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BLM: Cities Will Burn If Chauvin Isn’t Convicted

As expected, Black Lives Matter activists are stating they will set buildings “on fire” if Derek Chauvin is not convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd.

Watch the video below and then share your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. David Smith says:

    Mike I agree with you he needs to be punished for killing Floyd But so do the other people there all it would have taken was a push and he would have fallen off and Floyd could breath Why no one did anything is beyond me But I question did he kill him on purpose or did he just use the submission hold to hard and too long but not on purpose that is what bothers me If he did it on purpose then the death penalty but proving that will be hard but the rapes and riots and burning will still go on no mater the verdict. But if he was O>J> Simpson he would just walk away

  2. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Will Jerky Joe help the American people. We need all armed forces to come out of the woodwork and SHOOT, all of the BLM. Blacks are killing each other, and whites are to blame. White people kill less blacks, than blacks kill each other a former NFl player, he’s black, he killed a doctor,his wife, and his two grandchildren. There was a shooting a a party, that blacks were having. Two women were killed they were black They say stop the violence. You don’t hear the half of it. My guns a loaded and ready.

  3. Bob says:

    This time, they should all be shot like the criminals they are. No more double standard. The time for the intimidation by these animals is OVER!!

  4. David Smith says:

    Actually I believe when you elect a chief President King or Queen you become their slave maybe I am wrong

  5. David Smith says:

    Politicians will not fix this mess they started it Only when they and other people feel what lead poisoning does will things change

  6. CornPop says:

    BLM Excellent threat! But instead of burning your own communities … how about taking the fight to where Pelosi, Schumer and Waters and the rest of the Democrats live… Jus Sayin…

  7. paulk says:

    blm is nothing more than a group of bullies. They shoot their mouth off, and expects everyone to runaway. They should keep in mind that the white population has been funding them since forever. We shut of the money and what happens? Most are on unemployment, and have no intention of getting a job. george soros must pay well, for him to hire and bus them to the destruction site. It might be in everyone’s interest, to put george and this blm high boss out of business. It’s time for America, to take America back.

    • Debra K Bell says:

      Exactly! They are useless as tits on a bore hog!! They are nothing but thugs wanting an excuse to loot and burn! Never bite the hand that feeds you! Just saying!,,,

  8. Gwyllim says:

    She should be made aware that IF the ‘city burns’, she will be the first one arrested and tried for any damages or deaths that may result from it. Them we can see if she has any real power, or is just bumpin’ her gums.

    • Gwyllim says:

      Sorry…’Then’ we can see…

    • She would be released from jail the same night. I’m guessing she would be out before the arresting cop is off his shift. Cities will burn and people will die, but liberal city leaders haven’t a clue what to do.

  9. Salvatore says:

    Dr. MLK should be rolling over in his grave, seeing what these idiots from BLM are doing. The cops unfortunately will give them a pass, even though the have video threats and probably video of what they are destroying.They can’t throw them in jail due to overcrowding. Can they be round them up and drop them off on some deserted island, so they can play Lord of the flies by themselves. Sick of seeing these jack asses getting away with this BS. I did forget spring is here and summer is coming this is when they do their best work.]8

  10. James Heath says:

    I believe the first person walking down the street with a torch should be shot.

    • Gwyllim says:

      Damn Skippy!

    • Take the bullet out of your pocket Barney!

      • Estelle says:

        WE THE PEOPLE: Write your Governor, write your State Senator, write your State Representative, write your Major, write your U.S. Senators, write your U.S. representative concerning the Black Lives Matter comment and Mr. Biden executive order to remove guns from United States citizens. Ms. Maya Echols has expensive clothes, and the setting is dramatic. What type of work does Mrs. Echols engage in? It must pay will. Mr. Biden backers would like to take away the guns from United States citizens. WHY?? Read history, when the government has removed the means of defense from its citizens, intimidation increases.

        • borecrazy says:

          Really? “when the Government has removed this means of defense from it’s citizens”? Spoken like a true un-American! America FIRST-special interest groups are way down the list! Some people use guns illegally, and you cave in to doing away with constitutional rights? Some people say things criticizing your beliefs, and you want to do away with the first Amendment? You have no belief in a higher power, whatever it might be, so you want to cancel people’s right to the religion, or belief, of their choice? Where do people who think this way come from? This Country certainly doesn’t deserve them!

