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Boebert’s Gun Wall

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) attended a House committee meeting by Zoom and, evidently, the guns on the shelves behind her upset a few folks.

Rep. Lauren Boebert

As reported by, “If the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns did nothing else, they showed us just how unhinged some people are about guns. After all, while it might be understandable if people are nervous if guns are physically present with them, we’ve seen a number of people freak out about the mere visual of a gun on a video stream like a Zoom meeting.

Nevermind that at this time there are absolutely no rounds that can be fired from someone’s home, travel through the internet and strike a person on the other end of a video stream. Reality plays no factor in these hysterics.

The latest person to run afoul of this insane sense of decorum? Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado…

“I mean, the idea that a pro-gun member of Congress might have firearms is just so terrible!!! <Insert eye roll here>

“Honestly, this is beyond ridiculous. Boebert wasn’t on the floor of Congress. She was in a private office, apparently at her home. However, the problem for some is that anti-gunners can’t handle the mere appearance of a firearm in private hands. They’re fine with them in movies, of course, but that’s different. That’s Hollywood and they love them some Hollywood.

“But Boebert’s firearms represent no threat to absolutely anyone.

“For some, though, Boebert’s firearms were a prop, a shrine, apparently something placed there just to make a point.”

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Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you have any problem with Rep. Lauren Boebert having guns behind her as she attends a meeting by Zoom? Why or why not?


  1. Ben W. says:

    It is HIGH TIME we push back against the 2A haters TWICE as hard as they’ve been attacking we law-abiding citizens who choose to arm ourselves. Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of their rabid drool and constant whining. 99% of these idiots hate America anyway, and think fascism is utopia. We must stand ready to repel all boarders!!

  2. bob onit says:

    Anyone with a problem about the 2A,should just move their commie butt out of country . go , git go ,now ,begone any commies or socialist should be put in gulags until they are reassimilated ,and their children should taken away by CPS until they aren’t commies anymore. these people are domestic terrorists . Nancy pelosi is their cult leader ,and as bad as Mao or ho chi Minh, Pol pot, Stalin or hitler

  3. Ernest Harpster III says:

    I think these people do not know there is a difference in how people choose to live in another state. I think all of them should be made to drive across the USA so they can see how different one state to another is. Especially if they have issue with a gun in a zoom call…. how will they feel seeing one in rear window of a truck in several states in the USA. If these people are supposed to be law makers they need to understand the la as it is. And display of guns in background …seems like art to me and is awesome. I say you go girl!

  4. Beverly Tujague says:

    Love her

  5. Dan says:

    Snowflakes are so laughable.

  6. I grew up with firearms. My first gun was a Benjamin air rifle and I got it for Christmas when I was four years old. My second gun was a single shot .22 caliber rifle that my Father ordered from Sears and Roebuck and paid only $4.00. My 3rd gun was a .410 gauge shotgun that my Father also ordered from Sears and Roebuck and only paid $6.00. I shot my first deer with this shotgun when I was only 7 years old. My next gun was a Winchester 30-30 Lever Action rifle which cost a little bit more but also came from Sears and Roebuck for only $19.95. So having started my life having and handling guns I am what I consider having a good judgement of firearms. I am not an expert but having grown up with them I am not afraid of them because they are just a tool. A tool for survival by shooting game to put meat on the table to eat. A tool for entertainment by using those guns for target practice, and also a tool to protect yourself from the evils in this world today. It is my opinion if everyone who is so afraid of guns that even a picture of one scares them then they should should familiarize themselves with guns so that they are at least not afraid and these people may just find out that guns are just tools and nothing to be afraid of unless one is pointed at them. At this time they might even realize that if they had bought one and been carrying it that they could have used it to even protect themselves.

