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BLM Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

In a shocking announcement that has angered many conservatives, the Black Lives Matter movement – a movement that many believe has brought violence to America’s streets –  has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Black Lives Matter movement, which fueled several violent protests across America last year, has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel peace prize,” according to Breitbart.

“The nomination was made by Petter Eide, a member of Norway’s parliament who considered the effort to be “a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice,” and brushed off questions regarding violent protests in the movement’s name.

“‘Studies have shown that most of the demonstrations organized by Black Lives Matter have been peaceful,’ Eide said. ‘Of course there have been incidents, but most of them have been caused by the activities of either the police or counter-protestors.’…

“Last August, Black Lives Matter activists harassed diners seated on the patio of a Mexican restaurant and allegedly demanded they raise their fists. Other activists from the movement also surrounded Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and several women for several minutes on the streets of Washington, DC, as they attempted to leave a Republican National Convention event at the White House.”

For more on this controversial story, go to Breitbart.

We value free speech. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Should the Black Lives Matter movement receive the Nobel Peace Prize? Why or why not?


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    The past Noble Peace Prize Award receiptants, must feel that this award can just go to anybody now. BLM,I don’t think so. The Norwegian whoever he is should join the BLM, asap. This is pure bullshit. They will never change, the way they are, and BLM is ,0.

  2. Patti says:

    I do not know who this Norwegian is, but obviously he is clueless about what has happened is this country. What a slap in the face to most Americans who have watched their country lose it’s mind and soul! I personally find this disturbing.

  3. Leslie M says:

    The Nobel Prize has become the laughing stock of the educated world since Obama & BLM prizes. ALL LIVES MATTER!

    • Scott says:

      Obama is a idiot, an they want to give them an award for rioting,atracking,burning,an looting all of 2020 who are the real criminals running this country? What a f up world.

  4. Anthony Moreland says:

    The Nobel Committee has become a perverted facsimile of its former self. There was a time when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the deserving, not to criminal terrorists & hapless Muslim leadership figure heads like Obama. I would refuse that award nowadays so as not to associate myself with terrorists & traitors.

  5. Brian says:

    Oh hell no. This is a domestic terrorist group and should be awarded nothing but jail. Whoever nominated them for that needs to be committed for psychiatric evaluation. AND investigated for harboring, aiding, and abetting criminals.

  6. Robin Kerby says:

    For what reaping havoc on the American people, Rioting, looting, killing and getting away with it, these people are out of their minds. People have to wake up and realize they are going to keep pushing this false narrative that Americans are Racist. How many people of color and different backgrounds are in Congress as we speak. If this country was racist would they be there. They are doing this so they can lock in their future votes and continue to give them hand outs instead of hand ups. Trump lifted them up, and Biden is pushing them back down.

  7. S says:

    Blm nominated for a peace Prize? That is the biggest, most disgusting thing I ever heard. Their prize should be free room in prison!

  8. Bill Huntington says:

    Hell no BLM is the most racist group around they only think blacks matter in this world when everyone matters there is nothing noble or peaceful about them.

  9. Honest says:

    SO Glad so many GOOD DEMORATS Voted For the Sick Man!!

  10. Honest says:

    Breaking NEWS ~Sicko Joe has had sex with his Daughter Ashley in the Shower!!!! As per her own diary and in HER handwriting !! What A Sick Man

  11. Dave Lundon says:

    Since when does burning down cities get a nobel peace Prize

  12. Alice says:

    Absolutely not!! The Nobel Peace Prize used to represent something! The BLM movement has done nothing but destroy this country causing billions of dollars of damage and lives. If you are really wanting to give someone the Nobel Peace Prize that deserves it for what he did, President Donald Trump should have been given the Nobel Peace Prices for the peace agreements he helped to set up in places everyone though would never happen. The Extremist left has gotten out of control and the hatred in that party is absolutely our of control. No matter what the Left want you to believe, President Donald Trump will go down in history as being the greatest president of all time! Historials will see that when they look back at the way the left treated him and all their efforts did not keep him from making American better than it had been in decades. Give credit where it is due! When President Trump reversed the executive orders the Obama administration had put it in place, he did so because they were destroying this country. But Biden is reversing Trump’s executive orders because he did make the country great again and Biden just wants to go back to destroying this country like he and Obama did when they were in office. What a sad day for this country.

    • Robin Kerby says:

      Amen Alice, yes indeed Donald Trump should have received it.

    • Brenda Richards says:

      Absolutely! The BLM group has tried to portray themselves as peaceful. Just the opposite is true!! Look at their actions! Bullying, harming and killing others, destroying businesses, looting and destroying families’ livelihood, graffiti, foul language, destruction of city, state and federal buildings, automobiles and in burning down cities. The are absolutely terrorists!

