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Biden Secretly Promises He Will ‘Change Policing’

Joe Biden was secretly recorded in a closed-door meeting with civil rights leaders admitting that he plans on changing policing in the United States. But, he doesn’t want the word to get out before the January 5th Senate election in Georgia for fear that it will reduce the Democrats’ chances of winning that election.

You can watch the video below and hear the recording of Biden. (Interestingly, Fox News labels the video as Biden criticizing the ‘defund police’ movement. What he’s actually doing is criticizing the term ‘defund police’ as politically dangerous while admitting that he wants to change the way policing is done in the United States.) Here is the key section of what Biden states:

“They’ve already labeled us as being ‘defund the police.’ Anything we put forward in terms of the organizational structure to change policing, which I promise you will occur, promise you. Just think to yourself and give me advice whether we should do that before January 5th, because that’s how they beat the living hell out of us across the country, saying that we’re talking about defunding the police. We’re not. We’re talking about holding them accountable.”

Please watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Are you concerned that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan on changing policing in the United States in a way that would increase crime? Or, do you believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should change policing in the United States?


  1. Bill says:

    Once again the integrity of this morally bankrupt dirt bag surfaces. This arrogant buffoon can’t do anything out in the open. Always lieing to the public, sneaky back room deals, knows he is wrong (hence not answering questions), stuffing his pockets with money ,etc. Not to mention his equally corrupt family . Think of this A..H.. while you diligently pay your taxes to a government that is selling us out to China.

  2. Lucy says:

    I will continue to live by the provisions of our Constitution. Biden is not my president.

  3. Gary Roen says:

    I urge the same caution that was given when Obama was running (which was generally ignored because of the novelty): Don’t pay attention to what he says. Pay attention to what he does. He is not a friend of the working American. He is the poster boy for the largest domestic terror organization in the U.S., the Democrat party.

  4. David Stanion says:

    I definitely heard democrats and their socialist communist allies in America openly saying they wanted to defund the police. Enough said. Biden as president does not have authority to change policing in the states. That comes under sovereign states rights. To do so should get him impeached but the communist control the house. God gave us a choice to avoid Armageddon. The answer was against the communist but it has been silenced; except for President Trump. Biden in office equals nationwide insanity and guerrilla warfare resulting in worldwide meltdown and nuclear war. Anyone for bar b q ed hot dogs? God help us!

    • S brandau says:

      Totally agree. I’m starting to really worry about the next few years. I’m 67 and cant figure out how we went from fighting wars to stop the spread of Socialism to a SOCIALIST president.

  5. D says:

    If he makes it into office, this Country is done. He will last maybe 6 months before he does exactly what he said he would, get a disease and have to leave office. Once Harris takes over we as a Nation will end. Keep your guns your going to need them.

    • Michael says:

      I totally agree ,all but the 1st part! It wont be after Biden leaves office but while he is in office.Harris will just pick up the baton to continue what he started which was a Civil War! I know i wont be giving up a single gun and i will NOT pay any tax that would be imposed on our Guns by a Biden or worse yet Harris Admin! If the decent people of this country want to actually save it at all cost then we have to start fighting now! Not after the thieves of this election walk into the White House! I know im locked&loaded and ready and all i need to do is get my family to a safe location before i go off to war and i will go off to war! Im too old to change and allow this TRAITORS to take away my freedoms and i thank GOD im still young enough to fight them! I can arm well over a dozen people and i will do arm my fellow Patriots just as The left has been doing all over the country! They are moving into vacant homes and making them ready for battle like they are bunkers! Its time the National Guard went in or State Militias if the cops and military are planning to go along with the theft of our election? If my fellow Patriots just keep sitting at home wondering when justice will come then your all fools! As they have already stolen an election right in front of our eyes and nobody is doing anything to stop it! While Antifa/BLM/Moslem Brotherhood/CAIR which are all one larger group now that they have partnered we should consider them ALL terrorists and shoot them on sight…..HELLO? Its really sad the only person to do as we all should be is a 17yr old kid that is facing prison for defending him self from knife/gun/skateboard totaing TRAITORS!TERRORISDTS is what they are as they call us the same!Its time to finish what they started by murdering innocent Americans! As it is now the terrorists are stabbing pro Trump rally goers while the media calls them [peaceful protestors! They are Animals! They all need to be put in those FEMA camps that have been built!! I cant say enopugh and i could go on and on about why Patriots need ot get out in the streets in mass! Armed and ready for the war that the Left has started! They are murdering us while we all look to the politicians we elected to protect us and while they allow the chaos to go on! These TRAITORS in our Government,local/state/Fed all need to be arrested and put on trial for their lack of acxtion to protect those that elected them! THE TIME IS NOW MY FELLOW PATRIOTS!!!

