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Biden Will Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline

In just one of many ways that a Biden presidency will be very different than a Trump presidency, Joe Biden will terminate the Keystone XL Pipeline within moments of being inaugurated on Wednesday.

U.S. president-elect Joe Biden has indicated plans to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit via executive action on his first day in office, sources confirmed to CBC News on Sunday.

“A purported briefing note from the Biden transition team mentioning the plan was widely circulated over the weekend after being shared by the incoming president’s team with U.S. stakeholders.

“The words “Rescind Keystone XL pipeline permit” appear on a list of executive actions supposedly scheduled for Day 1 of Biden’s presidency. 

“The list shown to stakeholders is a lengthier version of a list already reported in the media based on a memo released publicly over the weekend by Biden’s chief of staff Ronald Klain. That publicly reported memo from Klain did not mention Keystone XL, but cautioned that the memo was not a complete list of planned actions.”

For more on this story, go to CBC News.

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  1. Lynne Humenik says:

    PA you voted for him so this is your responsibility. You voted out the pro business, pro working person, pro humanity President for this rambling not so bright person. I am very sorry this has happened and it is only the beginning of the end of our country.

  2. Tim says:

    From what I’m reading, the mob was at the wrong place! Biden should be quickly tried today for what he and his son did collecting cash from our enemies. I’m sure that bringing down the Keystone Pipeline was part of the deal they made. I believe the Biden’s motto is “MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN”. Twitter, Facebook and all these other anti-American companies kept the laptop-gate scandal quiet, along with Wray’s “FIB” and Dpt of InJustice. So now, all you people in key states that had your election stolen are now getting ready to have the food stolen off your plates, because of your favored Scranton son, “Beijing Biden”.

  3. Linda Burns says:

    It is not the few people who voted for Biden that I blame, but the Supreme Court and the other State courts who would not listen to the cases of voter fraud in so many states. We need to know if Ruby Freeman and her daughter who both put stacks of votes for Biden through the Dominion machine go to prison. We all get one vote, but she was able to vote many hundreds of times. John Roberts should go down in history as the WORST Chief Justice. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am also disgusted with the other 3 Justices – supposedly on the side of the constitution – that President Trump put in office. Why are they collecting a paycheck and security from the American people when they didn’t stand up for us. I know God is in control and am looking forward to what He is going to do to the evil devilcrats when their time has come. President Trump will be my president forever!

    • Brad Schriber says:

      Remember shrub appointed Roberts. We must make certain that another Bush never sets foot in the White House.

  4. Charles Larson says:

    I rightly disliked both Trump and Biden, so I stated out of the election. I think it’s a big mistake by Biden to cancel the pipeline, because our economy is already too weak from the pandemic. My God, what is he thinking? We need a slower transition from gas and oil to other energy sources or it could push us into another Great Depression. It depends on if we’ll keep making our country independent on our oil and gas production, meaning to keep drilling. Our country is not set up and ready for a big transition. He better have a good sustainable plan in how to execute it. Tens of millions of jobs will soon be impacted and on the line. A Depression combined with the racial and political division already in our country will create chaos and mayhem, rioting and possibly another civil war, God forbid.
    No president should have the sole power to shut down the oil and gas industry that most Americans greatly depend on every day for jobs, travel, heat and our entire economy remaining stable and strong.

    • DeeJay says:

      You are absolutely Correct, I hope the Senate majority puts a stop to rushing into this idea of closing it down! We need the Pipeline, we cannot afford to make such a drastic change!

    • Rosemary says:

      My son has already lost his job due to this job related cancellation.
      Thank God he tried to keep his family safe with other ways to secure their future with other investments
      Thank God!
      Look to God! NOT the government!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Rosemary, your name was my mom’s. You and DeeJay are both right, but God doesn’t give out hot stock tips and financial advice. I just dread seeing gas prices shooting up to $4 per gallon and more, like before and we know that’ll cause inflation. I’m a delivery driver making a modest honest living, and there are some 3.5 million truck drivers employed in our country who need the gas and oil prices to stay down and stable like they were the past 4 years. Haven’t our politicians learned this lesson before and yet? We have hundreds of millions of gas-powered vehicles that can’t be changed cheaply or easily to electric and/or solar or hydrogen – powered cars and trucks. People have car payments for years to come, too. There’s no magic wand to “flip” to those other energy “fuel” sources. What areas of economic growth does Biden plan to invest in in order to replace the thousands of jobs lost in the oil and gas industry? How can he do it quickly and fast enough? It takes years for people to be trained on new jobs in new energy businesses.