    • Shirley aka Judy Manis says:

      I completely agree with everything you’ve said. And yes it should have gone to President Trump.Maybe they should forget about the NPP, It’s now a phoney has been since it was awarded to Onama.

  13. James Southern says:

    They are domestic terrorists, They deserve prison and in the cases where they cause ddeathes by not allowing the first responders to get through they all deserve conspiracy to commit muder charges and death.

  14. Beverly Tujague says:

    The Nobel Peace Prize no longer holds meaning since Obama received it for nothing but saying it was alright for blacks to protest violently because of perceived abuse by whites. Let HIS people receive it. I respect many “black” people and have many as friends but I have another (dead) work thT I use to describe Obama and members of BLM. Their lives do not matter and neither does the Nobel Peace Prize.

  15. blank says:

    destroy the human race make the world a better place, when will people realize that this is about depopulating the elites world, sterilizing the young , kill the old with vaccination’s, and violence, wake up America , sue the hell out of the Biden an Harris administration, impeach all the the people in office, you must ask yourself why are they getting rich and telling you who hate who are they to say whos woke and whos not whos racist they are against the American people

  16. Deborah Sarmiento says:

    Black Lives Matter is America’s version of ISIS. They do not deserve to be rewarded for their violence but they do deserve jail time.

  17. Victoria says:

    I cannot believe that Black Lives Matter is being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. I just found out that “WAGGGS” “WORLD ASSOCIATION of GIRL GUIDES and GIRL SCOUTS” is also being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. There is to me no understanding of this decision. I have been a Girl Scout all my life and cannot comprehend this. Thank You.

  18. Joyce Stanger says:

    Who in the hell nominated these idiots! This used to be an honor but since obama got nominated shows how little this means. BLM IS A RADICAL, RACIST ORG.

  19. Yank says:

    When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, that did it for me as far as respecting those recipients of “erroneous prizes to individuals who have/had not done anything to deserve such a prize. Obama won for what he MIGHT do and BLM was nominated for what? Best rioters, best burner of cities? There is nothing prestigious about the Nobel Peace Prize, in this day and age…

    • Is this the prize that comes in a box of cereal? I could not wait to finish the cereal, but I never valued the prize.

    • Scott says:

      So the WLM GROUP SHOULD GO ON A FREE SHOPPING SPREE SO WE CAN GET THE NOBEL PRIZE AWARD,let’s see have to attack people, burn down buidling,loot,burn police cars, an block emts stand in the middle of the streets an attck,block everyone then we will get the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE TOO OH JOY

  20. Pamela S Spencer says:

    I think if you. use. Common sense with this. And be. Honest.
    There may be a better understanding…of this whole thing. In the first place……And this is probably where the hatred and violence is steming from
    ………no one. Should ever just….only….say. Black lives matter………..for God’s sake of course they do. But stop and think…..
    That statement is racial. Because. It Is. Leaving out all other people…white. Brown.……..for God’s sake. The statement should be. All inclusive.. To mean. All. Lives matter!!! Get rid of the hatred. And love. All people. Start over. The Nomination. Of this mmovement. For the award. is not going to mean. Anything. To. All people. If we are going to come together as a Nation. Caring for what’s right….Caring. For All people…..then we should be. Real. Caring. For All.. This movement phrase. Should be changed immediately. To. All lives matter….or. All lives. Black and white matter. Or. Stop the killing. Of. People. All people. And let’s be better. Otherwise. I feel like our. One sided attitudes. Are going to ruin lives for all.

  21. Helen says:

    This is the craziest thing I have heard of. Has the whole world gone insane? They have burnt and destroyed peoples life’s and property and to be rewarded by our new present government/regime, hay folks this is not funny.

  22. Two words,”HELL NO!!!!” blm,in each and every “chapter”,should be designated as a terrorist organization! The founders have allowed and in many cases encouraged and supported,violent splinter groups to flourish within their ranks!

    • Loretta Cogar says:

      AGREED!!! I was shocked to read that they had been nominated.

      • Harry J Schaubel says:

        They’ll get it because the NPP Commission is “Woke”.
        What do 700 Injured/killed Cops, 30 murders, & Billions in property Damage equal?

        NABLM “Peaceful Protests”.

        Please note. BLM is not the right name. It’s NABLM because they’ve proven all of last year that NOT ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER!
        Only when Blacks that are killed by White Cops does NABLM raise their head out of the Swamp.

