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Biden: States Should Reinstate Mask Mandates

Evidently, Joe Biden wants Americans to wear masks for much longer than most believed would be the case now that vaccines are going in arms.


President Joe Biden expressed disappointment that coronavirus cases are once again rising, urging states to pause reopening efforts and reinstate mask mandates,” according to Breitbart.

“‘I’m reiterating my call for every governor, mayor, and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate,’ Biden said at the White House. ‘Please, this is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down.’… [emphasis added]

About seventeen states, led by Republican governors, have either lifted their mask mandates or never enacted them, including highly populated states in Florida and Texas.

“‘Mask up. Mask up. It’s a patriotic duty. It’s the only way we get back to normal,’ he said. [emphasis added]

Joe Biden even urged private businesses to continue requiring that customers wear masks. He pointed to a warning of “impending doom” from Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky, urging Americans to keep following coronavirus restrictions and guidelines.”

For more of this report, please go to Breitbart.

Please share your thoughts about this report in the comment section. Do you believe states should pause reopening and reinstate mask mandates or continue to reopen? 


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    I saw my neurologist, yesterday. He said Biden had two brain hemorroges, check that spelling in 1994, and by the way he acts, he’s ready to pop. He’s worried about our heath. He’s letting a influx of foreigners in here. He can’t think straight, because he’s mentally incompetent.

  2. Farmer says:

    If Biden cared about the health and safety of American citizens, he would return to President Trump’s policies and stop allowing thousands of Covid positive immigrants, into the country illegally.

    That would help a million times over more than a mask.

  3. I, like so many others, feel that the rigorous masking mandate is not necessary to stem the corona virus infection rate. Social distancing and normal precautions are all that is needed in order to keep oneself from being infected and, in fact, will help build up personal immunity to this virus. Common sense should prevail.

  4. Loretta Cogar says:

    The States should continue as they are. This spike is because of Biden throwing the Border Wide Open then moving those ILLEGAL Immigrants into the interior of this Country. Even the Border Patrol and Mayors of Texas & Arizona say these people ARE NOT being tested. So Biden is Responsible for this & the TRILLIONS in Spending that We, our children, children’s children will be paying for. He’s, in my opinion, an idiot who has Dementia, And before you say anything my Mother had Dementia very bad. Biden is almost as bad as she was.

    • Marilyn M M Lindsay says:

      I agree on everything you have said. Biden just wants us wearing diapers on our face for eternity. This whole matter is to see how much Americans will take. Biden’s regime wants complete government control of our lives. They want us to depend on their handouts and their protection. Americans need to let their voices be heard. We do not want to live under a dictator nor do we want to live under a communist regime. This administration is so anti-freedom it is pathetic. Americans better unite and protest vigorously of our free nation will be over.

  5. D-Day says:

    No fake, phony, criminal, illegally installed puppet president, is going to tell me what to do!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Why should Biden be concerned about us wearing masks while he’s letting hundreds of Illegals in who have co-vid? Is he giving them masks? Does he quarantine the ones who have the virus? No! He’s letting them come in without even checking or worrying about all the citizens who will be exposed. He doesn’t care about Americans or America.

    • D-Day says:

      It also shows that this “plandemic “isn’t what they’re trying to make it out to be!

  7. Lezly says:

    I wish God would do spring cleaning and desolve the demorat party before they do more damage to our country. God don’t like evil

  8. ck says:

    All you ignorant trump supporters…….don’t vote in the next election (it’s all rigged anyway), don’t wear masks (they don’t work), and above all, don’t get the vaccine (it may kill you). That’s a great plan in my book! Perfect way to get rid of all you terrorists!

    • Maureen says:

      You’re a self-described MORON. go back to your mother planet.

    • Lez says:

      Ck anyone who believes DEMORATS should get in line to have their heads examined. Surely their not playing with a full deck. Just like creepy old jackoff joe

    • Michael J Korger says:

      “Ignorant”???? Are you an expert in being ignorant? I dig into the news and take notes. The MSM is severely slanted and heavily hypocritical. Biden is bending over backwards to give the Socialists/Communists everything they are asking for. He keeps saying “follow the science,” and he DOES NOT DO IT!!!! He totally ignores the actual science on abortion, transgenders, and masks. BUT he is all for GOVERNMENT CONTROL, which the Socialists/Communists demand.