  11. David Smith says:

    LOL Nonnel you are right no mater what the verdict they will riot they all need new TV and Play stations and new PC’s and Smart phones and of course clothes then they will rape kill rob and burn And blame it on the Racist white people

  12. David Smith says:

    Hi Lyudmila ISIS has not been defeated and neither has the Taliban and the terrorist are walking right across our borders thanks to dip stick Obiden And now they are saying a tree was racist everything to a black person is Racist except the welfare checks government housing and drug dealing and gangs and of course white women. If whites were as Racists as they say there would not be a black person alive But let them keep believing in Faragoon and Sharpless and BLM I am sure they will benefit from those people.

  13. One of two things: – Either the country will declare BLM a terrorist organization that threatens our country with terror and liquidates this nest of terrorism, just like our country eliminated ISIS, – or America will be destroyed from within by the very “systemic racism” that was invented by the top of this “Black Systemic Racism” itself, in the Congress.

  14. King says:

    Have we come to mob justice or else its time to destroy BLM and all Hate groups

  15. TOM CALABRESE says:


  16. David Smith says:

    Holly don’t think it maters they have to hang Chauvin as a sacrificial lamb because it will bow down to the master black race And it does not mater they are going to riot rape and kill and burn and rape yes I said rape twice black men like to rape white women If you think I am being racist look at the FBI stats on white women raped beaten and murdered by black men you might be shocked and those are the crimes reported.

  17. Rev4God says:

    If America stands by and let’s this piece of black trash threaten America, we have become a spineless, jellyfish backbone people who need to invite every anti- American nation to come and rule over us. What a piece of worthless trash, that is allowed to speak.

  18. Jeff goodner says:

    If I see anyone setting fires they better hope I’m not carrying at that time

  19. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Regardless of the outcome of the Geporge Floyd verdict. If he’s found not guilty, they’ll riot,loot burn, and whatever they fell like, and that’s ok. If he’s found guilty, they’ll riot, loot,burn, whatever they think is an excuse. They destroy everything they touch. My white neighborhood, in Vailsburg, Newark, was clean, no robberies, murders, rapes, etc. They were GIVEN our houses, once we all moved out. Go back there and you’ll find garbage in the streets, boarded up homes, homes that were destroyed. The park that was there, the swings, and other equipment was destroyed. The schools have graffiti all over. The stores that were there, are now gone. They don’t go to school, they drop out to sell drugs, get pregnant, go on welfare, food stamps, heating and AC subsities for their bills. They want to be compensated, because their ancestors were slaves. Well were slaves to them, we have paid there way, by our taxes. These taxes keeps them going, year after year. BLM is going to push and they’ll not llike the outcome. Get your rifles ready, this will be a black and white war, I’m ready too protect myself, and my property.

  20. chris brown says:

    why do we continue to charge the terrorists that we catch in this country as we should, but allow black terrorism go un checked? we have a court system what it decides is the law . that statement she makes is a treat to the jurors what did they do to the mob when they did it

  21. Phillip Perkins says:

    I would say when they start the first fire start with Mama’s home and all BLM leaders and set fire to their homes and buildings you know what goes around comes around fight fire with fire

  22. G says:

    It is time to take down people hard who want to burn and loot because they didn’t get the answer they wanted. That’s why we have juries to hear all the evidence to make an informed decision and not one based on a edited video clip.

  23. Dwayne Craver says:

    Wouldn’t this be premeditated murder if anyone dies from the results of “when all hell breaks loose”?

    • Vinson says:

      But this time the cops won’t protect you from the American citizens.

    • Ran Win says:

      Drug overdose makes no difference. I guess social workers with coloring books should of handled it.

  24. AJ says:

    These threats are an attempt to completely separate whites from persons of color (blacks) through hate other means. I talk to many people of all walks of life and color. I have found that blacks reject any loyalty or support to blm. Realize blm will eventually destroy itself because it follows no common sense but violence and threats. Sounds like communist democraps. Reach out to others to discuss the weather and then open to discuss the current events and what they perceive is happening to OUR RIGHTS CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY. I think in most cases you will find common ground along those lines. Not all people are open to discuss anything so be thoughtful and recognize when to say thank you good day. “United” we can defeat these democrap treasonist traitors. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PATRIOTS!!