        Also note that the money donated to NABLM using the Act Blue Website goes STRAIGHT to the DNC. Correction: All ‘Unclaimed’ funds, which last year totaled a few hundred MILLION

    • I grew up in Detroit and Pontiac where blacks blamed whites for everything in their lives. Discrimination against whites. Nasty vulgar language, crime, violence against whites, rioting, looting. Refusal to get educated. Black english. Disgusting behavior. So I am not sympathetic towards BLM

    • Dolores Brei says:

      Yes, I heard that Kamalla even bailed out those who terrorized cities! BLM stands for Burn, Loot, & Murder!They even destroyed Black businesses! Is Eide blind? We should protest Peacefully against the Peace Prize people!

      • Amen, sister.
        This is one of the truthfully honest posts I’ve read, along with the posts calling them terrorists and in no way peaceful. Even my black friends are against BLM(Burn, loot and murder).
        Anyone who thinks they deserve the Nobel Peace Prize is completely insane and belongs in a padded room. May they all rot in Hell for their misdeeds.
        Thank you.
        PS. F*ck Biden!

  23. John J says:

    Black lives matter is a terrorist organization and Black lives DO NOT MATTER

  24. Susan says:

    What a Joke! I mean to give it to the BLM I think it should go to the person that came up with the COVID vaccine. Actually did something. Giving it to BLM to me is like let’s give them this (Noble)
    Maybe that will shut the up. Let’s appease them. Either way I don’t agree with it. It’s like having to be P.C. Or how people parent their kids these days. All things that are wrong with society now.!!

  25. gerard says:

    HEY, Didnt you learn about messing with those machines..99 percent of your comments disagrees on here.. Wrong with the numbers AGAIN…you guys on the left are having problems with numbers…lol

  26. Holly Rose says:

    The the Nobel group better change their name to NOBEL PIECE PRIZE because that is what is left when BLM is finished with whatever they protest. PIECES!

  27. Walt says:

    They should be in prison stop useing the race card

    • Grace says:

      Obama got one and he didn’t deserve it either. However. If BLM gets a Nobel it will kill any prestige the Nobel Prize has left. The bunch of lefties in charge of the award might as well shelve it.

  28. MIKE LAGREE says:

    Not a surprise, the worst president in the history of what is now laughingly referred to as a republic got the peace prize just because he is black, hates America, & got elected.

  29. Jorene Sue Williams says:

    BLM should not get the peace award. BLV is just a cover name to deceive people. It is a terrorist group.
    “Tearing down statues, and erasing history is not about promoting social justice and fixing police brutality. It is about chaos, fear, and control. The current vandalism isn’t about confederate statues. The criminals are destroying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Statutes too.” Robert Eberie

    Allen West (a black man) American citizen, retired US Army lieutenant colonel, Political commentator, member of Republican party, congress man represented Fl. 22nd congressional district in US House of Representatives 201-2013. Serves as Chairman of the Republican party of Texas 2020. says about BLM
    ” … . BLM is just another leftist organization created by same ilk of progressive socialists who created the NAACP. When one reviews the goals and objectives of BLM, they have nothing to do with the real issues facing the Black community in America. The focus of BLM is to cleverly advance the leftist ideological agenda under the guise of a witty name that forces people into guilt, shame. I am tired of these businesses and corporations being shaken down by BLM. …”

  30. Pat says:

    BLM——Nobel Peace Prize
    What a FUCKING JOKE*****
    I consider BLM as Black Lives MURDER
    You deserve nothing but going to PRISON.
    GO TO HELL👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Need to destroy Black Lives MURDER
    You are nothing but SCUM WASTE TRASH👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻….

  31. Scott J says:

    They deserve a turd as that is what they are.

