe the Law of the Land’

Last night in a little-watched Town Hall held on NBC, former Vice-President Joe Biden said in response to a question from a young woman that, if elected president, he would seek to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land because of concerns that, with Amy Coney Barrett as a Justice, the Supreme Court might overturn Roe.

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  1. Jeff Cole says:

    Ladies – You do not what Trump for another four years.

  2. Julia Ogden says:

    Biden just showed that he’s a traitor to this country! POPULATION CONTROL is just ONE of 23 goals for the UN New World Order! And once the DNC/communist party gets power again (THEY WISH!), it won’t be “allowing” abortions, it will be FORCED ABORTIONS! You know, to control the population, (and of course, harvest the body parts)! Look up on Wikileaks “UN Goals for the New World Order” if you think I’m lying! It’s info you should read BEFORE the election. The DNC/communist party has been subsumed by the deep state and it’s moneyman, George Soros! Where do you think the DNC/communist party is getting BILLIONS of dollars that you hear about every week? Do you really believe that the DNC has that much money donated? NO! It’s being POURED into the DNC accounts like a broken water main! Soros OWNS Wuhan Labs! O’Bama gave 3.7 million dollars to Wuhan Labs while still in office! This virus was man made by OUR TAX PAYER MONEY! By the GREAT TRAITOR, O’BAMA! And this info is on the internet, if you, America, have the balls to look for it like I did! This is why they HATE TRUMP! He’s draining the swamp of all these traitors! Check out the leaks from the Durham Report! WAKE UP! This is NOT a normal election, folks! A vote for Biden is a vote FOR COMMUNISM! VOTE TRUMP in 2020! Or basically never have a free vote again! KAG!

  3. Lenore says:

    And he claims to be Roman Catholic?

  4. 9MM says:

    Wow here Biden is a big Catholic, member of the K of C and there every Sunday strutting his hatred feelings for the Bible by backing Abortion his religion is 125% against. If he can turn on his religion just think how he will turn on American laws as as we the people.

    • Bernie says:

      So Mr Biden you call yourself a family man and staunch catholic yet your ok with killing kids .Good luck explaining that to your maker Joe.

  5. Raymond says:

    Abortions, if wanted, should be paid for by the person requesting the abortion m, not by the public or the government.

    • Margaret says:

      I agree you caused it so take care of it. Just do something to stay safe and not become pregnant.

    • Francis Elliott says:

      Well stated. Abortion and Gay/ Lesbian marriages are life style that are privatecde idioms of individuals and not the support of taxpayers dollars. It had NO PLACE IN GOVERNMENT. This a major cause of our nationn’ mean spirited divisive far left stance that Obama gave to this nation. And Michelle Obama needs to shut her hateful mouth and stay out of the way.

  6. Lisa says:

    It’s all about Money they make millions to abort BABYS it’s Murder. We need to pray for forgiveness and realize that these are Babies!!!!!!

    • Barbara Gates says:

      They don’t care about life. GOD’S gonna punish them for all the lives they have taken. I am ashamed of my brothers and sisters for all the precious babies who didn’t deserve to die. It’s not their fault the mother got pregnant. They should have used the right kind of BIRTH CONTROL if they did t want kids.

  7. Joan says:

    What ever happened to personal responsibility. If you don’t want a baby there are several choices: 1. abstain 2. protect yourself 3. Ask “him” to protect himself. Maybe you are better off Studying than having sex??? What’s wrong with these ideas?

  8. Steven O says:

    930 covid19 people die a day, 2000 nabts are aborted a day, is 2000 a epidemic???

  9. Andy says:

    To bad his mother didn’t abort him.

  10. Lorna Bryan says:

    Whoever is doing. these poles should be hanged until they are dead dead,dead!! And if not those who are Voting for Biden Will she Aborted Babies in the Streets because they are MURDERES!!

  11. bruce says:

    The question was about reproductive rights. Overturning Roe doesn’t get rid of the many contraceptives and methods to keep from getting pregnant. You just have to think about it for a minute. Murder is not the answer and it should be legal. Women have so many choices, the statement “Right to choose” it a stupid generalization. You really mean I want to murder my baby, who is a person too.

  12. McRant says:

    Is THIS the new Catholic dogma? Even lousy Pope Francis said humanity is sacred from the first spark of life, at conception. Biden and Pelosi play Catholic but their support of abortion at any stage in the pregnancy, including AFTER BIRTH and also support the murder of babies who survive abortion. Two days ago, a hospital (at the behest of the mother and the doctor) left 22 week old born twins to die. MURDER.
    Making Roe vs Wade law at the federal level is not the answer. This should be decided by each state. If Roe is overturned, the states will be able to determine the best laws for the people.
    Remember, abortion is only legal in 7 countries out of over 200. It is universally thought of as murder of the smallest and weakest among us. When abortion was addressed as ‘safe, legal and rare’, the pro-life forces stood back. Now it’s on-demand’, for any reason, at any time in the pregnancy including after birth. For all the a-holes who bring this up, OF COURSE rape victims, children, victims of incest, and in the case of the mother’s death risk, are all exceptions to any abortion law.

    • All BABIES deserve to be born! If there is rape or incest, how is that the baby’s fault?? So the baby should die because of what his low-life father did? Adoption is the primary option for any unwanted pregnancy! Don’t kill the baby!

  13. TrumpForAmerica says:

    Yet another non-answer from a lifelong politician. What exactly does “Law of the Land” mean???

