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Biden Up 14? Do You Believe Today’s NBC/WSJ Poll?

This Sunday morning, the headline at NBC News blares:

Biden’s national lead over Trump jumps to 14 points after debate in NBC News/WSJ poll

Do you believe it?

Do you believe national polls?

Do you believe national polls after most got it so wrong in 2016?

Do you believe national polls when it’s well-known that many people don’t respond to polls or intentionally mislead the pollster?

With those questions in mind, read this report from NBC and feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section further down this page. We read all comments!


According to NBC News, “Joe Biden’s national lead over President Donald Trump nearly doubled after Tuesday’s presidential debate, with voters saying by a 2-to-1 margin that Biden has the better temperament to be president, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The poll was conducted in the two days after the unruly and insult-filled Sept. 29 debate, but before Trump tested positive for Covid-19 and was hospitalized Friday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The Democratic nominee is now ahead of Trump by 14 points among registered voters, 53 percent to 39 percent — up from his 8-point lead in the previous poll before the debate.

That 14-point advantage represents Biden’s largest lead in the NBC News/WSJ poll during the entirety of the 2020 presidential campaign; his previous high was 11 points in July.”


  1. Mark Sauck says:

    There could just as well be a poll out that says the media in this country is fare and objective and who’d believe that. There’s so much in this country that’s lost all credibility and the media is front and center in all of this. Even the great Fox News has lost my respect. Anyone who’s afraid to criticize George Soros is on his payroll and loses me.

  2. These “national polls” are coming from the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC! Both of which have been called on the carpet for FAKE NEWS! Do you really thing this “polls” are an honest representation of America? No, just more of the MSM attempt to undermine our President and our government! And something else you should be aware of! If the MSM can make America believe that this election is a close one, it opens the door to the DNC screaming about voter fraud and delaying POTUS confirmation as President in 2020! THAT’S THE SET UP THEY ARE GOING FOR NOW! They’ve lost the election, the House, and all that power including the NSA information that the DNC/Communist Party KEPT HIDDEN FROM AMERICA! The Wuhan Labs being funded by O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) after George Soros bought it from the CCP! The set up for our country to be locked down and our economy ruined by DNC/Commnunist Party narrative, promoted by the government owned main stream media! Wikileaks has it! Look up Thomas William’s The Special Expose, Part 2: THE COVID PLAN/Rockefeller Lockstep 2010! 2010! Then look up the UN Goals for the New World Order! Don’t listen to me, do your own research, you are right there at your computer now! Go and look it up yourself and then…VOTE TRUMP2020! And spread this around to everyone you know! The DNC is NOT PRO American, but PRO UN AGENDA! KAG!

  3. Jean G Rabe says:

    Do NOT change horses in midstream! Remember that old adage and vote for our current President, Donald J. Trump. Just think what could happen if Joe Biden were to die in office, God forbid. Would you want this wonderful country led by Kamilla Harris? At least were it to happen to our President, again God forbid, we would have Mike Pence to take the reins. She is not presidential material.

  4. Anthony English says:

    If Joe Biden gets more than four votes it will be astounding as he would take this country down the garden path to socialism and communism. Besides that he is not healthy enough to be president as he is truly losing it.

  5. Philip Willen says:

    President Trump has been doing a tip-top job. In spite of the pandemic, he is still fulfilling his job. The Dems have been trying, unsuccessfully to deny all the good that the President is doing. Remember, Mrs. Clinton did not accept her defeat gracefully— but it was she who created the entire current hateful situation in our country – she said ‘RESIST” to her blind followers & Dems. I’m thankful she lost the 2016 election. The Mrs. Clinton should be ashamed of herself not only as unpatriotic & should never hold any office.

  6. bruce says:

    I suspect that the 10 people they polled were mostly democrats. As usual, the media throws this out there because they are in the bag for the liberals. The question “Does Biden have the better temperament to be president?” is a subjective one at best. It assumes you know what kind of temperament is needed. You can change your temperament to fit the situation. Trump was in a nest of vipers. How should you act? I do believe he should just look into the camera and speak to people about the question and ignore the moderator and sleepy Joe. There is an audience he doesn’t get often because even the left-wing media covers the debates.

  7. Charles Keene says:

    How in the hell could a man that don’t know who he is half of the time be leading the polls? It In their own minds.

