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Bill Clinton Rips Mitch McConnell

Bill Clinton

It’s rare when the American public hears from former President Bill Clinton. But he came before the cameras to tear into Sen. Mitch McConnell for McConnell’s decision to quickly move forward on replacing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg now that she’s passed away.

According to Mediaite, “Clinton told [CNN’s] Tapper it’s ‘superficially hypocritical’ for Mitch McConnell to proceed with voting on a Trump nominee when he wouldn’t take up Merrick Garland four years ago, saying, ‘This is what they do. Both for senator McConnell and President Trump, their first value is power and they’re trying to fill the court with as many ideological judges as they can.'”

He said there ‘is a case to be made’ for McConnell’s 2016 argument about giving voters a say, ‘but when the shoe’s on the other foot and he wants a judge, we’re fewer than 50 days away and that argument doesn’t cut any mustard.'”

“’It’s going to further spread cynicism in our system,’ Clinton added. ‘Senator McConnell said before he thought the people were entitled to a say. I don’t know what’s happened to make him stop trusting the American people, but apparently when it’s to his advantage, the people are not entitled to a say. So it is what it is. It’s politics. But I think we should remember that.'”


What do you think? Do President Clinton’s statements make sense to you? Do you value what Clinton has to say on the appointment of the next Supreme Court Justice?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section further down the page!


  1. Gary McConery says:

    The problem with “Bang um all Bill” is he can’t get sum dat good pussy anymore so he’s relegated to sleeping with Hillary and lord knows what a nightmare that must be so he’s obviously lost his mind, and his ability to “get it up”. Lol

  2. Julia Ogden says:

    Bill Clinton is a P3D0 [email protected]! He really should have kept his mouth shut! Nothing he say will ever be believed again. Just wait until Saturday when A.F. Barr finally releases the flight logs for the ‘Lolita Express’, Jeffery Epstein’s jet! Yes! Bill Clinton may find himself up on ‘child trafficking’ charges, considering his name is in those flight logs more times than almost anyone else!
    I wonder who will be more shocked, the American Democrats or Bill himself! And when my liberal friends find out and have dropped jaws, I will laugh and laugh and laugh at them! WWG1WGA!

    • Kay says:

      You are delusional – keep supporting the Pussy Grabber and maybe you’ll get lucky and he will grab yours – what a pathetic Repulsive Repub.

  3. Shirley Anderson says:

    Both Clintons are CRIMINALS & belong in Gitmo at the very least !!! I could not care any less what he ” thinks” !!! I want JUSTICE for those crimes they have committed !!!!! What a LOWLIFE !!

  4. Duane says:

    Who the hell is this bitch Kay? She needs to take Nancy Pelosi dick out of her mouth.

    • Kay says:

      Oh, what a big little man you must be. I don’t have anyone’s duck in my mouth – but it is apparent that you do.
      You are so angry little man – maybe it’s your own duck in your mouth. Are you a contortionist?

  5. Gary N Boyd says:

    Bill “wheres my pants” Clinton should not add comments to situations he is so familiar with. His close and up front experience gives him an unfair advantage. He is what he is and nothing can change that.

  6. mayor says:


  7. Pat says:

    Your ass is going to jail for raping those young girls. Just shut your F**KING MOUTH.
    I am tired of the CORRUPT DEMONCRAPS.
    All the DEMONCRAPS should end up in JAIL.
    EVIL SCUMBAGS ***************???????????????….
    TRUMP 2020??????????????????????
    CLEAN THAT CORRUPT SWAMP OUT????????????????????….

  8. June Ladd says:

    No one gives a damn about anything either of the Clinton’s have to say. They are both users and Criminals..I dont know why they even bother opening their nasty mouths…Bill is a sexual creep, and my grandmother is probably turning over in her grave after what he did to discrace our country. Hillary is a gold digger, a liar,cheat and popularity ho…she would let good people die in Bengazi and not do a thing to help…I would have loved to see a female President someday, but definitely NOT HER..She is as scummy as her husband. .June Ladd, Oregon

  9. Maria says:

    Clinton you Obama, keep out of politics. You have done enough damage to America!!!!!

  10. Pat Riot says:

    Clinton, the king of corruption and all things sordid and illegal! He needs to go get a bl0wj0b from a pirana! Then we can all watch is next interview, and laugh, when he blurts out, “I did not have s3x with that fish!”