    Both parties need to climb down from their rhetoric and make this a logical argument.
    The Dems believe anything short of the ability to commit murder following birth of an unwanted child is too restrictive.
    The Reps feel push for life at conception when there are cells still dividing and multiplying to potential life.

    Follow the science….
    It is the year 2020, we KNOW how to determine life (Breath, Heartbeat, Brain Waves). Some states have attempted to take this path and, incredibly, receive resistance from both sides. Why???? Because the politicians WANT a divided America to line their own pocketbooks.

    It is called compromise my fellow Americans. This is exactly what our Founding Fathers expected to happen. It is the reason for a three branch, four group structure. It SHOULD be hard to make changes to the Constitution.

    • The zygote is a new life! It is already different from the mother. Cell division does not stop unless there is death. Nothing happens unless the egg gets fertilized by ONE of the huge number of sperm. That doesn’t happen unless God wills it no matter how hard you try.

  14. Parley Byington says:

    Abortion is just another, less harsh word, Liberals invented, for the worst kind of MURDER of innocent children!

    How can ANYONE who claims to Protect human rights and human life THEN SUPPORT the taking of an unborn innocent, defenseless, human being?

    Every voter in the United States should be appalled at what Bidden said and pledged to do IF HE IS PRESIDENT! This one statement should be enough for EVER voter that has any kind of religious belief to vote AGAINST ALL demoncRATS!

    I wonder what sleepy Joe Bidden would say if it were HIS grandchild that was being aborted, MURDERED ?

    A Vietnam era veteran

  15. Peggy Adcock says:

    I do not believe Biden is ahead of PRESIDENT Trump. Biden is a idiot if he tries to vote Roe vs Wade the law of the land if he should win by cheating.
    How would he feel if it was one of his grandbabies being sucked out the womb then throwed away for them to cut it up

    • You are completely missing the point. He is stating his concern over Ruth B Ginsburg’s hard work for so many years fighting for women’s rights could be overturned. It doesn’t matter if it is your personal belief You Do Not Have the Right to Force Your Beliefs on Others. You do not know a person’s story or what they have been through or what they may have suffered. Regardless of your Beliefs offering understanding & help to those in need and pain is the only way to heal and effect change. Many horrible things can & do happen to very young girls & women that leave incredibly deep scares that the eye does not see. It is not our place to judge, Biden has had a son go to war, He is a well educated well spoken Man who would lead this country with pride,dignity, & Respect
      As for Trump he is a chauvinist, racist, narcissistic, blatherskite that is an embarrassment to the office, he cares only for the rich & getting richer. He can’t even keep his lies straight from one day to the next. But of course that’s only my opinion Although it seems CNN & MSNBC & other educated professionals are of the same opinion 99% of the time over one issue or another if not many. The man wants to be a dictator

      • Steven says:

        The mother is enforcing death on a person, since when is murder someone’s right? What’s the babys rights?

      • Pat says:

        Miss Godwin you need to research what you say first of all Biden son was thrown out of the service for drugs and talked about lies the demorats when big time

      • Louis Almarez jr says:

        Sleepy joe biden also had a son in the navy reserve Hunter Biden that was going up to to get a comission as an officer and failed the drug test in June 2013 ( cocaine) the navy wanted to give him a bad conduct discharge but being that he was the vice president son 6 months later got a administrative discharge under honorable conditions upon he,s bad departure from the navy vice president joe biden took him to Ukraine where biden sr got him a job as an advisor on the Ukraine natural gas corporation of which he knew nothing about making $ 50,000 a month that’s right 50k a month , an other crooked deal by Sleepy Joe Biden !

        • JOYCE says:


      • Susan hinojosa says:

        In your comment you say, we are missing the point, I think you’ve missed the point. Murder is taking a life, no matter how old. Educate yourself

      • Terry Lamont says:

        You are kidding , correct?

  16. MICHAEL says:

    The thing that really makes me sick about abortions is that these sick females who don’t know how to keep their legs together say “THIS IS MY BODY” NO IT ISN’T, there is another human in there and also, when is a person protected under the Constitution? In my opinion its when you detect a heart beat.

  17. Cliff Oneill says:

    What’s the pope got to say about sleepy joe being a Catholic and killing babies and DONALD TRUMP is the problem

  18. Char morris says:


  19. James Hutchins says:

    Roe v Wade must be overturned and outlawed.

  20. Dorothy Rodela says:

    Mr. Biden your playing with fire! God will not permit. His babies He has created to be killed in such a Grotesque manner. Never point a finger to anyone when you cannot even obey the precepts of your own Catholic church. Your not a true believer if you believe in abortion.

    • Diane says:

      My husband a OB / GYN surgeon Boston practicing
      When abortion first started
      Would not abort and he still became the leader at that time of on surgeons intbe US,they voted him in, he believed the oath he took.
      He also gave the young women a choice that he would find a good home for the. Babies. He did and two sisters adopted graduated from Harvard. He was so
      Proud he graduated from there and became a Professor Emaritus . If he were alive he would be ashamed of the teaching values there.

  21. John Hannon says:

    Hard to believe Sleepy Joe would come out of hibernation and make a stand on anything .

    • Merle says:

      I wonder if he is faking his dementia..If he really is as bad as he seems sometime?? If he is then they will be pulling him lh5t and that evil dictator would step up and then Big Mike would be put in .. The last thing this country needs is two crazy evil dictators .. And female and a half .. Women in politics is part of the problem with this country ..