    • I agree! As in any relationship, communication is a must, or nothing can be accomplished! Just talk! To your friends, family, neighbors, anyone that may have something to share. You may be surprised by how many people are tired of Antifa and BLM threatening and destroying our beautiful cities and surrounding neighborhoods!

  25. CA says:

    Don’t be surprised if you get your butt kicked.

  26. Rev4God says:

    More black crime, we are used to your criminal behavior

    • B Kimball says:

      It’s no wonder people don’t like blacks. They destroy everything that doesn’t go their way. Drug addicts and criminals that they have representing them how pathetic. Try obeying the law and working like those of us that get stuck paying for their evil. The guy was a criminal so the democrats in this country think he’s someone special what fools

  27. Chris says:

    Democrats finance corruption.Kamala Harris financed bail for the thugs. Yeah that’s right. And the bitch got away with it, because to many chicken shit s want press charges.Crimminal government funding American terrorist. I do beleive that is a true statement. Then they talk about racist tearing down white monuments history reminders while erecting their own monuments. I’m fed up with all these double standard bitches.

  28. Scott J says:

    hell is already here as that biatch is still drawing breath.

  29. Frank says:

    That doesnt solve anything! You’re all so stupid to see that you’re being lead to disrupt America. Get your info correct first & then make a decision unless money has already bought you, then you’ll be the ones burnt when the LORDS judgement comes down.

  30. Ralph S says:

    The ONLY good politician is an unseated politician! Vote every incumbent OUT of office. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! A $1.00 HONORARIUM should be sufficient pay for the honor of representing honest Americans. NO FREE RIDES ON THE TAXPAYERS DOLLAR!

  31. David says:

    LMAO So let them burn cities if they go to Detroit Chicago L.A> New York Portland Washington DC and a few others I will gladly buy the gas If you decide to shoot BLM and ANTIFA Just remember most of them are now white protesters who think they are black so be sure to put two bullets in them

    • CintiCB says:

      Arm the business owners and employees (who don’t want to lose their jobs) and let them defend their property/income. Shoot the f’ing *******!

      • John says:

        The law says you can’t do that. The law sucks and it protects those basturds. Lock and load open up. No survivers is the only way to stop their shit.

  32. Don says:

    This nasty ,racist bitch needs dealt with,do they think people are gonna sit back and let that crap happen,,not,they will get shot..blm are just another label for the black panthers,,everyone get your guns ready.

    • J says:

      Mine are ready let these disgusting hood rats come into my neighborhood and try to burn any buildings. I will light their asses up like the 4th of July. I am sick and tired of the racist ass criminals its time to make a stand and put them down like the rabid animals they are.

      • John says:

        Break out “The Haites” bad ass bomb. They don’t have a chance of survival. Anyone agree?

  33. Anthony Lowe says:

    It is time for BLM to be recognized for what it is, a domestic enemy trying to destroy the United States of America. The leaders should already be in prison. We need to get back to having law enforcement able to protect people and property without fear of getting in trouble for just doing the job they are trained for and paid to do. If this woman and her associates want to start fires they are breaking the law and need to be dealt with by whatever means us necessary to stop them

  34. Shawn says:

    Bring your asses down south and I promise we will be waiting for you

    • Peaches says:

      Take that BLM black bitch off Twitter. She is threatening all Americans. That is domestic terroism. Twitter practice what you preach

      • John says:

        They won’t because they are part of the problem. I don’t use Twitter or Facebook because neither will stop associating with blm/antifa and the demoncraps.