  11. Michael J Korger says:

    Bill IS a sexual predator! The Clintons fully support Partial Birth Abortions, which is a horrific killing of a full-term baby as it is being born. That’s why they appose the vote for a Supreme Court Justice now! President Trump has the decency to nominate candidates who won’t support the slaughter of innocent babies to continue. The Harris administration with Biden will expand abortion, eliminate all restrictions,and use unlimited taxpayer dollars to do it. How sick can you be???

  12. Honest says:

    Where is your cigar Billy Boy? Hillary has it or maybe Jeffery ~ You should not even open your filthy mouth ~ Nothing but a draft dogging punk~ Shut your filthy Mouth~ YOU and SILLARY as well as Your offspring Have NO Right to judge others~

    • Sally J DODD says:

      Exactly! The Clinton’s are evil people & don’t kbow they are washed up. Who would believe anything he has to say. He’ll he doesn’t even know the definition of serial relations! What a disgraceful president he was.

  13. JOHN B UHR says:


  14. FrankAboutIt says:

    Bill and Hillary both belong in prison, and yet
    They are two of the most vocal people in the U.S. re: RBG .
    Neither one has ever had a Moral Compass that works.
    A Conscience ? They could both add a new character to the “Wizard of Oz”
    The Clinton Crime Family has most certainly, somehoe, mysteriously been coated in Teflon.
    May they rot in hell.

  15. Judy says:

    Clinton, what a piece of crap president he was. Who cares what he thinks?? A luar, cheater, thief. ?

  16. Jan says:

    He is one sick human runs in his immediate family!!!!

  17. allan says:

    Come on Mark put on your white sheet and come out of the closet tell us how you really feel
    We need to make this country whole again one people with the common objective to bring healing to a torn nation your views continue to breed hate and discontent you feel that this self-serving egomaniac is what this nation needs you are so misguided, he doesn’t like or care about you and your fellow Republicans his only concern is what he will get out of his position he preaches hate and misguided views that lack knowledge to what he is saying
    Mark my guess is you don’t wear a mask

  18. We don’t need anything from clenton, he did enough damage when he was in office.
    Don’t need your 2 cents worth now.

    • Nellie says:

      You are right. Hope Trump can appoint a conservative supreme court justice before the election.
      Our constitutional laws need to stay strong if we are going to stay as a Christian nation.
      God Bless Our Country

  19. Mark Wilson says:

    It’s textbook radical left crap coming out of Billy Bob. Talking about power and control and paying lip service to democratic ideals is so much rhetoric. And it’s insulting and corrupt rhetoric at that. For decades the left has used the tactic a projection Alder high-minded egregiously offencive projection against their opponents as if they reflect true virtue. They are without. They have no bottom to their Barrel. They are corrupt. Obstructive by intent as are all the other ugly narratives thrown in the Public Square buy them. They have George Soros and a host of like-minded oligarchs. They want to end America. They want to plunder America. The most egregiously corrupt Act in American political history was on their watch. You sorry bastards are without ideals scruples conscience. You think this mealy-mouthed straight face performance to advance your agenda, and it is your Agenda of power and control to stack a deck by any means is lost on the American people? Not hardly. Whether it’s ballot harvesting. Driver’s licenses in 13 states earlier this year for illegal aliens. The move to Grant 16 year olds the right to vote. Mail-in ballot fraud no IDs. Instant demographic Tipping Point by harnessing illegals by the Millions as your new grateful constituency on the back of America. You want no borders. You have never respected the 2016 choice of the American people your conduct or shall I say lack of is the most offensively corrupt in American history talking out of both sides of your mouth. You have facilitated, enabled, paid for in your net the destruction looting assault on law enforcement and citizens, have set by passively conspicuously silent to the Marxist Revolution by the radical hate America left. You want a piss down the legs of all of us and tell us that it’s raining well maintaining your control media narrative of all the news that fits your ideology. You have assembled all manners of infiltration within the Deep state, your swamp the Civic structure throughout America bought and paid for as a collaborative effort by you all 2 target your remaking of America into a plundered Banana Republic with the most radical platform ever presented in the history of this great nation. A platform so radical you must keep it concealed hidden and off the table as to your true intent. You’re straight face lies and accusations are projection. The textbook leftist tactic the mischaracterize and lie 2 attack or two shout down to shut down. This is but the tip of the iceberg. The most consequential election in American history has brought out your final Raw ugliness. You will not concede. You have an army of lawyers set 2 disrupt our free and fair election you don’t want that. You’re advocating Revolution upheaval and by any means necessary. And again this is but the tip of the iceberg. You sorry pieces of shit have been engaged in a salt against our American Republic and constitutional government 4 years now. You’re one party classrooms are evident in our street and citiez as they burn as they are looted. The only thing you have left is your hate and your rage Against The Very people but you were elected just serve. That would be all of America’s people. You’re toxic and Insidious. You are likewise frauds, sanctimonious hypocrites.

