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Watch: The Big Moment in the Debate

If you watched last night's presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice-President Biden, or if you tuned into any political news or talk show this morning, you know that the 68 seconds captured in the video clip below contain one of the most hotly discussed moments from a presidential debate in modern history.

This is your opportunity to be a political pundit. What you believe is far more important than what the talking heads on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC try to tell you to believe.

So please share with us your reaction to this key debate moment in the Comments section below or, if you prefer, email your thoughts to [email protected]



  1. T. Hannibal Tiger says:

    The Proud Boys leader is a Black Man. Chew on that one Joe Biden and Chris Wallace – they are two leftist liars.

  2. McRant says:

    So liberals pay more taxes than conservatives? No, they don’t. However, they do TAKE money from Conservatives and give it to liberal causes and candidates! Who? The Public Education System is 100% Taxpayer funded. This year, the PES gave $45 million to the DNC. Didn’t even hear a thank you for our $22.5 million share. Same thing for the NEA (teachers’ union). Like the PES, they have been in the Democrat’s’ pockets for years. Hope they enjoy our $22.5 mill because SCHOOL CHOICE is coming! Then there’s PBS, NPR, Public Libraries, and another big $45 mill PLUS from Planned Parenthood. It surely sounds like the US government has budgeted WAY too much money to these folks.

    And socialists, STFU with your silly threats of war. I hope you realize that calling for a coup against a duly elected administration is considered TREASON which can carry a death sentence. My advice is that you follow the biggest scandal in the last 50 years: Hillary, Obama and your own Mr Biden all participated in falsely passing off an illegal investigation of their political enemy, Trump. Yes, the $30 million wasted, the slurs, the 2 years of investigation: all found to be illegal and PURE BS. And of course, the MSM was there to push their agenda and get viewers. Those who were formerly known as newscasters have shown themselves to be complicit in the lies.

    Now, moving on to ‘civil wars’. The country leans slightly right. Let’s just say 50/50. That’s about 170,000,000 ‘liberals’ and the same amount of conservatives. There are about 170 million legal gun owners with about 350 million legal guns.
    Just like to point out here that in some states, gun owners are not registered and neither are their guns. Of those gun owners, 2/3 are conservatives. Just the very thought that we would FIGHT A WAR involving 350 MILLION guns should frighten everyone into silence. Come and take our guns out of our cold dead hands? Oh, really? Who will you get to do that? Cops won’t. The National Guard and the US Military reports to the legal government. They are not going to ‘nuke’ anyone, idiots Swalwell, Beto, Mayor Pete. What BOTH sides need to do is to try to come to a consensus. You might not get 100% of what you want, but you will get what you can live with. I cannot live with Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the Squad, Kerry, Nadler, Newsom, Comey, Brennan, Strzok, McCabe, and Biden and their lies. I could live with no charges against the Obamas. I cannot live with the crazy ‘mask forever’ people. I can live with the MSM talking heads because I have a TV Controller.
    I think that the liberals can live with Trump. I don’t care what the Hollywoodies think. I’m with Truman Capote and Anthony Hopkins: ‘Actors are dumb’. The leftists/socialists/Marxists feel they cannot live with Trump. To them I say, ‘Please specify exactly which rights have been taken from Americans by Trump? Soldiers are being brought home and wars abroad are decreasing. No wars, no nukes, no people starving to death, no political enemies or debtors in jail. Supplies, masks for a COVID? Hmmmm Obama/Biden made no plans to replace those they used for the H1N1. Idiots! This was a biological attack on the US by China. Xi was more than happy to destabilize the entire world. China doesn’t care how many Chinese people die! They have over 1.2 BILLION people. Mao Zedung purposely killed over 60 million Chinese to wrest control from the anti-Communists. Stalin killed 30 MILLION Russians and starved millions of Ukrainians to death. Hitler killed 10 million Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, and handicapped people. He started by calling people ‘sub-human’. Contrast that with the slurs against the ‘bitter clingers to their guns and Bibles’, that basket of depolorables, those ‘toothless,fat, unwashed cousin-marrying, trailer living, drop-out hicks in the flyover states’. That’s what coastal elites, the liberal-arts Peruvian Pottery major grads, and Hollywoodlians seek to reduce half the country to: less than them, less than human. Proud of that, socialists? And then YOU want US to pay for ‘Gender Studies’ college programs? Work is just so BENEATH you ‘educated’ traitors but you’d take a check for ‘minimum income’. Big of you. And how much would you contribute to schools, illegal aliens, homelessness, our military (don’t be extra stupid- N Korea, Iran, China, Russia?- If you sit back in Mom’s basement On your minimum income, you won’t pay taxes at all, but electricians in Georgia and plumbers in Arkansas sure will…..their share plus YOUR share. THAT’S your version of Utopia?
    Actually, all those who seek this are free to and should go to a socialist country. Last time I checked, most modern and civilized countries don’t want a bunch of nimrods to support. Golly. Maybe Iceland? Nope. Cuba? They may have a slum for you with the rest of the peasants. Venezuela? Bring your own food. Russia? Putin says Russia doesn’t need immigrants…immigrants need Russia. They’ll guarantee you a job of their choice.