    • Peaches says:

      Take that BLM black bitch off Twitter. She is threatening all Americans. That is domestic terroism. Twitter practice what you preach you are full of shit Twitter

      • J says:

        Twitter wont do anything because they are a bunch of socialist dirtbags. Bet your ass they will take President Trump off twitter because he was all about the American way and the people. This fucking stupid racist bitch need to be locked up for inciting violent acts but we all know the fucking blind ass FBI shitstains wont do a fucking thing because this fits into their narrative to push for gun control and gun confiscations. Too bad for those fucktards its not going to work, Because we the people will stand up and do what they will not and pit thesw rabid animals down before their can be a massive civil uprising.
        But be assured that is what the democraps want to occur so that they can push for the suspension of the constitution under martial law. But they are stupid as fuck if they think we are going to just roll over for them when these fucking criminals rampage through our communities.
        So for the record I dont give a damn what your skin color is, come into my neighborhood and try to burn down anything of value and see if we dont shoot them dead, Black White or Brown.

        • Seymour Lewis says:

          Death must come to all of you white racist bastards. You must go. Get out of America now. We are going to get our land and our country back. The whole earth is being destroyed by these stinking creatures who left europe and came to our part of the world. There can never be any peace with them. The are from Hell. Not of this planet. They have to be destoryed in order for there to be peace. Just read the comments listed on here by these white racist animals.

          • Barbara Hill says:

            And you are the biggest racist there is. If you are not indian then you have no right to tell white people to leave,plus there are a lot of white people that have Indian in them.andwho made you god

            • John says:

              I am 25% Choctaw, 50% Irish, 15% Dutch. I served my country in the United States Marines from 1969-1973 and I will never stand for any bastards/bitches destroying property in my neck of the woods. Marines are always the first to fight/first to die. The elite forces.

          • fred says:

            Well…Seemore…yep correct WILL see more clearly if you listen to you must be a very sad person,so sorry for your loss.

          • borecrazy says:

            It seems you are the most racist person in this thread! You should seek some professional help-

    • Seymour Lewis says:

      We are not only coming We Are Already here you freaking racist kkk albino piece of garbage. Your kind are nothing but murderers and destroyers of life. You and your kind are the number one enemies of peace and of planet earth. You must all die.

  35. Bill Turney says:

    BLM will burn cities no matter what verdict is rendered. Hopefully, police will be ready and respond accordingly.

    • CintiCB says:

      Arm the business owners. Warn da rioters that the business owners will shoot this approaching danger.

  36. Terrie Wyatt says:

    George Floyd was not murdered and why are these BLM thugs allowed to get away with threats?

  37. Brian says:

    Then probably a lot of people who claim to be with the BLM will die when they try to start them. People are fed up with them.

  38. PISSEDOFF says:

    It sounds like a blatant THREAT against society !! She and any other BLMers and ANTIFA should be treated like any other TERRORISTS (i.e, Bin Laden, etc.) !!!!!

    • Ellsa says:

      The BLM that made that threat against jurers should be prosecuted. Where is the FBI? Glued to their chairs? They certainly are not doing their jobs.

    • Rita says:

      Totally agree!!

      • Aggrevated says:

        A g r e e‼️

        The entire paid by the people
        Government …needs to 🛑 stop the bull and get busy doing the job
        Our tax money pays them to do‼️
        Work for the money..NOW
        Do your JOB.

    • Seymour Lewis says:

      The United States of America is Terrorist number 1

      • Marie says:

        Now Seymour does your mother know you think like this? I’ll tell you if you were my kid saying some of the stuff I read that you wrote, that belt would be tearing up some ass right now. Let’s point out a few things that you missed in history class, there were white slaves before black slaves. Than a group of black people started selling black men etc from Africa. Well over 200 years ago. You deserve no reparations, no special treatment, you get what you give. If you want to tear up a city that’s up to you, but, you will meet with firepower back. You tore up Minneapolis once and that’s not going to happen again. If you live here or if you and your comrades are planning a visit please call ahead cuz we will be locked and loaded. Thank you and tell your mother what a fine job she didn’t do raising you and your daddy if you know who he is the same.

  39. Ralph says:

    Your ass will be met with bullets and violence and we will cut you down bring it on I love my new guns am pretty good with them bring it on assholes bring it on feel my bullets I will be happy to oblige you

  40. Samuel S. Kent says:

    The threats of BLM and Maya Echols are out of line. There is little doubt that Chauvin will get convicted, but the threat of mayhem, destruction and burning down cities is not a price that Americans are willing to accept if he is not convicted. Lawlessness will be met with rock hard resistance and harder consequences.