    • Kay says:

      You are just rambling on about nothing. You are a legend in your own mind. Please – get some new material. Anyone with the ability to think for themselves can see what a narrow mind you have. Sharing is caring, but not in your case. Just stick with what you do best – fill your time trying to be relevant. Good luck – you will need it,

    • David says:

      Learn to spell!!

    • Amy says:


  20. allan says:

    You sick Republican bastards
    Trump cares only for Trump he is the most corrupt political hack in politics
    Totally immoral paying hookers not once but several times, while married you people are not only blind but perfusly

    • Kay says:

      I agree . It always amazes me how quick the Repulsives are to look the other way while Trump steals their panties. He is a pig – a pedophile and it creeps me out to think about the inappropriate behavior he has conducted with his own daughter. He is a whore and always has been.

    • Kay says:

      I agree . It always amazes me how quick the closet who’re Repubd are to look the other way while Trump steals their panties. He is a pig – a pedophile and it creeps me out to think about the inappropriate behavior he has conducted with his own daughter. He is a whore and always has been.

    • Rob says:

      are u out of your mind if he did get a hooker befor presidency big deal . Do you Forget why Bill Clinton was impeached? For having sex in the white house and lying under oath. Thats ok though

      • Kay says:

        Oh, lest we forget – Trump marched his porn queen right past the room his creepy wife shared with their 4 month old son. He screws anything he can get his filthy lLITTLE hands on and now he is screwing all of you and you like it.

    • Rob says:

      are u out of your mind if he did get a hooker and thats a big if. It was before the presidency big deal. And was never proven Do you Forget why Bill Clinton was impeached? For having sex in the white house and lying under oath. Thats ok though. Also How many people have died crossing the Clinton’ are a big Hypocrite.

      • Kay says:

        Hypocrite – no – just honest – the smell of Stormy Daniels still lingers on Trump’s upper lip. He ‘s a male whore and always will be.

    • Sonny says:

      You are the problem just like the ignorant left Trump has done more than anybody to help all American people . You like all the other Trump hater need to go to Hell

    • Judy Mosty says:

      Bill Clinton had to pay heavily also for his little romps. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. At least Trump didn’t have his junk played with and nibbled on in the Oval Office. Or in Clinton’s case, the Oral Office.

    • JOHN B UHR says:


    • Sally J DODD says:

      But he can run our country! Thats a given. Not like your low life Democrats who think they are entitled to live off us hard working people. Democrats can’t stand Trump doesnt play their political games. He is for all the American people.

    • Duane says:

      Trump 2020

  21. Dennis Eames says:

    Clinton’s, Obama’s and the rest of you SOCIALIST PIGS really need to get a life! You lousy SOCIALIST PIGS have COMMITTED TREASON!! You have nothing to complain about because PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more in 4 years than you lousy pigs did in 8 years except sell AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE OUT! If you love the SOCIALIST WAY OF LIFE GET YOURE LOUSY SOCIALIST PIG ASSES ON A BOAT OR PLANE AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND GO TO RUSSIA OR CHINA AND SEE HOW LONG YOUR SORRY ASS PIGS LAST BEFORE THEY MAKE YOU DISAPPEAR! We as AMERICANS are sick of you’re lying,cheating, backstabbing, whining, no good for nothing treasonous fags that really NEED A LIFE!

    • Kay says:

      Poor fool – you are talking about yourself – calm down and give yourself a hug. So much hate in your language Are you ok?

