Bill Gates: No Vax, No Social Security Check?

Bill Gates

( – The leftists and socialists in the United States of America can’t seem to find enough ways to threaten Americans into getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, so they keep inventing more and more draconian methods and punishments.

They’ve tried mandates. They’ve tried financial incentives. They’re tried barring people from places and events – now even threatening to ban the unvaccinated from flying on commercial airplanes no matter how short the flight.

And, if you watch closely, you can even find the socialists and communists who make up a larger and larger percentage of the American left even laughing about ways to really, truly punish and hurt the unvaxxed.

Case in point, the video a bit further down this page.

As you’ll see, the video is a clip of CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewing multi-billionaire Bill Gates of Microsoft infamy – the man who made his fortune with a product that has to be updated every week and replaced every few years – during which Gates laughs at the thought of older Americans having their Social Security checks taken away from them if they don’t submit to Joe Biden’s vax.

Laughed. Laughed about taking Social Security checks away from the elderly – many of whom have no other source of money. Money those Americans earned through their hard labor over a lifetime of working for often thankless, ultra-wealthy employers who couldn’t care less what happens to their employees.

Here’ the video. Make of it what you will. Here at Red Alert News, we’re disgusted.

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