  9. JerryDV says:

    A Danish study has shown that masks are minimally effective. World Health Organization has modified it’s mask and social distancing recommendations, paraphrasing…”In venue with other people, we recommend one meter social distancing (versus 6 feet in US), masks are not necessary in a well ventilated venue.”
    Creating fear. Does he want to create panic too?

  10. Terrie Wyatt says:

    The reason cases are surging is because Biden opened up our borders and let covid positive illegals in this country, it’s all his fault.

  11. James Mize says:

    Forget dying from the coronavirus. The way senile Joe Biden and his two female enforcers are acting we will end up being bombed by, Russia, China and North Korea all at the same time.
    What excuse will they use when every American is walking around with a gun. Biden says if a armed citizen is attacking a police officer with a knife, the officer should shoot him in the leg. What a f_ _ _ _ _ g fool his is. Maybe President Trump was try to show the politicians how easy it is to take over the white house. That was a joke. So sad that an officer died.

  12. Ron Spiker says:

    50 states each capable of independent action base on their voters needs and wants. It is the United States. The President has no authority over each state!
    The mandate for Masks should be over.

    • Carrol S Keller says:

      I am must agree with you sir. This is up to each individual State. I believe it is up to the individual. If you feel you’re in danger, then by all means, wear the mask. If not don’t. Some of us, insist on learning the hard way.

  13. 9mm says:

    This really comes from Ovomit to keep us tied to the Governments apron strings to settle dow as his slaves to both Islam and communism.

  14. Don Butler says:

    I disagree with this mask mandate. 100 million Americans have had the shot also most of the people will have had the shot by the end of June. So why should we still mask. It makes no sense.

    • Maureen says:

      Masks desensitize people to other people and totally dehumanizes all of us. So when the government decides to send the militia after us, they won’t see us as citizens or people…just a non-descript pair of eyes.

  15. AJM says:

    Time to Dogtrack that old Asshole………He’s as fucked up as PELOSI……..

  16. Lin says:

    The state’s that stopped masking are seeing a drop in Covid cases. He needs to keep up!!!!

    • AJ says:

      Do realize that the 99% of cases attributed to the chinese flu is “THE COMMON FLU”. 99% of deaths from the chinese flu are “fabricated.” These deaths are from the normal common causes. These democrap communist treasonist traitors cannot be trusted for any reason, especially medical advice. The “Vials of DEATH”, vaccines, will transform you into a lesser human and a complacent communist slave, from the nanochips in the death vials. If it doesn’t disable you and kill you first. Do your research. Use common sense. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PATRIOTS!!!

      • ck says:

        You’re a looney toon!!

        • Maureen says:

          So you don’t think it’s odd that every year for 30 years we get reports of deaths from the “common flu” but no one died from the common flu over the past year??? Think about it….its all made up to keep us in fear and start fearing our neighbors! Just use you common sense dumbness.

        • Maureen says:

          So you don’t think it’s odd that every year for 30 years we get reports of deaths from the “common flu” but no one died from the common flu over the past year??? Think about it….its all made up to keep us in fear and start fearing our neighbors!

  17. rick says:

    Hey Joe!- Shut up! Shut up! Do YOUR patriotic duty & just quit! It’s probably too late, but you have started this takeover, & now you are going to pay a price for TREASON!

  18. Pat says:

    So Biden wants us to continue masking us and locking us down, but Mexicans with Covid are entering and bussed to other cities? This is insane. Makes no sense to me. Who is in charge here? This is a walking clown show.

    • Albert M Faivre says:

      Of couse Covid is getting worse with pedophile Joe allowing those filthy ILLEGALS into our country!!$
      It’s up to us to make them go back to where they came from!!! And we will harass them untill they do!!!!

  19. When finally, all the plutocrats, led by phantom Joe, will not understand that it is impossible to enter the same water – twice. KOVID is no longer there. The masks are already being removed.

  20. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


    • Debbie Hyams says:

      Couldn’t agree more with kiss our American asses…to all the asshole communist party…go f… Yourselves… masks don’t work n if you think I’m not gonna wear one no matter what you say…you China Joe are not the legitimate president… Wuhan virus planned by rats n fauci…he was working in that lab… fauci used Americans money to build that lab…put us on lockdown… destroyed everything that was done for all the people in the country…thank God I live in Florida! All the damage to businesses n ruined their lives.. n you’re going to worry about opening the border to allow millions of illegal aliens n putting them first instead of taking care of our own citizens.. you n your disgraceful administration should be personally responsible for the money that’s being used to support them not our money n take the ones being dropped off in each city into your homes! They are coming in with all sorts of diseases n your not testing them so f… You about lockdowns n mask wearing… God has a special place for all rats in hell!