  41. Steve Johnson says:

    Maya, if our cities burn because of communist BLM/Antifa arson, riots, looting, murder, destruction, rest assured we will take control of US Government legally and brand you as domestic communist terrorists and you will be behind bars for many decades.

  42. Don says:

    Bring it, punks.

  43. rick says:

    As long as black people believe the great lie that commiecrats have coerced them into believing, we will have morons like these! If the government refuses to jail these terrorists, there is only one thing left to do, & it ain’t pretty! You are being railroaded, America, bit by bit. This is what communists do!

  44. Ray Wadinski says:

    HEY MAYA, your a domestic terrorist and should rot in jail!

    • Carl says:

      It should be you’re (as in you are). Your infers ownership.

    • Diane Regan says:

      Who in the h####ll is this woman to sit there confidently and relaxed to threaten the US cities and citizens. She is a terrorist. Period !! NEEDS to be arrested.

  45. Alfred Bouchard says:

    BLM AND ANTIFA SHOULD BE LABELED AS A HOME GROWN TERRORIST GROUP AND SHOT on sight they all need to be removed from this earth

  46. Terry Michel says:

    Duh! What did you think was going to happen if they come back with the only finding they can and that is innocent!!!

  47. Michael O'Connor says:

    George Floyd was a criminal. He was trying to pass counterfeit money on a poor convenience store owner and high on drugs with a heart condition and resisting arrest. Listen you stupid people, no one can yell for 9 minutes when he says he can’t breathe. No Breath, No Voice. It is time that BLM was wiped off the face of the earth. Come to my house and threaten me and I guarantee it will be the last time. He is not guilty and his bosses know it.

    • RICHARD says:


    • Gary Murray says:

      The only way to stop repeat offenders!

    • Mike says:

      Exactly what I was thinking

  48. Dennis Sumner says:

    Told ya when this all started, deal with em like any other terrorist organization!! They’re gonna riot no matter what the verdict is, everyone knows that, why??? Because they can!

  49. Edward Conley says:

    Just keep burning down your own cities.Sounds like a really effective plan..
    I’ll bet the will teach cops not to arrest drug addicts again eh?

  50. Holly Rose says:

    Which Chauvin are they going to convict? The one with the knee on the neck is not the same Chauvin in the mug shots. The mug shot Chauvin is 10 to 12 years younger, different nose is and has no greying hairline. There are 2 different Chauvins. Is this another red herring to start more unrest? Bet yah a buck to a hole in a donut any excuse to start a fight. Let’s watch and see.

    • Richard Gary Gould says:


      • Karen Long says:

        Amen!! Get RID of these pansy-a$$es!! I am LOCKED & LOADED!! BRING IT, BEETCHES!!

  51. Ron says:

    Video and testimony show he is guilty. A not guilty verdict is inviting trouble.

    • mike says:

      I think you are being a bit premature with your opinion that he is guilty….. let all of the facts and testimony play out….

      Reminds me of the OJ trial…. find him guilty and the city will burn.

    • Edie says:

      the decision is up to the jury….not you or me or even the judge. the jury will decide the fate of this case. If BLM burns buildings, harms people or property because they think they are above the law, then we need to lower the boom , put them infront of a jury and let their fate be determined the civilized manner that is used to have fair and impaartial law administraated.

  52. Donald Cook says:

    With any Luck, the BLM Terrorist Group, will be inside the Buildings, when they Burn.

  53. Thomas says:

    BLM. And antifa. Should be arrested. Now not later and put I prison. For a very long time. For treason against. Americans. They wish for a civil war. Be careful what you wish for. I think Americans. Are reaching the breaking point. And have had enough of their bullshit.

  54. David says:

    It will be interesting here in Texas because you have a bunch of Hispanics who think they are black and a bunch of whites that think they are black Could be interesting to watch this bowl of skittles and see what color wins

  55. mike says:

    By the way, did you notice how they dont pull this crap in the South?

    Try it here and watch what happens……

  56. Richard Morton says:

    You mean finish burning the cities that are democrat cesspools? No great loss.

  57. mike says:

    I hate to say this but this is what was “voted” for

    Who is pulling the strings? All the people in the cabinet from the Obama administration, including the ” Divider in Chief” himself.