  6. Holly Rose says:

    Note that President Biden said to make the police accountable NOT defund. What would help would be to take the guns away from the police. They won’t be able to hurt and kill anymore people. As much as I love my gun, I will give up my pistol for the good of this nation. America, are you on board with me?

  7. Jim McKnight says:

    If the democrats are allowed to steal the election, I believe it may cause another Civil war that this country doesn’t need. Republicans would win without question because they have far more weapons, and there won’t be any police to save their democrat asses!!

  8. David Bussman says:

    I get it. Make police personally liable to fund their own defense against any and all malicious and unfounded lawsuits, while maintaining Section 230 to keep the immunity for Facebook,, for their suppression of the truth and publication of known falsehoods. Way to go, Joe…

  9. We must not stop the fight until we can once again have honest elections. This farce is the beginning of the destruction of the the Nation. They hate President Trump because he does everything for the Americans and not to please them or their foreign interests. I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve this. I’m 70 years old my life is at the end. But my Children and their children deserve the America we all grew up in. God Bless this nation!

    • CHAD KILBURN says:

      Unfortunately the communist socialist party are dug in like a time ticks head in all aspects of government! Since the SCOTUS WON’T do their job it’s left to the people. US the same ones that let sports take us away from what our children learned in school. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! WE’RE TO LAZY AND SCARED…

  10. Corri says:

    The truth is that policing does need to be reviewed. The idea of putting together a bi-partisan committee (kudos for that) to dig into what is really going on within police departments does seem to be the first step to determining how to get to the real truth of what is going on behind the scenes that may be unethical in certain police departments. There are certainly individual policeman who understand and uphold the dignity of life for every individual which is what our country is based on. Congratulations to such upstanding men in the police departments. However, there are also corrupt individuals who are tainting what the police departments were formed to do in protecting ALL people in upworthy dignified ways. I’d like to get to the real truth of the matter. So I look forward to a bi-partisan committee’s research into this since everyday citizens are not privy to delve into it at such a deep level.

    • Michael says:

      Why don’t we just try to teach our stupid citizens something and send them to real school not this democratic school where they learned nothing all schools are failing .

  11. Margaret says:

    Something needs to be done about about all the secrets being held, we are not crazy about surprises, they think they will bend our will, no way.why do they think we will stand for much more before there is a major revolt.

  12. sherry says:

    Joe and Kamala are on track to destroy America as we know them. Something has got to be done to stop them.

  13. David Smith says:

    God has left America and he will not save us from Harris the whore of Babylon Some one needs to get rid of these dirt bags. It will be a shame to see what happens to America very soon this country will fall and it will have riots and killings like never before It will be whites against Blacks latinos amd Hispanic. Whites will lose I will be watching from another country A lot of people will die and suffer when the welfare and social security stops and food stamps are stopped. It will be like Africa Unless we get lucky and some brave patriot takes a gun and gets rid of these sick people

  14. Jim says:

    I hope to hell that this guy never gets to be president, he is a nut case in the first degree. By defunding the police is like saying let the public suffer and we will be the only ones protected. What should be done is to make sure all the bad cops are weeded out either by firing them or bringing them up on charges. Trump had a plan but Ploise didn’t think it went far enough, which is what Biden wants to do now.

  15. Rita says:

    He is such a lying communist ass!!!

  16. Top22 says:

    He will try to defund the police and will succeed in states the c have democratic Govenors as such either people have a choice to move to states that will not follow such an order or banned together and fight it or be armed and protect yourselves and family. Thexwayvhe will try and do it will be by executive order and suggest a whole new type of force trained by the military to protect the people under a set of guile lines by the communist Chinese who knows how to control the people. This is subject to his being president and its not a secret.