  32. Sam B. says:

    LOL.. So should a Marxist hate group/organization/movement receive the “Noble Peace Prize”..Umm…no..HELL NO!! Is this a joke?!?! Aside from the incitement of violence & destruction from blm (& antifa) that infiltrated once peaceful protests across the country in our great American cities…here’s a couple of questions & issues to think about..:
    Hey BLM & all the hypnotized brainwashed followers…”Do Black Lives Matter?” Seriously. Do they?! Then shouldn’t *ALL* BLACK LIVES MATTER?! Your BS hate narrative for law enforcement promotes the focus u have of only “black lives matter..when dealing with law enforcement!” So What about the thousands & thousands & THOUSANDS of black lives seriously injured &/or lost in 2020 that have absolutely NOTHING to do with law enforcement? U just ignore all these people?!?! Because these American citizens: loved ones, brothers, sisters, neighbors, co-workers, friends..don’t meet ur BS anti police narrative so u just ignore them?!? That’s pathetic!
    Here’s more..: Sorry Chicago..but according to the Chicago tribune in 2020 there were 4033 shooting victims in just Chicago alone. 875 died! 78% of all these human beings were black!! And almost all of the 78% were shot/killed by other black folks!!!! Hey BLM where’s the outrage for this?! Labor Day weekend 2020 in Chicago a cute little 8yr old black girl was shot & killed by other black folks! “8 YEARS OLD!” Where’s the outrage for this?! Another child shot/killed! Here’s a good one: say her name. Bet u hypnotized assclowns don’t even know her name. Is it because she didn’t loose her life dealing with law enforcement? Bet u would know it then! Her name is “Dajore Wilson.” God comfort her friends & family…& God rest her little sole.” May God also comfort the THOUSANDS of our other black American family members who have been shot &/or lost their life due to all this ridiculous violence.
    Heres another tidbit..: there were more black lives lost while rioting in 2 weeks during the 2020 riots than all black lives injured/lost when dealing with law enforcement in all of 2019!!!!!
    Am I making my point? BLM movement is a farce. The country is catching on!!! So blm & antifa riot..destroy homes statues vehicles businesses livelihoods & loss of life…so our spineless politicians in these great American cities/states bow down & kiss the ring of these brainwashed haters & paint Black Lives Matter on their streets!! Unbelievable.
    So HELL NO the Marxist BLM movement doesn’t deserve any kind of peace prize. What a joke. Just the consideration of this sadly hilarious.

    • Susan shelton says:

      For God Sake… Well, since Norway’s Petter Ride feels that way, they need to send 1 way tickets to that”Peaceful
      Group” of obnoxious, still at home, trying to find themselves, young undisciplined POS’s !!! All of them!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Boom! So well said Sam. Preach!! It really makes u wonder sometimes..what rock do some people live under. What hallucinogens r some people on to even consider something like this. It says a lot about a person that would nominate a corrupt marxist hate organization & movement for such a prestigious award. What a joke lol. Blm only cares about a few black lives & obviously not *ALL* black lives.

    • Sunshine says:

      Spot on Sam! Couldn’t have said it better myself! What you said is 100% true!

  33. Elizabeth says:

    First they give this award to Obama and now BLM. That should tell you how much value they place on peace. This award has just become a laughing stock. I wish those who nominated them had been here all year and seen the riots and destruction they caused. Why not give one to Antifa and all the other terrorists groups and make a total mockery out of this award? It no longer has any value, is no longer noble and doesn’t represent peace.

  34. N.Millet says:

    I think black lives is a group of thugs and are no different than the KKK. ANY group of people that will burn other property and steal are not deserving of no Nobel pease prize.

  35. BELINDA STARK says:


  36. Robert Barr says:

    I can remember when a Nobel peace prize was an honor received for innovation and for making positive changes in the world. Now it is just a joke kind of like the “Oscars”. Very sad.

  37. Barabara Shegitz says:

    I have lost ALL respect for the organization that gives out that prize. When they gave it to Al Gore instead of the sweet lady who saved so many children during the war. They haven’t given a sensible prize in years. I know there is a lot of money in it so it is obviously a way to funnel money to despicable people and entities.

  38. James says:

    The Peasant Kings life mattered, but who cared. Now all lives will matter because God sees all and knows who was naughty and not very nice. Hmm.

  39. Don Kastorff says:

    Hell no! This has got to be a joke !!! I would be willing to contribute to the fund to ship these morons to North Korea though! One way of course.

  40. Ken Barkdoll says:

    I don’t think it makes any difference , the peace prize means nothing anymore . They pass them out like candy at a Fourth of July parade . They gave one to Obama , didn’t they ? Pat this group on the back and you had better be watching yours very closely . They are a terrorist organization

  41. Anthony Lowe says:

    There is nothing peaceful about BLM. It is a Marxist organization set on destroying America. The leaders should be in prison as domestic terrorists.

    • C.Parke says:

      The BLM group held over 100 VIOLENT protests last year ! Every protest was associated with VIOLENCE ! A PEACE PRIZE for them ? That is absurd ! They know NOTHING about peace ; They are always RIOTING, LOOTING, BURNING down Businesses and other Violent acts ! IF there is a PRIZE for extreme violence ,they deserve it !

  42. William A says:

    What a joke! the whole organization is a joke and is filled with hate and discrimination. Why do only Black Lives Matter, don’t all lives matter. Secondly, 90% + Black people put themselves in situations where violence is needed to help remedy the situation. The key word is LISTEN to the police office in charge. I fyou do what they tell you nothing will Happen! It’s only when people don’t listen to the police that things get escalated.
    What about the unborn, don’t their lives matter they can’t even protest!!!!
    This whole BLM is another hoax on society as there isn’t any prejudice served to any Black person if they only LISTEN. Also, think about this, the Black Community represents only 14% of our population in the US but they commit 65% of the crime. More opportunities to be wronged! Right!