  5. rm says:

    What can honest Republicans do to block Biden’s exec orders? Looks like the courts are the only way…

    • Robert Miller says:

      Forget about the courts, they are just as corrupt as chicom Joe and his crew! This is just the beginning, hang on tight!!

  6. Jean says:

    I definitely don’t want to hear any Biden fans complain about job loss and increased energy costs. They voted this idiot in so they can suck it up.

    • Robert Miller says:

      I went to the pump yesterday, I paid fifteen cents more per gallon than I did a week ago! It’s already starting, I would have never thought there were that many stupid people in this country, I guess I was wrong!

    • Rosa says:

      I’m not guilty
      And there were dead people voting what about them?

  7. G says:

    Have faith Biden and Harris inauguration is not happening, Failure of lawmakers, courts, state legislatures to stop the steal doesn’t mean evil won. Best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. President Trump has the backing of the military and the evidence to prove the election fraud and a significant amount of other criminal activities in the White House and outside. The evil will soon be exposed to all to see and hear. Keep the faith.

    • CintiCB says:

      Boy, do I hope you are right!
      We cannot count on the fair thing being done in this country, anymore. This changed, drastically, as soon as we had a foreign president-esp. one with socialist/communist leanings.

  8. Beth Carriker says:

    They sound like they are planning to do things TO the country instead of FOR the country as they should be doing.

  9. J. R. says:

    I believe the Biden administration is just another job killing economy killing administration just like The Obama administration was. They are just a socialist democrat party that destined to destroy America and its constitution. His plans will only bring more pandemic in when he reopens the borders. If he reopens the Iran deal then he will be committing treason just as Obama did when he made the deal with them. Iran is America’s enemy

  10. Mel Pearson says:

    Biden won’t live long enough before Harris takes over. I figure 7 months
    at best. She is a lot worse than him as you can see what she did for
    californians. God forbid what will happen to us down the road.
    They will screw up everything Mr. Trump did that was good.

  11. pzkwvi2 says:

    People do not not believe this site every comment that i made which is on your side they blocked or erased
    so much for freedom of speech!!

  12. Vicki S Reynolds says:

    He won’t be doing this his commie handlers tell him what to do and if he can remember where he is he will do anything they tell him to do he just doesn’t have enough brain left to do anything that would help America or her people and on top of that he could care less about us He is a joke and so are all the commie handlers

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      This is a quote that was made in an article about Trump and how his record will disappear as he has a habit of tearing up his papers rather than saving them
      “I believe we will find that there’s going to be a huge hole in the historical record of this president because I think there’s probably been serious noncompliance of the Presidential Records Act,” said Anne Weismann, one of the lawyers representing the groups, according to AP.

      “I don’t think President Trump cares about his record and what it says. I think he probably cares, though, about what it might say about his criminal culpability,” Weismann added.”

  13. Randall Joel Rehwoldt says:

    This action will hurt in the short term but is the correct thing to do. Trump was using this action to buy us just like the tax reduction. Staying with old energy sources will kill the planet. We need to quickly replace carbon-based fuel sources with new energy sources. Removing Trump from the government is like popping a huge zit on your face.
    Now we need to finish the job by impeaching him before the 20th so that he does not receive a $200 yearly retirement or run for office again. The owes $400 million to German bands that now are not going to continue give him sercvice.

