Biden’s Gaza Pier Failing (Video)

Joe Biden

( – In a new embarrassment for Joe Biden exposing further the mess in his approach to Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, a costly structure installed by the US military to deliver aid to Gaza has had to be removed after it was damaged by the harsh maritime conditions.

See a video of Biden’s Gaza pier in the tweet below!

The pier requires towing for repairs after part of it detached, the Biden administration disclosed on Tuesday, The Daily Mail reports.

Merely two weeks subsequent to its inauguration, the operations at the pier have been put on hold, with refurbishments anticipated to extend beyond a week.

In March, President Biden unveiled this initiative, which the White House heralded as an essential mechanism to channel assistance to the conflict-afflicted populace.

The Biden administration initially introduced the pier as a provisional remedy to the extensive distress and famine in Gaza.

With a cost of approximately $320 million, it facilitates the transportation of aid from Cyprus, even as Israel withholds agreement to US demands for additional terrestrial supply routes.

The structure is now scheduled for relocation to Ashdod in southern Israel for restoration, which is expected to last “at least over a week,” according to Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh during a briefing on Tuesday.

The Pentagon attributes the pier’s malfunctions to turbulent sea conditions.

The US Central Command reported that tumultuous waters caused four US vessels to disengage from the pier, with two subsequently stranding on Gaza’s shores.

Visuals from the scene display the corroded remains of a US Army ship beached during recovery operations, with two other vessels stationed offshore.

As Singh explained, the Trident pier, stationed at Rafa beach, necessitates removal for maintenance purposes.

“Think of that Trident pier as having like a large tee. That top part of the tee disconnected, so that has been recovered. But in order to reassemble everything it’s going to detach from the coastline, move up to Ashdod to be reassembled and then re-anchored back,” she detailed.

“From when it was operational, it was working, and we just had sort of an unfortunate confluence of weather storms that made it inoperable for a bit. Hopefully just a little over a week, we should be back up and running,” Singh added, as cited by AP and Newsmax.

Singh noted that prior to its cessation, the pier facilitated the delivery of approximately 1,000 metric tons of aid.

The Pentagon indicated that the endeavor involved around 1,000 service members.

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