  43. Tito says:




  44. R Oliver says:

    I think the BLM movement is just plain wrong. The death of someone who is on drugs and been in and out of jail and such did not at all deserve all this hype. The police did wrong that is for sure and they should be punished.
    But all the violence and looting and destroying things should not have been able to happen at all. I am not against any race, but let me tell you all and I mean all lives matter. The Lord created us, and he didn’t see any differences in us, and we should not see any differences either. Their are bad people of all colors.

  45. Rhonda E Johnson says:

    If burning down your neighborhood businesses, beating up people for no reason, stealing from businesses, destroying cities and numerous other horrible things is noble and peaceful!

  46. BLM deserve the Noble Peace Prize as much as China deserves a humanity award! Only the Liberal Left would believe this just as they did for Berry Soltero! Pathetic!! Next you will say the China Virus is a good thing!

  47. AJ says:

    Ask Leo Terrell and Larry Elder about BLM.

  48. Patricia A Carney says:

    BLM should never receive the Nobel Peace Prize. They are a domestic terrorist group and know nothing about Peach.

  49. AJ says:

    Norway appears to not have investigated BLM at all. Nothing thugs, criminals. I make an effort to speak to people of color. 99% I have met are open and truthful. Their opinion of BLM is that they don’t follow/support them or contribute and state their criminals. Most blacks want nothing to do with BLM. What does that say?

  50. Tina Marie says:

    It figures someone in another country would nominate this group. We lived this BS all frigging year, that brought other groups attention to burn & loiter everywhere in our country. Couldn’t leave your home, WTH. I thought a Nobel Peace Prize was for individuals who attained goodness to mankind, and not racist ways for us to live, did the rules change??? No, I don’t believe it should get the Prize

  51. Raven Jacobs says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. Back in the 60’s when I was a teenager my father warned me of what America was coming to, he called it communism. I have seen in my 67 years he was spot on. All I can say is God help us and as a backup, make sure you have plenty of AMMO.

  52. Cg says:

    Stupidity breeds contempt!

    • Argaret says:

      Biden doesn’t care for you and me, we are the means to the end. They do not want to deal with us, if we cratered they would not even be a hiccup.

  53. Bearpaw says:

    Norwegians haven’t heard that BLM is domestic terrorist organization? So maybe they also believe that Antifa is a service organization like the Shriners? Why not nominate them as well. Guess stupidity is not confined to only the US!

    • Sarah says:

      What part of “peace prize” do they not understand? I have lost all confidence in the Nobel Peace Prize for this unmitigated travesty.

  54. Gregory Rorex says:

    blm should be labeled as a terrorist organization that has ripped apart the country

  55. Ang mor says:

    Simpley HELL NO these individuals have terrorized communities for almost a year. They should be in jail or paying for all the damage caused by these so called protests that have actually been riots and insurrections against government and the people. NO NO NO NO NO.

  56. AR says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Puh-lease world, wake up. BLM is as far left as it gets. They do not want peace and harmony. They use bully tactics and intimidation to make their points heard. I ask everyone reading this, liking my comment or not to consider something. Dr M.L.King is one of the people most in history I would have loved to meet. Any idea why? He was for EQUALITY! Never once did he say, give me a handout, turn the other way while I rape my community. Go out and burn down your local PD! He wanted equality, that’s all. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. I’m so good with that. Work for what you have, help your fellow man. He was ahead of his time but especially groups like BLM take his name as I like to say in vain. He’s looking down on all that behave violently etc with great disappointment. This is from a white male, Trump supporter who believes in the same. This country is heading for a civil war. Sparked by racism on both sides of one’s belief! If BLM wants equality quit segregating on your end. I work for a service oriented company and visit hundreds of homes a year. I no longer feel welcome in any black persons home. Is that right? Hell no but it’s what BLM and ANTIFA are pushing. God help us

  57. American Michael says:

    Simply F**K NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. William A says:

    What a joke! the whole organization is a joke and is filled with hate and discrimination. Why do only Black Lives Matter, don’t all lives matter. Secondly, 90% + Black people put themselves in situations where violence is needed to help remedy the situation. The key word is LISTEN to the police office in charge. I you do what they tell you nothing will Happen! It’s only when people don’t listen to the police that things get escalated.
    What about the unborn, don’t their lives matter they can’t even protest!!!!
    This whole BLM is another hoax on society as there isn’t any prejudice served to any Black person if they only LISTEN. Also, think about this, the Black Community represents only 14% of our population in the US but they commit 65% of the crime. More opportunities to be wronged! Right!