    • Manuel Reyes says:

      The sad part is that the oil and gas will be bought and sold to over seas countries, and Americans will be left with paying huge gas and fuel prices , just like Americans pay huge prices for medicine while the foreign countries get a pass and pay cheap prices for medications

    • Tyler says:

      The only zit that needs popping is the one between your ears…you could not be further off base from a smooth and orderly transition from a carbon based independent energy producer, as you are championing a $15 minimum wage, opening borders, legalization of undocumented, taxpayer provided stimulus for the same, the list of all these inflationary moves/executive orders to come are ALL inflationary to mention only a few and they mark the continued effort to drive larger and larger government/socialism and destruction of our country…I can only hope that as our country spirals through an endless inflationary dead fall that you can objectively look back to what you voted for and with the objectivity as you no doubt had when you cast your vote in 2020 that you can be as objective in evaluating the results of your choice…I’ll do the same.

    • J.S. says:

      Trump dose not draw a pay check, never has. Get your facts straight

    • Dan says:

      You are not a nice person

    • I think that President Trump needs to bring in the military to straighten things out. All of the illegal immigrants need to be made or taken back to where they came from and if necessary forcefully. We can’t afford to take care of them just like we are taking care of the foreignors. The US government subsidides all that they do, especially with their business operations. They probably don’t even pay the correct amount of taxes if any at all. The Democratic Party needs to be squashed and done away with, they all have Socialist attitudes and think. This Nation is going to be doomed very soon.

  14. Ben mcclain says:

    Biden is a crook& career politician. He doesn’t know what’s going on in the real world alone wit Schumer/Pelosi. He could car less if a family eats, harris well you saw what she did when she was a candidate. Hunter will pay for everything. They will hire the 4 people who counted the late votes in Georgia.

  15. George Brice says:

    You see the b.s. they wanted shut the oil and gas industry down once again more jobs losses so I guess they going overseas and China it just like the Obama administration all over again bad economy loss of jobs especially in the U.S.A. and more racial separation and my people black people even through some are waking up to the democrat b.s. and games but too many still failing for the same old song and dance voting for these devilcrafts aka democrats still saying we are oppressed and systemic racism but we still voted for these clowns that are putting u in this position in the first place we are doomed.

  16. Wes says:

    Now we must work together to get these lazy thinking people out of office. Impeach, Impeach. Impeach! God is stronger and knows the devil is trying to destroy things. He is still in charge. My hope is in him, no matter if they close the churches. God is not only in a building. When I die I am going to Heaven, so they cannot stop that. Nah!!

  17. Robert DiSanto says:

    Stupid sob

  18. william dawson says:

    How do you like where we are headed as country now PA? WI? MI? AZ? NV? GA?

  19. william dawson says:

    The more money that we print the less it’s worth. Americans don’t want or need handouts they want jobs. This election was stolen because many reasons. Welcome to the upcoming socialist communist America!

  20. Donald McDiarmid says:

    there will be civil war.

  21. Donald McDiarmid says:

    How many jobs does he have to kill before there is civil war???

    • I must say that I do not believe that a Civil War will break out between the Black Citizens and the White Citizens. I truly believe that when the DemoRats gain full control in office that if a Civil War does break out, it will be between the True American Loving Citizens and the Criminal Government that is about to hang us. It was noted on July 15, 2016 that, The Declaration Of Independence States That The American Citizens Have The Right To Overthrow The American Government if it appears to become unlawful. I don’t know if this was an addition to the Declaration but its there and was found and noted. Look it up, it’s there in black and white and plain as day. Read the Declaration carefully and you will find many Rights that the DemoRats are imposing or about to impose. This Nation is in for a rough ride with the idiotic DemoRats in control.

  22. JW says:

    With these STUPID actions, gas prices will go through the roof. As another commenter said about $4.50 a gallon with his plan. That price will look good a couple years down the way. Natural gas prices will also shoot through the roof with the shutdowns of wells on public land. He is also immediately re-entering the Paris accord which will cost us untold BILLIONS since WE are footing the bill for us and many other nations. That is why the rest of those straphanger nations were so upset when Trump ended our participation. Thus we will have lost an estimated 25 MILLION jobs, destroyed our economy, and sent inflation screaming upward like a rocket. All the while pandering to the sexual deviants, criminals, crybaby millennials who want everything free, and the illegals.

    Welcome to the destruction of this nation. Welcome subservient Amerikans to the Fourth Reich.