    • Robert Carrender says:

      You let the border open they all have covid the ones coming in here .so you can kiss my ass you and the others not wearing the mask .so close the border quite letting the legials in here there wouldn’t be no covid in the usa.

  21. AJ says:

    If you have not realized that words need force backing them up before anything will change/stop. These democrap treasonist traitors will not stop destroying OUR COUNTRY. 99% of the courts aren’t following the constitution and the higher courts over rule those courts that do. Passing gun grabbing laws continue. Communist slavery is tomorrow. Using the border crisis to distract you. It will come eventually to CIVIL WAR. If you want your RIGHTS, CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY you have to join in the fight or become a slave. Don’t let anyone tell you this is not the answer. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PATRIOTS!!!

  22. Anthony Moreland says:

    Biden is a puppet for the Cabal. The Cabal wants to destroy America & that’s why they’re pushing this scamdemic down our throats. The masking, social distancing, lockdowns are all methods to subjugate the masses, not provide public safety. And the vaccines are unnecessary when the viral survival rate is 99.7%. I won’t get the vaccine. And Biden is not my President, Donald Trump is.

  23. David Smith says:

    There is a post by Jon Thompson on Facebook about taking away the people’s guns he is a funny guy but sometimes his humor scares me

  24. Dave Darflinger says:

    Hungary 1956
    Czechoslovakia 1968
    USA 2021
    Americans, throw off the shackles your oppressor’s have burdened you with. Resist! Follow the movement of January 6th!

    • Albert M Faivre says:

      Nobody is paying any attention to pedophile Joe’s dementia fueled idiocy!!! Especially when it comes to gun control!!!

      • DeeJay says:

        I saw the Movie Idiocracy and never thought the it would ever become a reality until now! We are being ran by a bunch of Idiots, they want to turn all of their citizens into a bunch of idiots, and all the other Countries are Laughing their A___s off at what we have become! How Embarrassing!

  25. Becky says:

    China just put a message out the (The China Government wants everyone in America to get the vaccine shot )regardless if we want it or not . China said they Have took over the United States of America. I just read that on Patriot Journalists . How about that crap ! We have to get Little Joe and his menons out of th WH ….How

  26. judith says:


  27. bruce says:

    States that got rid of the mandate are doing just fine. Those that are not doing fine are those with the most severe lock downs (NY,NJ,MI,CA). Isn’t that interesting. Everyone I know, including me,that got COVID were all wearing masks and doing the whole distancing/washing thing. I think when we look back we will find, none of the fear, caution, lock downs, etc..did anything. This latest surge is small. Don’t let the media do what they did before.

    • AJ says:

      It’s been proven, by science and medically, research that ihere is no isolated virus. This just a flu. The vaccines are to impregnate you with nanochips. Article in June 2010, Gates and military genetically changed mosquitoes to infect you with these vaccines. Nanochips are a billionth of an inch and don’t need batteries to function. Use common sense.

      • ck says:

        Common sense?!! You belong in a nuthouse.

        • Not a sheep says:

          ck do you even realize that on every website you go on and comment you are totally alone on your beliefs. Must be lonely in sheep land.

  28. Mikeyg819 says:

    Biden is a very sick person and needs to hang it up. Since he stole the White House, everything he’s done has been an executive order or a verbal order of some kind.But all he’s doing is pissing people off. He’s destroying our country and the only people he seems to be concerned with are the illegals. He’s letting them in, and flying them to all parts of this country so that the ones who are sick can kill more Americans, and the ones who are criminals and killers can spread the love around evenly. There’s a method to his madness. Then he can keep us shut down because people are still dying and keep trying to take our guns because people are still dying, and all because Biden keeps spreading the bullshit around the country. And the biggest kick in the ass is that we’re letting him do it.We need to remove all of these demonrats and domestic terrorists from both office and the country. They all should be charged with treason and about a dozen other things that are serious enough to hang them all!