    • Kay says:

      Not going anywhere. Maybe you should consider taking your sorry self back to wherever you were originally spawned from. The rest of us liberals are here to stay to make sure the Repulsive Republicans honor the constitution, whether they like it or not. It’s the right thing to do. You have been drinking Fat Daddy Trumps koollaid
      and someone has to save you from yourself. You may not thank me now, but if and when you come to your senses,
      you’ll say, “What the fuck was I thinking”. You are very welcome.

  22. Sandy says:

    Christine, your last sentence scares the heck out of me, I’m thinking Hillary just might wiggle her way into Speaker of the House. Pelosi’s been on a crazed, mental hot flash for years and won’t make full term as VP and all Hillary would have to do is step into the VP slot and wait, or make her move, and she’d finally achieve her main goal in life, first woman President. Oooooh, that thought gives me a rigger.

  23. Ervin says:

    Bill and his Skank of a wife, Killary just needs to shut the hell up. It’s what ever benefits the Democrats.

  24. Christine says:

    I could care less what Bill Clinton thinks. It is imperative for the President and Mitch McConnell to get a judge appointed to keep the sanctity of the Constitution instead of having the far left to rewrite it to fit their socialistic views. We the people are aware of what the Dems are trying to do with the mail in ballets. When the winner cannot be ascertained Pelosi becomes president until it is established. Could you imagine the damage she and the squad could do in a short amount of time? Then we all know Biden is a puppet and will not last the 4 years. When he can’t perform the presidential duties Harris moves up to president and Pelosi becomes VP.

  25. Sandy says:

    Go home, Bill, Hillary’s waiting up for you.

  26. Robert Crowe says:

    I can’t decide whose Slicker Willie or Hillary, I figure while Slick Willie was violating those young girls on Epsteins Island Slick Hillary was peeking out the closest door playing with her dildo so you 2 perverts just go away and stay away

  27. Robert W Torres Sr says:

    What gives this disgraced ex-president the right to pontificate?

  28. William M Bergin says:

    Any President must do their job required by law which obligates them to provide a nominee to replace a deceased Superior Court Judge. Bill Clinton has nothing to do with this process.

  29. Deana Frontz says:

    Sour Grapes. The Dems would do the exact same thing if they had the Senate & White House. BooHoo poor Pelosi … now she’s gonna try to impeach Trump AGAIN! We would all be better off without Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West!

  30. John says:

    Hey slick willy did your power hungry wife dictate to you in what to say. The only reason this crap has been going on for 4 years is that you’re wife has not gotten over losing to president Trump.

  31. Susan Hayne says:

    Bill Clinton should be arrested for all the sexual assaults he has made against women while governor of Ark , as President and beyond. He has been with underage girls. He and his friends on the Carribean Island where these young women were brought!

  32. Vernon says:

    Clinton should keep his mouth the way he dismayed the office of the president of the usa

  33. AJ Jensen says:

    Desperate Dems will let any body voice an opinion Nobody really care what Bill or Hillary say.

  34. Roy Kinder says:

    It is the Presidents duty to nominate Supreme court Justices when an opening becomes available. It just so happened that President Trump has had the opportunity to nominate three and I think that he should do it as soon as possible and Allow the senate to vote for or against the approval. I hope that his nominee will be approved.

  35. Gail Shimaitis says:

    That’s rich. Who is Clinton to rip anyone? Is he sober?

  36. Jim says:

    Bill Clinton doesn’t do anything for nothing, so I guess somebody paid him. Or, maybe Kamala Harris winked at him.

    • Ed says:

      I don’t believe kamala winking at him would do any good she’s too old for him he likes little girls under age

  37. KarenJohnston says:

    Clinton’s, Obamas,& Biden all are in it together& all need to leave President Trump alone he is doing an exraordinary job running this country & should be in for four more years. By rights Clintons,Obamas,J Biden,& Pelosi should all be put in prison& throw the keys away you guys are nothing but dirt.

  38. Cheryl Smith says:

    I read today that this is very common. It would be interesting to see the numbers but usually if the Senate Majority is the same party as the president a vote will go forward. The way the Democrats have acted the last 4 years has been disgraceful. They are now throwing temper tantrums if they don’t get their way.
    I hope the vote goes through. Either way I think President Trump will be re-elected & he would get to select anyway.
    The liberals wanted RBG to retire under Obama & she chose to stay. I believe she already had the cancer diagnosis.

  39. Gail Shimaitis says:

    That’s rich. Who is Clinton to rip anyone? Is he sober?