  8. Lovetruth says:

    Their poll is not right. Maybe they can do election fraud, their poll match with fraud. It makes people believe the election true

  9. FrankAboutIt says:





  10. gary nichols says:

    To be honest, I kind of like it that they think ‘we the people’ are so dumb, that just any old lie will fool us and put us into a panic. I can still remember the day when we had to work a little bit to stay ahead of these lieing pieces of work. ‘We the people’ should stay calm, speak our convictions in truth when needed or called upon, plan to vote and encourage others to do the same and pray for a victory for the ‘People’. Take care, it will be alright.

    • Cherie Davis says:

      They do think we are dumb. In this particular poll there were 9% more Democrats surveyed than Republicans. The leftist and media are counting on a trick psychology that people will vote for a winner so they use these polls to try to influence vote behavior. They tried the same with Hillary. They even cheated with serious corruption and OBAMAGATE and still Presudent Trump one. If anyone cares for this country they can not vote Biden Harris. This is fir overthrowing our govrr egg by yo Socialist Communism. It will be the death of the middle class as taxes go way up. Private ownership is confiscated to redistribute to the poor. It leaves only the government elite. Really wealthy and jobs will go overseas. We will have two classes the rich goveenmrebt elite and us i- the masses.

    • Sic&Tired says:

      Well Said….Gary Nichols.!! DDH

    • Pat says:

      I agree. Let them believe and we will get them on the finish line ??

  11. Anthony says:

    Sounds like the same lying polls from 2016 having the “Pant Suit Killer Hillary in the lead. Just ask Jeffrey Epstein, but you can’t, they got to him. Plus Biden, Hussein Obama, Holder, the Clintons and countless other traitors were all involved in allowing Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans to be murdered in Benghazi, then lying to cover it up! Then there’s GPS Fusion and Hillary’s emails, and her collusion with the Chinese and the Russians. She pulled the hokeedoke, accuse the innocent and try to plant evidence to draw attention from her own guilt! They need to swing!

  12. Ignazio Martorina says:

    I think those polls were taken from democrats because they were afraid to tell the truth. American are not stupid that’s why I believe a lot of democrats are going to vote for President Trump that way he will be able to finish what he started four yrs ago.This is great country why would, anybody on their right mind, change it.

  13. Julia Ogden says:

    Did anyone else notice that Facebook is shutting down during the election to keep anyone from ‘acting out’? At least until the ‘official numbers’ come out? And I think I know why! On Oct. 1st, 4 days ago, the Senate Panel supoenaed top Social Media CEOs. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sandar Pichi of Twitter and Jack Dorsey of Google! Social media giants called to HEEL by the Senate Panel maybe? And maybe more? (one can hope)
    Then I see a poll coming from big leftist media outlets, especially the two that POTUS has called out for “FAKE” news! Sounds like wishful thinking to me! More FAKE news? You have to wonder what they are thinking. That Americans are stupid? How about a petition to supoena the MSM’s CEO’s! (Or maybe walk across the hall and slap everyone in the CIA). Or maybe this attack is trying to “tip the balance” by LYING about who’s winning? Now there’s a thought too! God Bless A.G. Bill Barr for bringing the main stream media’s bias to the attention of our President! TRUMP 2020!

  14. Dannie Armstrong says:

    I do not believe the polls. I never have, I am on the computer for hours daily and I hear people praise Trump, discuss Trump, and curse Trump. I hardly, if ever, hear Biden’s name mentioned. I have never heard it mentioned in a favorable way and never more than an acknowledgment. I believe the polls are being set up as an excuse to say Trump stole the election when the huge outpouring for Trump begins. The Dems will say we were always way ahead in the polls and that’s proof that the only way Trump could win is to steal the election. That is what you do when you have nothing else to offer. Donald Trump will win in the biggest landslide ever recorded.

    • Dr. Susanne Tracy says:

      I agree, and we must remember thst polls are subject to great fraud. They are only a snapshot of the opinion if those polled AT THAT MOMENT, and we do not know who is being polled or what their political affiliations are. Sample size is another factor that can skew results as is the margin of error. There are so many variables that can skew results that it’s rather foolish to rely on or believe polls.