    I urge EVERYONE to read our Declaration and our Constitution. Read history and civics. How about ECONOMICS?

  3. Frank D. Tigue says:

    All I need to do is point out what happened at the rally in Charlottesville that resulted in the death of a young girl, Heather Heyer. The far right is responsible for far more violence and hate then pointing blame elsewhere. Mr. Trump is doing everything in his power to fuel division and hatred. By using the words he chose, and not clearly denouncing white supremacy, he unfortunately may have set the stage for another civil war. Right now, I would be embarrassed to support Trump and be a member of the party that enables everything he says or does. I am white and I would without hesitation have denounced white supremacy and their bullying tactics. That is not democracy or the American way.

  4. Barbara LeDoux says:

    Seriously, Antifa is a myth? OMG, Joe Biden will never acknowledge Antifa and BLM for what they are, radical terrorist groups. The Proud Boys have been labeled right Marxist Neo-Nazis. So Antifa and BLM should be labeled as hate groups or terrorist.. As a matter of fact, Trump has on several occasions condemned the White Supremacy/Neo-Nazt Marxist and called them out. For 90 minutes, Chris Wallace consistently cut off Trump but not Biden. For Biden to call President Trump a clown is treacherous. If it had been anyone other than Trump the media would have been all over it. The Biden’s, Joe, Hunter, James are corrupt and using Biden’s influence to get rich at our country’s expense. These men and Hillary Clinton should be charged with making ideals with China and the Ukraine that do not benefit anyone other than themselves. They have not done anything for our country and are lining their pockets with millions of dollars. . It’s time for the United States to say enough is enough. .

  5. Sam B. says:

    As a left leaning dem…like most everyone I was not impressed with this first debate at all. Yes there were several good points made but all the interruptions didn’t allow either 1 to elaborate on their positions so they can jump on each other afterwards. Let’s also b honest…we all wondered if Biden would just make it thru without “several issues” cause the expectations weren’t very high for him..but he hung in there…barely..but he did. Having said that..why Trump didn’t pounce on the question of condemning the pathetic white supremacists groups etc etc like he’s done numerous times in the past is amazing because until the past week or 2 Biden & the dems haven’t even honestly acknowledged & condemned the organized antifa/anarchists groups & others that have been showing up to our great cities…blend in with the peaceful protesters then start their BS of destruction that’s been going on over the past 5+ MONTHS!! Hello Biden & spineless mayors of these great American cities: WAKE UP! THOSE BUILDINGS BUSINESSES VEHICLES ETC ETC R REALLY ON FIRE, VANDALIZED, LOOTED U MORONS! If anyone in the swamp/city/state officials think Antifa is an “idea”..or like Jerry Nadler said they are a “myth” is a moron in denial. C’mon man!