  29. Richard Hull says:

    Biden is NOT the legal president of the United States of America. So, he can take his mask mandate and shove it where the sun don’t shine

  30. AJ says:

    If you have not realized that words need force backing them up before anything will change/stop. The 99% of the courts aren’t following the constitution and the higher courts over rule those courts that do. Passing gun grabbing laws continue. Communist slavery is tomorrow. Using the border crisis to distract you. It will come eventually to CIVIL WAR. If you want your RIGHTS, CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY you have to join in the fight or become a slave. Don’t let anyone tell you this is not the answer. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PATRIOTS!!!

    • Mary Moncrief says:

      Our government is corrupt and a communist regime and we are there puppet’s. I REFUSE to live like this in AMERICA. We are not criminals why are we following there rules in the first place.Wake up we are going to wake up to late and we will be the gun I pigs of the USA government. And the ILLEGAL immigration will be running AMERICA. My rant.

  31. Biden is bringing in more Covid through the border. Another way to control us. I REFUSE TO GO ANY FURTHER WITH HIS MANDATES OR EVEN SUGGESTIONS! He has destroyed our country in just 2 months. Time to impeach or Section 25 him. Then we will do the same with Harris and Pelosi.

  32. Steve says:

    Biden should eat masks. That would improve AMERICA !

  33. William says:

    Sleepy Joe this is not Patriotic to wear a mask. dumbest thing I ever heard. obviously he knows nothing about Patriotism. But we already knew that.

  34. Fed up says:

    Biden has caused the virus to make a comeback by allowing these illegals into the country without being properly checked for the virus,and now he wants to demand that people continue to wear masks,when that POS starts listening to what the people of America want maybe I’ll listen to what he has to say,until then he can go to hell and I hope it’s real soon

  35. Michael P says:

    I think all states should open this guy is out of his Friggon mind he needs to stay out of the way and let the American People go on with there lives we don’t need The Government try to rule our Lives we all need to Stand Together and not let these idiots do this to us and our freedom I’m looking forward to getting these creeps out for good I would love to see Biden and Harris gone

  36. Show me a single randomized Epidemiological Study that shows mask reduced viral transmission. In fact, the opposite is true: Those States without mandates report a reduction in COVID cases and a lowering of mortality.

  37. I think all states should open this guy is out of his Friggon mind he needs to stay out of the way and let the American People go on with there lives we don’t need The Government try to rule our Lives we all need to Stand Together and not let these idiots do this to us and our freedom I’m looking forward to getting these creeps out for good I would love to see Biden and Harris gone

  38. Alice Smart says:

    It is time to stop listening to the CDC. Dr Fauci is involved in this virus up to his eyeballs! He has a financial interest in keeping this going. He is the owner or has ownership in the pharm. company. He was involved in research on the covid virus. Interesting??? Plus only about 12% of the 500k plus deaths are related to the virus. Total lie to the American people. Someone needs to do an audit on all the deaths reports as covid related and expose the truth about this lie. All lies. Yes some people have died. People died from the flu and no one wore masks. This was done to destroy Trump and get him out of office. I hope that the people that voted for Biden now see what Trump was trying to tell you. Like Trump or not but he did more for this country and the American people than anyone other President. Now see where we are?? Are you Biden voters happy with what is going on? Elections have consequences. The Dems have lied so much that they even believe what they are saying. People need to be thinking about their families and grandkids an what is being done to America. It is time to take it back. 2024 will be here before you know it!

  39. Sid Johnson says:

    My wife and I are from the “Michigan Prison State” and never where masks if we don’t have to but our state is being destroyed by this ridiculous policy and there seems to be no end in sight. We live in western half of state that has recently demonized by Joe Biden. I really wish we could secede and be a separate state.

  40. Al Mitchell says:

    This man is a joke…all he wants to do is keep things down so he can spend more of our money with COVID help outs. It is time for us to get back to work…ALL OF US…and take our country back. The states should control what they do and how they do it and for how long, it is not an endless Federal Government controlled process. We ARE AMERICA…my son and my family have and are in the service to protect and secure us. Let’s act like OUR AMERICA…

  41. Tex says:

    Biden is nothing but a talking head for the Democratic Party. Democratic are not AMERICANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of all Democratic, then we have a NATION, other wise live like your poor for the rest of you lives. Impeach Biden ASAP !!!

    • Tex says:

      Instead of masks add Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to your diet everyday. The people in the Philippines cook their food in this oil everyday to keep from getting the effects of ALL viruses. Check out this China+Philippines+2003+Coconut oil+SARS virus+ hit enter. You will find what I found about what happened in the part of the world in 2003.