    • Patricia says:

      I agree
      ..I do not believe the polls.Trump will win,he must win for our future and the country.Most of the people voting for Biden will be the rioters,Antifa groups and the college educated students who have been brainwashed by left wing,radical “hate America”teachings.

    • Mary Harris says:

      I have been thinking the same thing. The media is trying to tell everyone that Biden is winning in the polls and then when Trump wins they will say Trump was cheating. I also do not believe the polls.

  15. John Mahr says:

    Praying for President Trump and his family. I believe he will come out of this Covid-19 situation rested, focused and looking better in any poll.
    Polls?? I know of no one in my circle of say, 200+ folks, nationwide, who have been polled in 2020… where do these numbers come from, very suspect?! Lastly, Biden is not the real problem, it is those “leftist” vultures circling him and ready to force their agendas…this country isn’t perfect nor is the president but, we didn’t elect an alter boy, rather a strong businessman and leader – we are a long way from Jim Crow days and we were improving – Don’t let them change our USA. Trump 2020 !!

    • Gillian says:

      I was not polled and I don’t believe the polls but I will vote for the right President and that is President Trump because I don’t want this country to be destroyed by the Democrats and China who will control our country in 2020.

  16. Mattm says:

    These polls by the media are intended to discourage Trump supporters from voting because they feel that Biden has, per these reports, an almost insurmountable lead and that their vote won’t count……It will. Don’t let the news media influence and dictate your actions as it has and will always attempt to do. If the American voter is so naive, ignorant, and uninformed that they turn the Presidency over to a puppet like Biden this country will have a pandemic in the Oval Office that will make Covid-19 look like a cakewalk.

    • Candy S says:

      Trump has his own pollsters. They know where he stands. Trump does get frustrated by Fox polls and others because he knows their not true.



    • Sam B. says:

      Mr George Walker..& ALL other George Walkers out there..”god bless u & your families..& thank u for ur service!”

    • Barbara Louyise says:

      Hard to believe a Black man in America could be so stupid.

      • Proud American?? says:

        It’s 2020…Good lord Barbra that’s a real IGNORANT thing to say. Certainly hope your not that stupid. I’m with Sam & HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF OTHER PROUD AMERICANS..”Thank u Mr George!”
        Trump Pence 2020!

    • A Patriot says:

      George Walker, thank you for your service! So sorry you had to go through what you did during that time, but hopefully our country has changed or was changed before current events of rioting, looting, burning businesses, killings because someone doesn’t like what you are wearing, or that you are patriotic.

      No our country is not perfect and I believe we had made a lot of headway in trying to treat everyone equally but recent events has driven a wedge again between the races and I am very sad to see this happen. No, I’m not Black but have had lots of Black friends and we always treated each other as friends and with respect and did not care the color of the skin. We could discuss politics, religion, how and where we grew up, changes that still needed to be made and rejoice in the changes that were made, etc. I pray that President Trump gets re-elected and we can get back to civilized discussions and agree-to-disagree without all the racial tensions, killings, rioting, burning of businesses, people’s livelihoods, etc. It doesn’t make much sense to me with all the protestors wanting change but don’t do anything to help the community in a positive way. Enough of my rant. God Bless the USA, President and Melanie Trump, praying for their health and 4 more years of his leadership.

  18. Sam B. says:

    I live in Florida & a registered left “leaning” democrat & know several other dems…several. Most definitely after all the negative comments/lack of support for law enforcement..”&” denial of the of all the anarchy in some of our great cities by the left(until the recently..FINALLY)..this was the final nail in the Democrat coffin for all dems I know. The direction of the left is “off the reservation”. There’s no way these poles r accurate lol. I dont know of any1 that’s participated in ANY of these poles. Who do they talk to…100 people in blue cities/areas? Lol.
    We can not allow these quacks on the left to take over any senate/rep seats & most definitely NOT Biden..or should I say Harris. Donate to/support ALL THESE REPUBLICANS! Folks…get everyone u know registered & out to vote!!!
    Talk it up!!

  19. Duane says:

    All the poles were wrong in 2016 not most .The poles are conducted by the liying media. Everyone wants to vote for a winner, so they just keep saying that old Joe Biden is ahead thinking that more sheep will vote him. I do not believe that there that many stupid people in America. If you believe the poles, then you must also believe in the Easter Bunny.