    Wake up folks…….

  58. Robert Beld says:

    Why don’t you get a life and don’t threaten us you can die for what you believe in and I’m willing to die to protect my family and property.What have you ever done but flap your jaws

  59. Pam R. says:


  60. Vann says:

    US will have a civil war to eliminate all terrorists.

    • Richard Gary Gould says:

      Aagreed we need a civil war to eliminate all of Antifa and BLM now. Bring boiled rope for all the prisoners. h
      Hang them all from trees and lamp posts.

  61. Bearpaw says:

    Threatening to burn the cities, most likely will get away with this considering how wimpy most of the libtard mayors are. But if they come out to the country areas and try burning then they will die out in the country areas.

  62. George Rivere says:

    I am sick of this bullshit. I am sorry for what happened to George Floyd but he should not have resisted arrest. He was complaining of not breathing in the car. He was high on drugs and trying to rip off a local store. This verdict if goes any way this does not give BLM the right to burn and loot the cities. You should be arrested. Tell you what, come to Louisiana then you will know what a good ass whipping y’all will get.

    • Dennis Nowak says:

      BLM always want to burn cities no matter what. If they start there will be another civil war.

  63. David says:

    If there was anyone in this country that had a right to hate white people it would be the Indians and to hate everyone not just us what was done to them was ten times worse than any other race that was also treated bad when they came to America read the history of this country no race creed or gender was not saved from bad treatment in the land of the free. Go back to Africa what happens to you there will make Floyd look like baby food but it will be OK because it will be black on black

  64. Linnea Mensching says:

    Black lives matter is a terrorist group. They should all lose their
    American citizenship and they should be sent to a desert island to rot.

  65. William says:

    Can’t wait until they try and Challenge us as we will fight back something they aren’t use to. They are nothing but a bunch of cowards!

  66. David says:

    Why are BLM so special they shot and killed the Kent state protestors and didn’t do half as much as ANTIFA and BLM Blacks have been thirsty for a war with whites well let’s give them their wish Lock Load and Fire Yeah I know I am a racist

  67. Jesse Delatore says:


  68. Lance Talmage says:

    The court system is independent and should not be coerced. Their decision is based on direct information , not media interpretation. To not accept the decision is unamerican.

    • Gary says:

      The day public opinion convicts someone, there truly will be no true justice in America. We’re almost there already since no Court’s had the ball’s to hear any testimony of the blatant fraud in the 2020 Election. But hey, if they let BLM burn riot and destroy, maybe the 75+ Trump voters should give it a try!

  69. Doris Penberthy says:

    BLM Just threatened the Citzens of the
    It’s documented,there’s your threat
    If they start anything take action and arrest these criminals.
    Do not let anything turn into another Seattle. Wake Up America and take a stand.
    No organization has the right to say so as we tell you or there is going to be trouble.
    We are waiting for your first move.
    This is not a threat ,but a promise!!

  70. Geneva says:

    BLM was listed as a terrorist org. along with antifa under President Trump, so they should be treated as such!!!Of course Biden changed that also.

  71. Linda L Wiley says:

    Our governor just passed the stand your ground law. BLM better be careful who they threaten with serious injury. We can do something about it now.

  72. Betty Clark says:

    I guess I am not understanding this video. They have been burning and looting for about a year how is this suppose to be a surprise? It isn’t it is just an excuse to continue on with the burning and looting.

  73. jackie says:

    go put this girl in prison

  74. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    How about 200 million AMERICANS hunt her!

  75. Terry says:

    Pos people like the BLM can’t order a court case to find the decision that they want nobody can do that although the democrats seem to think so. Guess they’re cut from same cloth? Not all I’m sure but this bullshit can’t be tolerated. This moron should be immediately arrested and any other a holes trying to bully their way to their own agenda. Who do they think they are? This is America and armed citizens need to answer if they try their bullshit!

  76. Since the Dems will not arrest lawbreakers and neither party supports assistance by the military to our police when required, I have added to my supply of weapons and ammunition.