  17. Rose Blevins says:

    He will carry on Obama’s plan to replace the police with Brown shirts. Biden and his cronies are so deep in the swamp that I question if we will ever be able to drain. It is in God’s hands and we will soon learn what is in store for us
    He has been trying to get our attention with earthquakes and fire. Though we have seemed to awaken it may be too late. We can pray he will have Mercy.

  18. Charlie says:

    Democrats are looking for a civil war in this great country of ours be prepared people and wake up Americans.

  19. Realhuman says:

    What a communist ass!

  20. Cg says:

    He won’t last long.The almighty God puts down people who undermined democracy !

    • JT says:

      I hope you aren’t making that comment while ignoring what has been happening with trump as president. Trump is so unlike Christ that he is leading as many Christians as he can to act as if they walk with Satan. Christ was kind, generous, He told us to help the orphan, the widow, the ones who faught in our armies for our security, He even commanded us to follow the laws of our government and to love our neighbors. What God will not bless is a nation that follows a man-this is ridiculous the way citizens have such a lack of faith in God that they have lost hope that God has a plan, He doesn’t need anyone to cheat or lie to bring it about. As we see the way things go we better stand back and see if maybe, just maybe-trump is not our savior. He isn’t my savior, I’m not even comfortable believing he isn’t lying and being underhanded. He speaks about his enemies in ways most of us would not. He is certainly no example for our younger generations.
      Yes, God will handle all of us who fall short of His best. Our politics have become so Devi ive that I know only God can correct it. So now we cast our vote and keep praying and continue to live like we should. We can’t focus on God and have our hearts filled with corrupt politics every day. We can’t claim God is leading us and speak with no faith or hope. We do not follow trump.

      • Todd says:

        JT You better start paying attention what’s actually going on with this election
        The Bidens are the most corrupt people on the planet. I would say you watch nothing but fake news. Biden got very few legal votes. IT people actually checked out the computers and they were changed over to vote for Biden. Pay attention. So many crooked people like all these high tech company’s Bill gates
        lots of crooked movie stars wealthy people. China and the Bidens. So easy to figure out what’s going on. Believe me this has been covered up by all these corrupt people the news media. Believe me this has been proven. Pay attention!

  21. Orange peel says:

    Joe Biden is nothing but a traitor. A buffoon! He kept everything is was doing under wrap. He has lied from day one. He doesn’t deserve to be president. He needs jail how along with Soros with rigging the election. You young stupid people have no idea what he is about to do to your freedoms. Every school system should be shut down for be traitors for not teaching history or having pride in America. Teachers have become scum. Lets see if I hurt someone feelings so this site won’t post it.

    • JT says:

      It’s so funny how everything being said about Biden is exactly what I truly believe about trump. Exactly the same. I know trump is a lyre because of comments about his poorly attended inauguration. He said it was the biggest crowd ever, it wasn’t even important to lie about but he did. And his taxes, there’s no way he pays $750,00 a year and that covers his earnings, if he’s as rich as he says he is. Trump us a con man. But, I’m just glad regardless of him convincing so many republicans that he won that he didn’t this time. I believe he cheated when he won before and Russia must have let him down this time. He and his family may not go to jail but since he can’t pardon any state crimes they will surely be dragged through court. He deserves the same treatment as the rest of us. What it comes down to for me is exactly what many people claim, I just don’t like him. I think he’s got no people skills and he is the biggest bully I’ve ever seen. Ironically he has nothing but praise for putin and other corrupt world leaders but can’t say anything nice about an American. Not even those in the armed forces, much less call out putin for putting a bounty on the heads of our service men, now that’s a traitor.

    • Todd says:

      Wow, So True! Biden/Harris Scum..

  22. SDOfAZ says:

    A man in the pocket of everyone in the other countries who bothers to bribe him. God help this nation and the patriots.

    • laura goetz says:

      the corruption in American government is an utter abomination, ful of secrecy, back biting, money laundering, coverups, bribery, traitors, murder and completely opposite of what the elected individuals who are SUPPOSED to represent those who decided to put them where they are. CHEATERS may prosper for the moment, but their glory will be yanked back by the Patriots. mark my words.