Biden Outraged by Arrest Warrant

( – In a show of support for US ally Israel that might be too little, too late, President Joe Biden has sharply criticized an arrest warrant application submitted against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

On Monday, the president blasted the application submitted by the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, as “outrageous.” Khan has made the same move regarding the leaders of the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas.

Biden is often referred to as “Genocide Joe” by anti-Israel protesters due to his assertive initial support for Netanyahu’s actions against the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip, The New York Post notes in a report.

“The ICC prosecutor’s application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders is outrageous,” he stated.

Biden further clarified his stance, emphasizing the lack of any parallel between Israel and Hamas.

“And let me be clear: Whatever this prosecutor might imply, there is no equivalence — none — between Israel and Hamas,” he declared.

The president pointed out his visit to Israel occurred merely 11 days after Hamas initiated hostilities on October 7 by killing approximately 1,400 individuals, including 33 Americans, in southern Israel.

The president reaffirmed the US’s unwavering support for Israel in the face of security threats.

“We will always stand with Israel against threats to its security,” he concluded.

Despite his criticism of the warrant, Biden, at 81, has voiced increasing concerns about Netanyahu’s handling of the Gaza conflict.

The president has made the decision to stop shipments of heavy munitions aimed at mitigating an offensive against Rafah.

Current polls indicate that Biden’s staunch support for Netanyahu might jeopardize his chances for re-election by estranging crucial Democratic voter segments, such as Arab American and Muslim American communities, particularly in pivotal states like Michigan.

Separately, Secretary of State Antony Blinken also denounced the ICC’s actions regarding Netanyahu.

“[T]he United States has been clear since well before the current conflict that the ICC has no jurisdiction over this matter. The ICC was established by its state parties as a court of limited jurisdiction,” Blinken expressed.

Khan has accused Netanyahu of seven war crimes, including the use of starvation as a method of warfare, intentional attacks on civilians, and acts of extermination and/or murder.

The charges also implicate Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, with additional charges filed against Hamas military leader Yahya Sinwar, who is alleged to have masterminded the October 7 assaults, alongside two other top militants.

Khan, a British citizen with familial roots in Pakistan, is related to Imran Ahmad Khan, a former Conservative Party member in the UK’s Parliament until his 2022 conviction for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

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