  40. Chrissy says:

    Sour grapes Kay

    • Kay says:

      So typical of the Repulsive Party to try and minimize sexual assault at your convenience. Trump is a sexual predator just like Clinton – the smell is the same – putrid –
      it’s disgusting that you are not appalled by both. Even poor Ivan’s has been pawed over by that pig! No sour grapes – just willing to acknowledge the obvious.

  41. Pegs says:

    What a JOKE bill clit. u & your little wife are the epitome of power!!!!! TOO BAD u & the loser lost it. GET OVER YOURSELVES !!!! u r history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#TRUMP #2020. 4 MORE YEARS!! bided was the best u could come up with?? LOL

  42. B Hinrichs says:

    Clinton you are past tense, nose out! Besides we know you’d do the same thing if the opportunity was yours. I wish the democrats would be truthful or isn’t that possible? Are they that far removed from reality?

  43. DMP says:


    Who the hell do they think they are.

    They accuse President Trump of exactly what they have done in the past and are doing now

    This is the way they can keep their stories straight.

  44. Sandra Dunn says:

    Who cares what this pervert thinks. You better look deep to find somebody who cares what he or crooked Hillary thinks. What did they do for this country. She found out what people thought about her. Lying sack of crap.

  45. Sam says:

    The Clintons should return the 800 million dollar Clinton Foundation Account they opened in Canada they stole from the American tax payers. Then be jailed for it.

  46. David G Dougherty says:

    Who gives a shit what that old liberal liar says! He’s so full of shit his eyes are brown! Why don’t these wackos just go away. We put up with their shit for too many years!!

  47. KEVIN SMITH says:

    Clinton has proven to be a LIAR time and time again. Why should we put any credence in what he has to say now?

  48. Chrissy says:

    Billy boy..You and your wife no,g in jail..You are just too Arrogant not to know it. We don’t care about your or Hilary’s opinion..Stay on Pedophile Island, with Epstein and Maxwell your best buddies. You make my skin crawl.

  49. Pat says:

    The Obummers & Clinton’s all have corrupt stuff going on before & now. They just need to shut up & disappear. All are liars & UNAMERICAN has beens. Worthless Lowlifes******** ALL the DEMONCRAPS are CORRUPT.
    The Biden family also have done CORRUPT stuff before & now.
    Pelosi is the one who needs to be IMPEACHED. She is full of HATE & is only concerned to get rid of Trump. She should be working for America & American People. Socialist/Communist EVIL WITCH**********???????……

    • Grace says:

      I don’t think Slick Willy, the cigar king, has too much relevance since he plays so prominently in the Epstein scandal.

    • Kay Gampon says:

      Oh, my how righteous of you. I guess in your wisdom it is better to have someone who likes to grab a female by her pussyJust like you can’t get over all the good work Clinton and Obama did, there are still enough of us to keep reminding all of you just what a pig your president is. He was a pig before buying the presidency and he remains one today. Be careful at his rallies – a female’s age makes no difference to him. God help us all

  50. maxibaby says:

    Bill, Put on your “blue Jeffrey Epstein dress”, sink way back in your recliner with a “very big cigar”, close your eyes and dream (or have a nightmare) of a very young intern in her blue dress with a deposit left by you, who came very close to costing you the Presidency! Now, hush your nonrelavent mouth! Did you not get the message when you and Hillary couldn’t give tickets away to your hopefully final tour….no one cares what you or HRC thinks or says! Go to upstate New York, take your mean angry wife, Hillary, that no one likes, and stay there, retire, enjoy the good life!

    • Joan says:

      Shut your mouth; you are a dope peddler,and user!! We all know how you used every one you could and those that you couldn’t; well we all know what happened to them!!! Take your vile wife with you and both just fade away!!! You are not even one finger; able to find any thing about “OUR PRESIDENT that has anything to match your antics when you were in office!!! So just fade into the air ; as if that’s were possible?????

      • Celia says:

        After reading these comments, I firmly believe,all you Republicans are all
        Freaks of nature . All mouth and no brains. The language used proves it.


  51. Barbara Banks says:

    Please Clinton’s you have done enough damage to our beautiful county. Just quietly GO AWAY AND TAKE OBAMA SND MICHELLE WITH YOU!
    SHOW A BIT OF DIGNITY, oops you have none.