  59. Sic&Tired says:

    The NUMBER …. of Total IDIOTS in Our Country…. Just Seem to Keep Increasing. Of Course Idiots and Morons just keep breeding and guess what…??…We have BLM’ers and ANTIFA’s run all around…Mindless, which means Brainless.!! There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION FOR IT…..PERIOD.!!! Actually the Ones that Are Giving Out the Nobel Peace Prize are… More Than Likely BLM’ers – Black/Latino Morons… Just Don’t Have a Clue.!!!

  60. Jim says:

    Seems consistent with the rest of the upside world to which the democrats aspire and are bent on building. Arson, maiming innocent people, looting businesses, even killing some folks, attacking police, oh yeah, that sounds real peaceful, so much so that they deserve a world peace prize for it. If this is the best “peace prize” you can find, then whoever awards this prize has no clue what they are doing or even what this award is about. It’s worse than pathetic. It is incompetence on steroids.

  61. Donley Fitzgerald O'Brien says:

    I can’t imagine where the Norwegian man who nominated Black Lives Matter for the Noble Peace Prize got his information. BJM has not only rioted in American cities, but have looted and destroyed property belonging to others—including other people of color! BLM has caused the deaths of many American citizens; some members have been charged and found guilty of murder committed during those riots. BLM has demanded that Caucasian people be denied equal rights as people of color. They have been vocal about saying that White Lives Don’t Matter and that the lives of law enforcement officers (Blue Lives) don’t matter. Intelligent, well educated black people have stated that BLM has damaged the reputation of black Americans. If BLM is given this award, it will be the end of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Jim Harris says:

      Actually, it probably won’t be the end of it. It will go the way of Time’s Person of the Year award. Last year (2020) that award was presented to Biden and Harris, 2 people who did absolutely NOTHING in 2020. You’re right in that will be the end of its credibility, if it hasn’t already lost it.

  62. Kathy says:

    Absolutely NO..That is sick…

  63. David Smith says:

    Nobel Peace prize????? All I can say is 4 Dead in Ohio

  64. juan says:

    they ARE the racistst. NO they should not. They should instead go to jail. But the left will not follow up on these thugs and STILL rather bash trump who is NOT the president, although biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT, shows the bias. just trump can break the law and be called out in oublic with ridiculous allegations but these moronic racist thugs go on TV say we have to burn this down and receive a obel? well, we all know that the world hates trump, not the US, just trump and we can see it now with biden. the world sees us as a cash cow. No matter the subject just say US is racist and money starts flowing. meantime Americans are under assault by the left, democrats, liberals, idiots, racists, lets see brennan heo e with some categories in case i missed some…

  65. Dorothy Harpe says:

    A noble peace prize ” Should be given to a person who seeks after peace and love and justice for all Americans. Why Not Because some of the BLM MOVEMENT has been violent against the people and they don’t deserve this type of reward.

  66. Rev4God says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. If Hitler or Stalin were around, they would have a chance also

  67. Sic&Tired says:

    WHO EVER NOMINATED THOSE PATHETIC HUMANS..(BLM’ers) …for a Nobel Peace Prize – Needs to be Taken Out Behind the Barn….with ALL the Other BLM’s….AND USUALLY WHO EVER GETS TAKEN OUT BEHIND THE BARN….Funny How They Are Never Seen Around Anymore.!!!!! Those People in Our Society that Cater to These BLM’s …Are Nothing But Pathetic Humans.!!!! They Obviously Don’t Have Any Brains – What So Ever.!!! YEP… The Rent-A-Brain Store Supplied Brains for the BLM’ers, which have a Wonderful I.Q. of –> Sub-Zero.!!!! Usually – Negative I.Q.’s are those, who cause ALL the Trouble ….So, there You Have It – Morons of Our Society.!!!!

  68. Debbie says:

    This is a joke right? So everything is backwards It show the Devil is got its hand at work. So it’s OK to go break windows kill people start fires hit people in the face and then give them award for it .how friggin ass stupid

  69. James Street says:

    You can tell the pitiful state that our nation is in when a violent, terrorist organization gets nominated for the Nobel PEACE Prize.

  70. Billy Waddell says:

    NO! They have looted, burned and killed along side of Antifa. What’s peaceful about destroying our cities, taking away private citizens livelihood’s and even killing innocent people for nothing. It wouldn’t surprise me if they received it though look at how they have gotten away with everything they have done with no consequences. It’s like this country is divided down the middle and the right side has to follow the law and the left side doesn’t.