    • Candy S says:

      Agree Duane!!!

    • John Martin says:

      Where are they finding these pollsters? I live in a large city and I have met only one person who said they MIGHT vote for Biden and nobody who said they would vote for Biden.

  20. Pegs says:

    NO !!!!! I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT!!! They ALL LIE !!!! WE THE PEOPLE KNOW BETTER !!!!! That’s what they want us to believe. NOT TRUE. FAKE POLLS. FAKE NEWS!!! #TRUMP #2020!!!!!!!

    • Carol Lewis says:

      You can’t trust polls. Especially when they’re put out by liberals.Trump is ahead and nobody can tell me different.

  21. Patricia Gurry says:

    I certainly agree with most of you. I have a hard time believing so many people on Facebook want him to die!
    What has happened to this beautiful Christian country? There have been Presidents that I personally did not
    Like, but wishing they would die! Never, we are all human beings and have weaknesses, but I cannot believe
    What is going on . President Trump loves this Country and certainly improved our economy. Unless you want to
    Turn into Cuba or Venezuela, you need to vote for Trump. We need him, Covid19 has really done a lot of damage
    to our economy, and we will need some one like Trump, and believe me, that is not Biden. Biden I will be nothing
    but a puppet in the hands of Bernie, Harris and AOC.

  22. Laura says:

    Pray America for trump !

    • Carol Lewis says:

      Yes,we all need to pray for our President and his wonderful family. Trump/Pence 2020!!!!!!!!

  23. Laura says:

    If Americans have been following what Biden has said they would know he got up there and straight out lied ! He is so scary ! Trump we love you America better wake up before its to late.

  24. Charlie Neitzel says:

    I can only pray it’s wrong but I understand Trump’s wanting to correct everything…
    It wasn’t Trumps best moment…
    That being said Biden was way too calm…

  25. Thomas Fallon says:

    God bless President Trump get through this illness. America needs him more than ever. Regardless of their intentions which is apparently intentional the Democratic Party and their communist news media have sold out America.

  26. Linda Anderson says:

    Trump is the best President we have had since Reagan. We better pray he gets reelected, otherwise we don’t have a country. Biden is the sorriest excuse of a man that I have seen in a long time. Biden is a pure 100% racist. Just listen to his comments concerning black people.

    • Erma says:

      I don’t believe Biden is ahead!

      • Cherry says:

        I don’t think Bidens ahead either. You have to come out of the basement first.
        But our Communist News Network, spread so much CPP propaganda. America wake up and don’t believe anything the fake news network has to say. Make sure you get out and vote. Make your vote count. Your freedom in America is in your hands.

        • Nellie says:

          More fake news. BIDEN NOT LEADING. Biden Harris Obama would be another desaster and more Chinese Federation Military Communism in our country.

      • Carol Lewis says:

        Emma, that’s what the fake news wants you to think. He’s not in the lead.

  27. Joe says:


  28. Joseph Beno says:


  29. Benella says:

    I like the one where Biden says”200 million people have died from this virus. How many do you think survived ?” Someone should have yelled at him “None you idiot” I cannot believe some of the statements he makes.

  30. Rita says:

    Biden is not going to win. I saw that so call debate and it was crazy how they tried not to let Trump talk. Nobody wants a communist country that is not want we live in now and never will. All Democrats can just stuff it and go directly to jail!!

    • Silver Eagle says:

      You need to know this wasn’t Joe Biden speaking. Joe was wearing a wire (earphone) and the wire peeked out from his jacket. He was being told what to say. The crazed Democrats said it was a “fold in his shirt.” This is sheer nonsense: being involved with wearing wires in my profession, THAT WAS A Wire. An old phrase the Democrats should pay attention to: You can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the perople most of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time………

  31. Darleen Martin says:


  32. Phred says:

    Dementia Joe “the gaff” Biden increases his lead in the polls? How many pro Biden boat parades, truck & car parades,or biker parades do you see for Biden? Keep in mind folks, the MSM is the all too obvious propaganda division of the socialist (formerly democrat) party. This is the most crucial election in modern, if not all American history! Will our sacred documents still guide us as they have since their inceptions, or will we become another Venezuela? It’s all up to us American Patriots this upcoming Noverber! We MUST vote like our futures depend on it because IT DOES!!!