  52. Denise Fernandez says:

    Bill Clinton is a oedophile POS! He his wife and Obama have no say! Your done finished caught with a rope around you. STFU!!

  53. Carol Guffey says:

    I don’t think he needs to be any advice on anything he and his wife both ought to be in jail just because he left office so he wouldn’t be impeached and Hillary for Bengausie,and her emails. I don’t listen to either one of them cause when their lips are moving they are not telling the truth. They lie all the time and I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers what Hillary did or slick Willy.

  54. Gregory Monteith says:

    Bill Clinton should know all about power through ideological bias and dirty politics. He spent his entire career satisfying his sexual gratification and seeking public approval for doing nothing. He and his wife have gotten away with everything and their foundation is a sham. Appointing Ruth Vader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court was really the only good thing he ever did. He should shut his mouth and let President Trump and the Senate do their constitutional duty to appoint and approve her successor.

  55. Mary says:

    SHUT UP CLINTON!!!! Your foundation to help Hati after the earthquake was never going to rebuild where the massive damage was. You prevert bastards instead built a very exclusive private resort up in the lush green mountains of Hati for their Uber filty rich friends!!! They and the demtards don’t gave a thought or damn about the middle or poor classes, they never have. People WAKE UP, DON’T DRINK ANY MORE OF THE DEMS.PUNCH.

  56. Mary says:

    SHUT UP CLINTON!!!! Your foundation to help Hati after the earthquake was never going to rebuild where the massive damage was. You prevert bastards instead built an very exclusive private resort up in the lush green mountains of Hati for their Uber filty rich friends!!! They and the demtards don’t gave a thought or damn about the middle or poor classes, they never have. People WAKE UP, DON’T DRINK ANY MORE OF THE DEMS.PUNCH.

  57. patrioted says:

    Who in their right state of mind would even listen to this pedophile or his sleazy wife? Both are criminals from the day they met.

  58. Jeff says:

    Go back to Epstein’s island and zip it. Bring your pathetic wife with you!!!

  59. Frnk says:

    I think old billy bob should just shut his pie hole. Someone correct me but I believe the Democrats are the ones who changed the Senate rules anyway.

  60. Peggy Adcock says:

    The Clinton’s and the Obama’s should keep there opinions out of what PRESIDENT TRUMP BEST PRESIDENT EVER should do or not do.

  61. Arthur L Baker says:


    • Denise Fernandez says:

      President Trump has the most beautiful First Lady ever. He doesn’t need to sleeze around. You have the parties mixed up. Down n dirty demon rats!! They would not know what to do if it hit them in the face!

      • Kay says:

        You are either ignorant or really ignorant – The looks of a predator’s wife has nothing to do with sexual assault. School yourself. You must be a member of the Repulsive Party.

    • Cher says:

      HUH? Don’t you mean Bill Clinton?

  62. Epk says:

    Clinton s should all go to jail for corruption. They are probably supporting ANIFTA AND BLM. THE TERRORIST GROUPS. that are out to get Trump!

  63. Harriet LeMarbre says:

    You’re just another Nazi loving hypocritical Democrat you’re one of the most Amoral people I can imagine… RBG allowed the murder of thousands of unborn infants and will finally get another conservative in there who reveres and loves God and the Lord Jesus Christ…most of us in America are sick to death of dealing with you demon following hellbound clowns….

  64. Charles Davis says:

    Tell Clinton to to go back to being his Percy ways, God will deal with him and his kind and leave running this country to real men like Trump and let him get rid of rest of the rats hiding as politicians in our country.

  65. Stephanie says:

    The worst problem with this picture of Bill Clinton is that he is not behind prison bars for his photo op. Neither he nor his wife should have anything they say paid attention to unless they make at least statements of admission at the very least! Confessions would of course be the best. And the only statements accepted..

    • Helen says:

      What the hell do you not think Trump should go to jail. He is a lier and the American people don’t like him and his evil cronies. They all need to go. Read up on your facts before shooting out saying Trump is a great President………NOT.

      • Denise Fernandez says:

        Anyone for Biden has a lobotomy! Do not bash the man who ran this country best in 75 years against the dirty demon rats! He has won already. You a baby killer also!

