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Black Lives Matter Plaza Near White House Will Be Permanent

In a move that has angered many conservatives, the temporary Black Lives Matter Plaza that was hastily created near the then Trump White House during last summer’s street protests over the death of George Floyd will become a permanent fixture in the nation’s capital.

Black Lives Matter Plaza – Washington, DC

Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington will soon become a permanent art installation, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser stated this week, nearly a year since it first came to fruition,” according to The Washington Times. [emphasis added]

Ms. Bowser, a Democrat, told The Washington Post on Thursday that efforts are underway to enhance the two-block stretch of 16th Street NW that she designated as Black Lives Matter Plaza last June.

“‘In fact, right now we’re undergoing a process to make the installation more permanent with lighting and landscaping and all the things that you expect in an iconic art installation,’ said Ms. Bowser.

The plaza, located directly north of Lafayette Square, a public park neighboring the White House, was established in the aftermath of the murder last May of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [emphasis added]

In the days following the death of Floyd, a Black man killed by a White police officer, Lafayette Square became a hotspot for protesters to demonstrate against racial injustice and police brutality.

“Police forcefully cleared the park of protesters and press on June 1, paving the way for former President Trump to pose for photographs in front of the nearby historic St. John’s Episcopal Church.

“City workers subsequently painted “Black Lives Matter” in large yellow letters on the section of 16th Street on June 5, and the mayor officially renamed it “Black Lives Matter Plaza” that same day.

For more of this report, go to The Washington Times.

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