  77. Ken says:

    If you people think you are treated so poorly, why don’t you move back to Africa and see how you like it there. After all, it was the whities that fought for your freedom and set you free. Oh that’s right, none of you were alive at that time, and neither is anyone else who lived at that time. So let it go. No one living today had anything to do with how blacks were mistreated over 100 years ago. You don’t see the Jews rioting and destroying property because of what happened to them. The same with the Japanese. These people don’t think the world owes them for past behavior. Quit blaming the United States and put that effort into bettering yourself like everyone else does. You are creating your own misfortune!!!

  78. Anthony says:

    Just keep on doing what yall do, because we all know where it’ll be at. It won’t be in Texas, at least not certain parts of Texas. You pull that shit down here and you will most certainly be shot. DONT BE SURPRISED!

  79. Maureen says:

    This is a terroristic group and they all need to be arrested no different than the neo nazi groups. Let them loose in the White House or Nancy Pelosi‘s neighborhood or Chuck Schumer‘s neighborhood and see what happens then. This is disgusting and this chick needs to be arrested NOW.

  80. BelleJeans says:


  81. Susan Hobson says:

    If BLM has threatened American people lives, then that makes them domestic terrorists and should be treated as such. Any other group of people who threatened American people would be met with a show of force. High powered guns and riot gear. Shoot first ask questions later. This is what they have been promoting all along. If it was the White House ,Pelosi would be calling the Pentagon. So get on it and do the damn job you have been waisting time on for 30 years.

  82. Butch says:

    How many People have to die before all this crap will stop? At some time the people of this nation will get tired of this crap and blood will fill the streets of this nation, just because some people want to take the law into their inexperienced hands. Let’s end this now!

  83. Curt Corson says:


  84. Concerned says:

    Then she should be arrested by the police, that is a threatening post to all in this country and it needs to stop. BLM is a terrorist entity and any other group sending a video like that would be taken in therefore they should not be treated any differently. They have terrorized this country long enough. We all have to deal with things we may not like, but any normal person would not threaten all people with destruction.

    • Greg says:

      To Concerned,
      Well said👍.
      Right on….these are enemies; burning cities??!! Wow!! That’s extremely intelligent and is a terrific way to teach a 5 year old how to act stupid.

  85. GIUOH says:

    Time to put real bullets in guns. If they want to destroy things then they should face the end results from store owners and police. Call in N.G. Tell them to put a stop to it.

  86. Driller says:

    How about we burn you down! I’m just saying also! You already have burned buildings down, if I had my way you wouldn’t get away with burning business’s down I’m just saying! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  87. Wan says:

    I wish y’all would come visit and experience our Southern Hospitality down here in Mississippi. We’ll show you a good time.

  88. Linda Campbell says:

    Their the ONLY ones get away with stuff bc the Dems an all support them .NO ONE ABOVE THE LAW.

  89. Joyce A. Decker says:

    Come to my town bitch! I’ll show you hell!

  90. Randal L Fournier says:

    Don’t be surprised when we shoot all of you BLM racists!!! You people will see hell trust me!!!!!!!

  91. And of course Biden/Harris and his Admin, along with the FBI will not lift one finger to arrest or proscecute any member of BLM for any past or present crimes and terrorist attacks.
    Sad to see how far down and communist Wash DC and all it’s government offices have gone.

    • Jerry Hertz says:

      This crap with BLM is nothing but a bunch of everyday CRAP!! You people go around and destroy this country how in the hell is that right. You sorry ????? do whatever you want and no one does shit. Funny,look at statistics and 70% of crime is you people.TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE IT RIGHT.You people are the racists and its proven every day in this country. You people got all this hate in you so stop blaming your crap on everyone else. You all need to get over it instead of making it worse. Theres a right way and wrong way and you all want me to respect you. Go to hell!!

    • Olive says:

      I agree completely, why isn’t a person who threatens other Americans like this considered a “Domestic” Terrorist???? Where is the FBI? Where are the decent law abiding Democrats that aren’t part of this crap??? The more you give in to the BLM group, the worse they get, the more they want, and the more violent they get. End it now!!

  92. Val says:

    Bring it BIATCH

  93. DEEJAY says:


    • El says:

      We would all like to know the answer to your question. Biden may have the title of president but it’s obvious he’s the puppet Who are the puppet masters?