    • Veronica Lynn Kummer says:

      In basic terms, America is screwed!! Had the SCOTUS simply looked at election fraud we wouldn’t be where we’re at right now!! They could have cleared the air and tension in the Us!! They could have calmed people’s fears with saying no there was no fraud, or saying yes there was , and those states could have revoted. The truth will come out one day!! Trump should have been elected again, but now we’ll be paying for it! Higher taxes , gas prices they the roof. States going bankrupt, and all of the other bullshit that lefties think is so great🤬… do they really know what they won with a Biden presidency??? Nope!

    • I see only one way to stop this crap from being forced upon us by the Democrats and that is to put to use OUR SECOND AMMENDMANT RIGHT and erradicate all of the Socialistic Democrats and their selections for the leaders of our Nation. True American Born Citizens will soon come to realize what the Democratic Party has in mind for our Country which will be a Crimilized Government.

  23. Karen Saunders says:

    We played this oil game with Obama and we were hurt by it. Biden has dementia and not smart enough to make these decisions. Jill has to dress him. They take our oil but mark my words AOC will have her plane because she said she is not riding on a train because she is to important. The only thing she has is a loud mouth. She calls white people names she needs to look in the mirror and see what she is. Satan’s sister just would like to see her on the street alone. She knows what she is worth and that is the same thing stroke face Nancy is -0-. To hell with the demorats and fake news.

  24. A friend of AMERICA says:

    Not to worry! They’re all going down! Make popcorn,sit back and listen to E.B.Alert on radio,landline etc….

  25. Sic&Tired says:

    BIDEN AND HARRIS…. Are Two of Most Miserable People in this Country. Doesn’t Matter What they think they are going to do for the Country….They are Already Killing the United States…. Just with Their Miserable Presence.!!!! Absolutely Nothing is Going to Be Good with Those Two Clowns – Better Said…Those TWO IDIOTIC MORONS.!!!! Hope the Americans, who voted for these Two Dummies are going to get their lunch.!!!! In whatever shape or form….
    We have No President Now….We have No Vice President Now …. We HAVE NO GOOD LEADERSHIP – NOW.!!! All Thanks to the Rotten and Evil Democrats…They ARE A PATHETIC BUNCH OF HUMANS.!!!!!!!!1

  26. Earl Slone says:

    The problem is Democrats like for the world to be under a struggle most people are ignorant black people all voted for joe biden and their sister kamala how do they get this. we all are going back down the black hole we once was in under obama adm only worse most people voted for biden and harris will be out begging people help them watch what happens we had a good president that was helping us now we dont have no help biden is a traitor always have been took billions of dollors from china but someone will take him and whole bunch out people is not going to be treated like this you will see the media start fading away congress and senate isnt no good we all americans need to get these traitors out and put new faces in washington our goverment is against us believe this it is true as day is long

    • ddd says:

      Perfectly stated

    • Robert Miller says:

      Why would a moron like chicom Biden need over 30 thousand troops in DC to protect their useless asses? And why did the FBI(Clown Show),need to vet all of the troops to see where their loyalty was? This all all I need to know that this election was stolen! One more thing, who is going to vet the FBI?

  27. Bogart says:

    Get ready for $4.50 gallon gas and destruction of Nat gas supply millions in the Midwest use to heat their homes, cheap clean dependable fuel

  28. PammyJayKay says:


    • Robert Miller says:

      They want all of the free stuff!!

    • Manuel Reyes says:

      Trump won in a landslide , crooked Biden couldn’t get 20 people to come to one of his rallies while Trump would bring in thousands and the idiots in the media and big tech want us to belive their big lie. Supreme Court, Congress, lying media you are treasonous snakes

  29. Robert says:

    If you look up stupid in the dictionary you will see a group picture of the people that voted for him!

  30. JM says:

    This type of action is just more PROOF of the RIGGED election and of FOREIGN influence in the election. Why would people of the UNITED STATES vote for the elimination of their jobs and for more dependence on foreign oil companies when we can and re able to support ourselves???????? The liberal socialist demo-rats are hell bent on turning this country into a communist controlled DICTATORSHIP. And the attack on the 2nd amendment is also proof of a NAZI style takeover and the subjugation of the citizens under total dictatorship (ie. SLAVERY).