  71. George Simons says:

    Figures some foreigner who hasn’t experienced BLM’s actions in person would think they’re the good guys. BLM came to AZ and we sent them scurrying back to Portland where the government are wimpss

  72. Myra Askew says:

    Dumbest thing I’ve heard ALL YEAR.. and ghat’s saying something!!! Insanity is the”new” sanity!! God help us!!! 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  73. Richard says:

    I don’t know if they still do but when I was a kid back in the 40’s and 50’s there was always a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. That prize is about how significant the Nobel Peace Prize has become. No better than a plastic “whatever” in a box of Cracker Jacks

  74. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Honest law abiding citizens should form our own country, because this one has done to hell.

  75. rick says:

    BLM, (Butt-heads, Larcenists, Morons) deserves nothing but long prison terms, not an “award”! If this wasn’t so stupid, it’d be comical! Considering the Norwegian idiot commie who spouted off about how “peaceful” they are, I guess the best comparison would be to a “Get Smart” episode. Sometimes funny, but nonetheless stupid!

  76. kea says:

    BLM wants RESPECT???!!! With their actions of destruction, looting and tearing down monuments, the last thing they’ll earn is respect!! Being a law-abiding citizen is how respect is earned. Black (or any color) thug that is honored is NOT A MARTYR! A thug is a thug and when they’re shot by police, it’s just another nasty person off the streets. Sure, members of their families say they were “good boys”; maybe at one time they were…

  77. Mary-Ann Nied says:

    BLM is a terrorist organization, practicing violence and racism. Thje government official who is nominating BLM must be the Village Idiot.

  78. Sam Elliot says:

    I live in NYC they destroyed so many places of business … the police couldn’t keep up with the BS . And NOW they are nominated for a Nobel peace prize ? For what ?? How ludicrous is this country becoming . SOMEBODY is controlling what the supposed leaders of our country is supposed to be protecting . Even people on social media know something is wrong .

  79. Diana says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! NO!!!!! NEVER☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  80. Kevin says:

    They get it for starting Chad

  81. Debra Moores says:

    No. They destroyed the intent with the burning, looting and murdering incited deliberately for politics. Ridiculous. I nominate antifa to share their spot…

    • Robert says:

      The Nobel prize promotes categories that are meant to enhance and improve knowledge in medicine, lifestyles, and global peaceful cooperation. BLM is NONE of these. BLM demonstrations are NEVER peaceful and to place this group, NOT organization not an individual just a mob, along side the great minds and discoveries of the past century is an insult to all the progress that HAS been made by people who have worked to make the USA a world leading nation. NO NOBEL NOMINATION. If you don’t like it here LEAVE and search for a place that may listen to your moronic rants.

  82. Janet says:

    This Really Tells you how democrats try to blanket their funded organizations but when protesters fought at the capitol it was racist white supremacy this is so backwards and at peat conservatives and republicans say it was wrong because it was and the people that did it should be prosecuted but after all the violence that blm has done it is racial injustice this is so awful they need to speak to God and remember this isn’t about skin color that has nothing to do with this we are all children of God this evil and good say what you want but as long as these people are getting paid and doing as the democrats need the democrats will always bail them out every color of skin matters every life this is bullshit and they know it Remember they will have to answer to God and he is a just God I can’t believe this world has a President like Biden he is a security threat to the nation and it’s sad that they are letting this happen to people’s lives really I can’t wait till the good lord comes believe me every knee will now every eye will see too God bless us all !

  83. MILTON says:


  84. Kevin says:

    This is races

  85. Frank Steele says:

    This is a bad joke, right? These are criminals. If this is going to happen, let’s honor the Manson family, too. It would be just as absurd.

  86. Cakeman says:

    Does looting liquor stores quAlify them for the Nobel piece price?
    Or does 75% of their women have babies with no husbands?
    No wonder the world is laughing at us.. & BIG TIME..
    Especially China & Russia !!!

  87. Linda Hewitt says:

    Someone from another Country dares to say that BLM deserves this award? He obviously has no idea what he is talking about and really stay out of America’s business.

    • CintiCB says:

      His reasoning for nominating blm was because of racial justice. Blm is not about ‘racial justice’. They’re about destroying our country. They’re much closer to Carl Marx than they are to Martin Luther King!!!
      They need to be sent to the city of this foreign fool nominator, so, they can burn down his city.
      Maybe, someone paid/bribed him to make such an asinine suggestion.
      The Nobel Prize is, now, little more than a joke that’s tantamount to a Cracker Jack prize. After all, the Kenyan ‘American president’ received one and President Trump didn’t get one after his work with the Middle East.
      It’s as if some things (like this) are being done to tick off civilized, intelligent, + true Americans. They hope that someone will get so ‘fed up’ with all of this BS and start killing them. Just think of how much this would PROVE (LOL) that they’re right about the ‘rampant racism’ in this country, as they ‘see’ it in their minds.
      Where’s a giant sink hole when we NEED one!? I wonder how many people would try to dig them out of everything that had fallen on top of + was smothering them. There are, even, a lot of intelligent & educated blacks who wouldn’t want to waste the time or energy to save this embarrassment to their race. If they’d state their true intent they wouldn’t seem so low and pathetic.