    • Vote for Truth says:

      President Trump did condemn White Supremacists (two times) when the Charlottesville rioters were there. The Dems and the MEDIA did not say that Trump did that. When Trump said both parties were good people, he did mean the White Supremacists. Trump meant the people who had requested the forms to legally protest the Statues to be taken down, and other people who came to protest too. Trump did not mean Antifa either because they brought bats, guns, etc which were used to go against the people who was supposed to be there because they got permits to be there. Trump also said he did NOT SUPPORT WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Go on UTUBE to find out the truth about what Trump really did say!

  6. Divina says:

    God bless America! God bless President Donald Trump!

  7. John Hannon says:

    Biden’s response to 100 + days of protests in Portland Oregon WAS PISS POOR ,and if he had ever contacted the democratic mayor or governor , NO .
    Biden also bought up about servicemen in the military , OPENED THE DOOR FOR HIS SON’S Dishonorable Discharge and being a drug addict , Biden opened the door on this subject NOT TRUMP .
    Also was asked what law enforcement agency or police department endorsed him as a candidate , refused to ANSWER , NONE !
    Spending trillions to tear down existing buildings and build “green buildings ” , STUPID .

  8. David Lett says:

    Wasn’t happy with Trumps attitude. Don’t blame him though but he fought it the wrong. Keep quiet till its your turn and boden will sink hi,self. Your turn tear there asses up, you have done enough for this country stand on your accomplishments.

    • cecee says:

      Yes , I just wrote to President Trump not to interrupt ,hopefully they will read my letter and
      relay it to him. He doesn’t need to be a roaring lion asserting himself for he has a lot of hidden
      supporters already. He should just be calm and wait for his turn.

  9. Bob V says:

    Slow Joe would have you believe than an idea burned down major cities and an idea attacked police and an idea looted all those stores. Is he still on planet Earth?

    • cecee says:

      I guess, he doesn’t even know what planet is. Poor Booden, I feel bad for him but we need a strong president to make this beautiful country strong, rich and powerful and safe.

  10. Don Butler says:

    The funniest thing is once again that the liberals pay the most taxes and the conservatives take the most money from the system. You should ask yourself 750 dollars a years in federal income tax and owing 300 plus million dollars himself in loans due in the coming years. They call that a conflict of interest. Also tax fraud is prison time for him and his daughter.

    • Annie says:

      Obviously you have not read the entire article. President Trump paid more than $750. It would be wise if folks were quit jumping to conclusions from media headlines and do more research before making judgements.

    • Mary Doherty says:

      So the IRS never caught this so called fraud you are talking about?!?

    • Mary Doherty says:

      So the IRS never caught this so called fraud you are talking about?!?

    • Twyla J Killmer says:

      Educate yourself on how people with businesses pay their taxes throughout the year. Trump had paid millions throughout the year so when time to pay his taxes at the end it was only $750. My husband does the same thing so he doesn’t get hit hard at tax time. I had my own business and had to pay taxes quarterly, I had to file a form 1099 quarterly, then when tax time came I wasn’t hit hard. It is something that is required of people who own businesses! Read up on it!

    • Vincenzo says:

      The average income tax paid by an American last year was $12839. The Trump Organization has22450 employees thus paying 288350550 in federal income tax. Trump is responsible for creating those jobs therefore responsible for that tax being collected. How many jobs have Pelosi and Schumer created with their own money answer zero you better go back to school and geteducated

  11. Don Butler says:

    You people are worse than idiots if you think that criminal in the White House is correct in anything he said last night Whoa. The coming Civil War which will be started by you people is doomed to failure unfortunately it will destroy America and the people to be blamed will be the uneducated Right Wing Nazi’s who are doing it to themselves and blaming the left.