  31. Jerry says:

    Biden has already said that he will shut down the oil and gas industry which will kill almost all oil production and gas production for natural gas. We are probably looking at 20+ million people being put out of work. Then comes auto parts stores and the auto industry itself. This will cripple the airlines and shipping and the trucking industry itself. Basically three quarters of the population will cease having jobs because there’s nothing to replace them and we aren’t set up for a total electric nation. Prepare for going back to the Stone Age.

  32. Mary Ann says:

    I hope all the people in the USA who voted for this non brainier of a President will be happy once he is in the White House. They are in for the biggest surprise of their life. They think Democrats tell no lies. Well, get ready for 4 years worth. Biden will NEVER be my President. I have more intelligence to vote for a man that has DNA that matches Satan’s.

  33. Michelle Barrett says:

    Complaining is not going to make it go away, remember the left got him elected. Lets see how they enjoy his dictatorship or should I say Harris’s dictatorship. Mark my words she will be running the show along with Pelosi. The game has been set in motion people and hold onto your seats cause it is not going to be pretty. We will no longer be able to call this country the Free and the Brave cause we are headed in a totally different direction. China will be dictating what to do, I can read between the lines.

  34. JUDITH L. says:

    3 words CALSS “A” IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. S says:

    They are power hungry communist idiots! They are going to murder this country. We need to fight their communist agenda!

    • rm says:

      The faces of evil are all over the Biden cabinet. I say my prayers daily that the anti-Constitution types in Congress and their corrupt censoring buddies in the media all suffer ruin and famine the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD….

    • I made my statement clear earlier in this briefing. My gas tanks are filled and my ammunition boxes are full also.

      • I like the new term Demo-rats in my vocabulary. Thank you for who made that statement. That is precisely what they are, dirty rotting vote stealing and lying idiots. Look out USA, we are about to be hit with the biggest pile of sh-t you have ever seen.

  36. Robert Feldman says:

    President Trump worked continuously to make the USA energy independent. This foolish move will not only destroy jobs, but get ready for $3.50 per gallon gasoline again.

    • Marcello bernardo says:

      This is why the big tech companies, China and big business wanted the trump presidency to end furiously. This is also why the fake news media assassinated the presidency of Donald trump as fast as possible. The corrupt establishment which I refer to the above along with the Democratic Party did not take the trump 2016 presidential election seriously, when he won everyone that I again already mentioned above had literally a hissy fit!!
      Now they had to kill this presidency in frenzy!
      Poor America!!

  37. Bob says:

    Biden is an idiot. Construction of his pipeline is not hurting anything. It has created many good paying jobs.

  38. Bill Scott says:

    Surprise, surprise. Why would any American with at least a first gade eucation thik tat an ANY left win, progressive, democrat, socialist, communist dirt bag have any concern, especially when they are on the payroll of China and the Ukraine

  39. Ben says:

    For Decades Biden And The Left Have Plotted Our Destruction.Now Is The Chance Of A Lifetime For All Democrats To Celebrate The Total Destruction Of The USA.

  40. A. Poland says:


  41. Jason Oliver says:

    NO this is a mistake Keystone pipeline employs many workers and provides for all Americans for vehicles and to heat homes. Keystone pipeline more important than some other jobs.

  42. JOE says:



  43. If Biden is stupid enough to do this,inflation will commence,because prices for oil related products will go through the roof.

    • Mike says:

      All we can say is thanks allot, to ALL of those Stupid people who voted against one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had.

      Their Votes are the cause for all of what is about to happen to OUR Country. The DevilCRAPS Votes for Blinded and Camelass. They are the ones who have decided to destroy what we have.

      The Left has NO plan except to fill their bank accounts with Taxpayor dollars. They DONT give a Crap about you. The Left generated LIES after LIES about President Trump, and DemonRATS took their bait, and voted for these DemonRATS into office. Now, we ALL have to live with their Crap and destructive policies.

      Only thing to say is “Thanks for NOTHING”.

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