        • Kay says:

          Calm down sista – Biden may just lose the election, but you have definitely lost your mind. Your Fat Daddy Trump will forever be known as the Pussy Grabber and all of you Repulsive Repubs are so proud of it. You are the Party of Perverts. Warning – keep your little girls away from Trump the Pig.

      • ed says:

        you go ahead stupid and suck bill and Obama and when they go to hell you can go with them

  66. Christopher says:

    Bill and Hilary are as crooked and as dirty as can be.. Their voice is not worth hearing.
    Of course a new justice should be appointed now given the direction the left has movesd.

    • Floyd says:

      I agree completely. Bill and Hillary Clinton are despicable and without morals. They should be ashamed of their actions and should be happy they are not both in prison. Bill for his association with Jeffrey Epstein and most probably sex with minors and Hillary for her obvious guilt of destroying evidence by breaking up her phones and servers and for her responsibility in allowing the killing of Chris Stevens in Benghazi. There was a time when the two of them would have been hung by the neck until dead.

      • Cher says:

        Bengazi is still a source of extreme rage for me. Similar to “fiddeling while Rome burned” is Barry and Hillary working the room at a fund raiser while ignoring pleas for help from our embassy. And Hillary’s response? At this point, what does it matter?

  67. Steve Peri says:

    Bill Clinton is a criminal and should remember that he just almost went to jail for his lying to a federal grand jury not just once but several times !!!’
    He and his wife should just go live their life like every other ex president and keep their opinion to themselves !!!

  68. Mike says:

    His comments are as worthless as he was as a president. He lied about Monica, but guess you can’t blame him when you look at the bitc- Hillary. Can’t understand how anyone could put up with her.

    Just need to read and understand the constitution concerning the RBG replacement. It’s pretty clear that the demoncraps have their heads buried so deep that they can’t tell the difference between dirt and crap.

  69. Joanne Mortensen says:

    only an idiot would listen to the clintons or in fact. most of the democrat politicians

  70. Anthony says:

    What Bill Clinton has to say about ANYTHING is irrelevant.

  71. Pop's says:

    Bill Clinton should keep his Lieing mouth shut before someone makes Him and his crooked wife disappear PERMANENTLY. Enjoy your Retirement Bill and stay on the couch

  72. Genie says:

    Bill Clinton’s opinion means nothing to honest American people neither does his dog face wife’s opinion! The Clintons are OKD NEWS! GO AWAY YOU TWO EVIL EVIL PEOPLE!!!

  73. JOHN WHITLER says:

    Bill Clinton has lost all moral authority to criticize anyone. He is a laughable carriture of himself. Go away all members of this Clinton family!

    • Cher says:

      Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton have ever had moral authority. But, be warned, the Clintons are not gone. HERE’S CHELSAY!

  74. Honest says:

    Stick to the Lewenski-Hillary Cigars Billy Boy~

  75. Jaxk says:

    I would
    Love to know who really cares what this career criminal and sexual predator has to say about anything. I want to see both Clinton prison along with Obama the Traitor!!!! Trump 2020 ????????????

  76. Jerry Whittinghill says:

    Bill Clinton is a loser

  77. Gary says:

    Bill Clinton, I would shut you womanizer mouth and pray to God in thanks you never went to jail for attacking women.
    You sorry ass woul already have selected a candidate and would have been pushing for a vote!
    You day may come with all of the Epstein’s girlfriend spills the beans and you ass may still end up in jail!
    You are as slimy as they get, go hide in your hole behind Hillary as you have all your life! This

    • thanh says:

      Yes it’s true of fucking raptist Clinton need to shut your stint mouthe then reserved it for sucking women of your illbreeding despicable of Cheating to brig them to your bed for sexual, this time not your business if nominated any SC by legally of Constitution requested, so you have to shut your mouth save energy for jail time??!

  78. Albert W. Myles says:

    Hey Slick Willy, there is a difference between 2016 and now. Obama was a lame duck President and President Trump is running for his position again and will probably win. I also think that you and your wife should not be voicing your opinions. You and her have two many skeletons in your closet.

  79. John says:

    Slice Willy is lucky he did not get impeached
    Disgracull the relationship he had with niece intern .
    Him and his wife . The Clinton Foundation is a scam to line their pockets .
    Not anyone who should be giving any advice

  80. Kevin says:

    You are Clinton just almost as bad as Obama just don’t know when to shutup