  12. Well my party, Democrats, Has lost all sense of right and wrong. They no longer care about the voters that put them there or their needs. All they care about is who will give them big bucks for re-election. They try to pin everything on the President. Did he set the virus 19 out to the public? what suggestions did the Democrats provide to cure it? What has the Democrats done to stop the riots? Yet they scream it is all the Presidents fault. By the way press people, This is the ONLY PRESIDENT that has donated his salary to non profit Companies to help the public. What has my party done, raise their own pay checks free medical, free gyms, and tax free pay. they get retirement pay for 4 years service. What do you get for pay after 4 years of work????? The President is right, it was the people that voted in the president. Not the Democratic Senators Or the House of Representatives, all thought he one that leads the Representatives, Thinks se is GOD. I am appalled at what my party has become, 52years being one. I am changing at the end of this election. I am embarrassed of my party of only thinking of themselves and not the public. Case in point why have we not got our second checks to the public, The HOUSE keeps adding their favorite donors to the bills, They do not care if we loose our homes, businesses, jobs, or food on the table, They care about not having to wear a mask, talk people in to waiting on them while they do not, Them blame the person for cutting their Hair. Wake up America, the Dems want to make us another Russia.

  13. Christopher Sullivan says:

    Chris Wallace’s questions are loaded. The assumption of guilt is implied in his questions.
    It was what I had expected from Wallace. He thinks he’s an intellectual posing pointed questions when in fact he is extremely transparent and unremarkable except in his quest to make Trump out to be the bad guy. I don’t know why he was hired by Fox. It could be that Fox News is not what it portends to be.
    Biden is a liar. That’s all he knows how to do; 47 years of lying.
    I was disappointed in the President though. He could have done much better. He needs to prepare his answers for each topic and just list his accomplishments; promises made and kept. After doing that he can enumerate the lack of accomplishment by slow Joe.

    • Annette Green says:

      Right on! Trump needs to practice patients before he rebuttals
      With facts of his achievements that can be heard clearly.

  14. Norman says:

    Trump was right on point when he said the left or Democrats are to blame all the way for the riots,burning, and the race problems in America! Obama started this he wants the great division between races so u don’t pay attention to what the dumbo rats in Washington are trying to do with our money and rights! Wake up America or we will be a 3rd would country so if they get back in power it’s time for all the red necks, the bikers, patriot groups that love this country to get ready to stop these groupies burning down and tearing out city’s up! It’s time to start impeaching Pelosi and her cronies. I don’t condone violence but it’s time that all American Patriots lock and load and get ready it will take all of us to stop it!

  15. Peggy says:

    TRUMP told it like it is … all Biden said was it is a lie regarding everything TRUMP said

    • Norma says:

      Biden didn’t know where he was and didn’t answer any questions about the police or any other info that tells what he believes in. He has to wait until his base tells him the answers.

  16. The Proud Boys appear to be authentic homegrown Gadsden Flag Patriots and why Wallass pulled their name from a hat puzzles me.

  17. Chris says:

    Wallace wanted Our President to condemn white supremacists? Why? It’s the left and BLM supported by liberal socialist Democrats that are destroying our country.

  18. Breta Bernstein says:

    President Trump was right on point. “Stand back and stand by”. In my opinion he’s saying prepare yourselves. We’re about to take antifa and the left down. They’re going down. Like he said, somebody has to do it. And something I noticed about Biden, what’s with his eyes?? They’re empty. Cold and black like the Great White Shark, without a soul. Creepy, creepy!!!

  19. janice Alderson says:

    You people well turn any thing around if Trump said it or not. Vote all red 2020.

  20. Judith Forrest says:

    Yes President Trump is correct It is the Left and Democrats in Democratic States cause MOST ALL THE riots killings ETC. Anifi and the left MUST BE STOPPED and than you will see how Quite it will get.:) XXOO >3 I am a DEMOCRAT BUT I have lost all admiration for them the last 16 YEARS The Democrats Have gone Crazy and want us to be a Socialistic USA NOT HAPPENING NO NO NO

    • Dolinda Balch says:

      I blame the Left wing states. They refused the help President Trumo offered and would rather see the mess they allowed, They then try to blame the President. Judith Forrest is right on Target.