  42. Jack Spring says:

    At this stage, the masks are an annoying moot point. If the White House shithead was so concerned, why did he cut loose 3M illegals? I don’t mean to sound so cold, but the fact is that more people will become ill and a few will die. History is littered with disease outbreaks and at some point, natural immunity kicked in. Dumbass should have considered the virus before bringing more of it into the country.

    • Golfer says:

      His (OR whoever is running the country) is creating a “Super Spreader” event by the border policy. Catch, Release untested persons for Covid-19 and IMPOST or try to impost RESTRICTIONS on US. BS

  43. Lorri says:

    He is a total joke who can’t think for himself.its time us people take a stand and stop this fed up with all this sullshit

  44. Constance M Mahan says:

    Biden and the Dems want us to be a Communist country so they can control every aspect of our lives! No to all of their schemes!

  45. Wear a mask or else. King biden will get the pens out again and make you play along. King biden and his pal fuci should both use a pillow for a mask.

  46. Lillie C Allgaier says:

    It doesn’t matter what makes sense. Biden will want to dictate something else to us because he is weak, insecure, and needs constant validation in order to feel he is in charge and a ‘Big man.’ If someone hasn’t figured that out by now, they aren’t paying attention! And his press secretary puts a slant on things and throws criticism of Trump in your face to the point where I can’t even watch her little alleged informational meetings. Not to mention all the ‘uhmmms’ that wouldn’t fly in a basic English speech assignment.

  47. MARC HOWTON says:

    I’m proud to be mask free and vaccine free. Fuck your mask mandate! Fuck Biden! And fuck you for voting for him!

  48. Ruth says:

    If the idiot wasn’t releasing Covid positive illegals all over the country, case numbers would not be rising. Biden OWNS this!

  49. ee says:

    I am sick & tired of gloom & doom biden……… one should have to wear a mask……..the open states prove that you are better off without them………he is just trying to keep power over Americans, easing the people into socialism………..please, someone do something or tell us what we need to do to get rid of him & his policies…………..maybe a recall petition on biden, harris, pelosi……………I am sure we can get plenty of Americans to sign for their recall out of politics……God Bless America………..

    • Sharon Karnes says:

      I agree a recall on Biden,Harris,Pelosi, and Schumer would help all Americans

    • Susanne says:

      TORALLY TRUE!! The masks are primarily about control, not stopping the virus. Multiple, rigorous scientific studies demonstrate the ineffectiveness of masks! Stop deceiving the people and FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!! We’re not stupid, so get a grip and stop trying to control everyone!!

    • linda says:

      I totally agree with you! The DEMOCRATS are power hungry and want total control over the American people.
      Their completely destroying this beautiful country called AMERICA. If this continues this country will look like Venezuela.
      I’m with you this country needs to stand up to this TRYANNY or we are done as a free nation.

    • Natalie Kugler says:

      Yes please I’ve been asking the same question!! I’m sick & tired of hearing about all the policies that are destroying our Constitution & the rights of the American people WHAT CAN WE DO??? Why aren’t they arrested for being traitors or sedition. This is what real sedition is. Not a few hundred foolish idiots that broke into the Capitol but the constant silent undermining & dismantling of the US Constitution right before our eyes & under our nose. I ask again from someone who KNOWS constitutional law WHAT CAN WE LEGALLY DO???!!

      • Slvcrk says:

        You can’t tell those ignorant democrats anything. This is what the plan has been since the ’90’s. Which makes me believe they aren’t that stupid. They are doing this for one reason: eventual total control of your life and anything else they can think of. Bidens billion dollar allie, china, is happy with what’s happening here. The literally brain dead democrats, (sadly 4 of my cousins are then), dr. Fauci, a freeloader on the government dole for 50 or so years, more than biden, is a worthless TWIT. The first time he was in a conference with Trump, I said don’t believe that midget doctor. He’s full of himself like false teeth pelosi, chuck u.schumer, the little tart that didn’t know what a dishwasher/disposal was Ocassio-Cortez, the two anti american Muslims, I could go on. Who voted for these idiots? College overeducated idiots, themselves. Now they want us to pay for their useless. (as tits on a boat hog) diplomas? I say nope. Get a job, be indebted to your useless female studies, ANTIFA or whatever. Leave me the f#$# ALONE!

    • sad says:

      Yeah let’s do that I’LL SIGN ASAP!