  33. Stephabie says:

    It must be a joke. The debate was a laugh. 2 old men behaving as children. Nothing accomplished. We didn’t hesr anything that will benefit us. Joe lied more than once. Trump interrupted
    Right now I’d vote for a monkey.

  34. Helen Ashner says:

    I went to bed in 2016 totally convinced Hillary would be our new President because I was listening to the polls,we all know what they can do with their polls.Trump will not fail because God Tumps Evil!

  35. I think they’re blowing smoke in someone’s ear !! They are tired of the stupid polls, just like us all. Cut them out and leave us all alone!!

  36. glen says:

    If Biden jumped anything 2
    To 1 would have lies or maybe two underage girles

  37. Amir El Senoussi says:

    If Biden had the lead this country has had me fooled. No one shows up to his rallys..How is this possible? The racist democraps, were against integration, pro slavery, against the women’s right to vote, want control, not freedom, want to change history to hide their sordid past. The civil war was the north Republicans against the south Democrates. There’s no way Crooked Biden wins, that crook is going to prison with Hillary and Obama.

    • MICHAEL says:

      You are so right the only problem is that 99% of Liberals have no idea at all nor do they care about the history of the Democratic Party.

  38. MICHAEL says:

    Something needs to be done about all the lies that the news media spreads. The FCC needs to step in and stop it. We watch the news for information and for knowledge on current events yet all they do is lie and THAT is a fact.

  39. Joe says:

    Trump is winning every where, believe them polls just like against hildebeast, u wll have a serious disappointment. racist,slo,joe has dementia,biggest racist in party,he’s plagerizing Trump’s entire plan, he’s a blithering idiot every time he opens his pie hole, he starts lying, he has no chance of winning,unlset u want a commie party.

    • Rhoda Gelman says:

      Joe Biden is a Sociopathic Liar – Against G-d and Country – Socialism/Facism Evil Personified!

  40. Ken Frazier says:

    Just more FAKE news. Trumps numbers are probably higher after tis event

  41. Bernard Scanlon says:

    What a crock of s**t if ever there was one, first they’re trying to shove socialism down our throats, now this crap. Like sure, America wants to be all f**led up. They’ve sure fooled themselves if they think America believes that BS!

  42. Mike says:

    Yeah, and when the Pacific Ocean runs dry!!

  43. Rick Jones says:

    When President Trump wins.the trump team must take care of the fake news,nasty dems imeaditly!!!

  44. Franklin Steele says:

    No way! More media craparoo.

    • Papa Lee says:

      On which planet are these polls taken?
      The pollsters take the polls where they know they will get the results they want. An example would be on the south side of Chicago. They talk to 10 people and come up with a result of 53% to 43%.
      Anyone who knows math, knows these numbers are impossible. Just another example of FAKE news, just like back in 2016.

  45. frankie j parks says:

    I believe the Dumbercrats are fucking lying to the people. I also see everything coming from the democrats is they are perfect. I say you idiots will fall. Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. You have got to be kidding! Biden beating Trump by 14 points? In your dreams!

  47. Mike says:

    BS to that Poll Who is going to vote for a tax raiser, a lover of Antifa and BLM, a man who half the time does not know who or where he is and would sell out the country for as much money as he can get and has a LOSER for a son? Answer that

    • Grace Aldridge says:

      I agree with Mike polls are leaning towards biden but I don’t believe them.

    • Mari says:

      I believe Joe Biden is ok to,be president has kamilla,who,will,do,a,good,,should,mot,condemn the son,trumps,family is,far from perfect.I,don’t believe he has,anything,to,do with,those,other bad poeple.bring,on proof.and,Tumps lies

      • Bernard Scanlon says:

        Your part of the problem in America you can’t see the truth when its biting you in the ass.

      • Benella says:

        You had better wise up and get educated about what is in the future if Biden should win. Polls are BS because of the media. Chris Wallace is a biased Democrat

    • Floyd says:

      I agree with Mike, the Democrats publish lying polls to try to convince people their vote won’t count because so many are for Biden…What Crap! No one in their right mind would vote for someone that wants to destroy our way of life and give away our freedom under the Constitution. What black person would vote for a man whose idol and best friend was the head of the KKK? Democrats were founded to promote Slavery. Republicans are the party for freedom for everyone, even democrats.