  88. Michael Wynne says:

    BLM (Bowels Lack Movement) nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize??? You have GOT to be bull💩ing me!!! That’s about as hilarious as Joe Biden’s “victory” in the most recent election, the most “honest” election in our history! Yeah, right!

  89. Slim says:

    Barack Obama turned the Noble Peace Prize into less than a Cracker Jack Prize. Nothing could have ever been done better to devalue this award. Yes, BLM deserves a prize and all other similar groups need an award to go along with their terrorist identification.

  90. Elaine Wiegand says:

    Black Lives Matter is a terrorists group, they riot, burn, rob to get their own way. They should be jailed

  91. Frank Demars says:

    This has to be a joke,they deserve to be in jail for all the destruction they caused,they’re a menace to our country and should be treated as so

  92. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Nobel did invent dynamite. Seems only right to have destructive organizations nominated.

  93. bruce says:

    Its difficult to separate a movement from an organization but BLM organized people (even if they were unaware of the violence that ensued) with BIG TECH money, SOROS money and liberal money and committed acts of violence and people died. Black people, children. Peoples businesses were destroyed. They don’t care about black lives. They care about creating a marxist government…Looks like they got their wish if Biden’s 35 EOs are any indication. The deserve to go to jail, not a prize.

  94. Robert Stahley says:

    Why don’t they also give a Nobel prize to the fireman who battled the flames caused by BLM protesters.

  95. Albert Rodgers says:

    We now have the most tyrannical government I have ever seen. God help us all.

    • Patti says:

      Agreed! I am 67 y/o grandma and am afraid of guns. I am about to get a gun of my own and learn to use it! What I have witnessed in our country the last several years has me convinced our America is being hijacked and I will not go silently when they start going door to door for the 74 million people who do not agree with their socialist agenda. The election was stolen, BLMers arrested were bailed out by our current VP Harris. Now, Norway wants to nominate this hate filled organization for a PP?.

  96. Roland Prater says:

    No they are not American and only American should get a Nobel Peace prize

  97. CJ says:

    Not just no, but HELL no. These animals have decimated cities, along with the other domestic terrorists ANTIFA!!! They are evil, and have hurt so many people. It is unconscionable that they are even NAMED, let alone given this prize. As usual, liberals have taken something sacred and defiled it!

    • Brenda Richards says:

      This world is becoming just what God said it would be in the end times! They are calling good evil and evil good!. The BLM movement had rioters, looters, burning cop cars and federal and state buildings, threatening, bullying and harming people, starting fires, causing businesses to be shuttered! PEACEFUL!!? Absolutely not!! My hope is in the Lord in these evil days!!

  98. Raymond Wadinski says:

    You gotta be kidding!! Burn loot murder! C’mon man!!

  99. Bev says:

    Unreal! Really stupid people in this world. They deserve it as much as Odemobama deserved his. The person who deserves one is Trump!

  100. Frederick Sander says:

    All lives matter

  101. Allan Pozdol says:

    Obama received one-for doing nothing. Now they want to pass them out for terrorists! The Commie hoard is in deep everywhere!

  102. Jacob Linn Urban says:

    No they are part of the problem in the country rite now I am sorry that there harritage ie frought with slavery but enough is enough on one today id resposable for what there ansester did way back when. drop it and lets make things better for the children of today. and no the demactatic party is going to destroy this country. I hope that everyone that voted for biden wakes up and sees that they have been lide to the man does not have the attority to give you what was promise during his campain. and formost this country can no afford it.

  103. Cheryl says:

    Seriously a peace prize ? For teaming up with antif a and burning buildings and cities down ? Who nominated them ,the Democrats ? I have many friends who protested over this last summer, and they were peaceful. They are not stupid, if they want to be heard they know that violence is not the way. They truly want reform but are not associated with the violent groups this summer in n.y., Wisconsin, Chicago,Portland, Seattle, or Minneapolis.

  104. Henry FitzGerald III says:

    1. The FBI lawyer should have his law license removed obviously he believes No Demoncrats should go to jail for breaking the law.
    2. Beto has no experience with transportation accept to allow his masters to do whatever they want.
    3. Bid Tech should be held accountable. Do away with 230. Protections and allow them to be sued by everyone.

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