    • Sorry. But democrat anti gun lobbyist do not want you to be able to protect yourself. You must call the police who probably are not working. Because the money to pay police is stopped.
      Of course you could write your democratic congressperson to complain so they can be sure to put you on that list of dangerous terrorist that think they should be allowed to fight back against unprovoked attacks. And you can be on their watchlist of dangerous criminals who believe in the bill of rights.

  7. Sam B. says:

    How sad small & ridiculous some people r. Rep. Boebert was inside her own home! Good lord!! Don’t these adolescent double standard drama-seeking stiffs have anything else to do? I mean what!!! I’ll bet these petty adolescent folks would have a panic attack if she also had pictures of her hunting on the walls. These nosy stiffs would call for the electric chair. I’m sure if she was a socialist these “I have no life” drama-seekers wouldn’t worry about it.
    Get a life!!

  8. Herschel Michael says:

    I think that woman of to be left alone she’s in her own home she had to be able to have her guns wherever the hell she wants to have them in their own house those people bitching about it need to mind their own fucking business that’s what’s wrong with America today is everybody trying to tell somebody else what the fuck to do

  9. jkryanspark says:

    Conservatives have abandoned the Republican Party, leaving behind a base comprised of lunatics who adhere to conspiracy theories (of which Christianity tops the list), guns, and an authoritarian vision of society. Taking away a woman’s reproductive rights, the rights of gay people to live like everybody else, while bowing at the feet of obscenely wealthy oligarchs, is a recipe for a nightmarish America. Meanwhile, the left of whom you’re envious, espouses for a more equal society in which everybody has healthcare, an opportunity for higher education, and livable wages for all. I don’t understand why you idiots have bugs up your asses that make you worship the worst mankind has to offer, and why you delight in the misery of those less fortunate.

    • Sam B. says:

      Man o man…let’s see..: Conspiracy theories?! U mean like Russia collusion..or maybe the perfect phone call with Ukraine?! Or maybe it was 2 pathetic adolescent embarrassment impeachments?!?! U say envious of the socialist party?! LOL…NOT!!
      ALL citizens of our awesome nation have great access to healthcare of their choice as well as higher education! Just do not expect we the people to foot the Bill & pay for it with higher taxes! As for wages…really?! More people were in the workforce..lowest unemployment across most all demographics in our countries history..& lifted out of poverty with growing wages!! I’m 1 of those people that were no-longer forgotten due to President Trumps pro America/America first agenda!
      I’m a registered barely left leaning/very moderate Democrat who knows dozens of others. I/we r patriots FIRST…& not in denial. I/we also want absolutely nothing to do with the unhinged radical biased double-standard adolescent socialist party & the brainwashed sympathizers that worship this CRAP. Because of the extreme lunacy of this party I/we & so many others r &/or have already bailed out on that titanic. The implosion of the Democrat party is happening right before our very eyes. Jus-stay’n.

    • Jim Jackson says:

      Trump gave us a stronger economy with much lower unemployment, a stronger military with less hostility in the world and far fewer American troops in other countries where they didn’t belong in the first place, confirmed three moderate conservative US Supreme Court Justices, kept us from putting American troops on the ground in Syria, gave us the opportunity to build the wall on the Mexican border to reduce drug trafficking and human trafficking, established diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries in the Mid East, made us energy dependent, etc, etc, etc………

    • James Street says:

      There you go being the advocate of the victim again. Without convincing the lazy and the fecklessly stupid that they are victims of conservativism you wouldn’t even have a reason to exist. The “less fortunate” have voted democrat for decades and they’re still “less fortunate.” Have you ever heard of self responsibility? No!!! Something that audacious doesn’t exist in the communist utopia you envision where everyone has equally free and equally sub standard healthcare and education. The first thing you need to get through your thick head is that NOTHING is free. Just because you go to the doc and don’t make a payment on the way out doesn’t mean you didn’t pay for it. You idiots think “free” healthcare will be just like it is now, only free. Boy have you got a kick dead in the center of your victimhood coming. If you want “free” healthcare then go to Canada or Europe and pay between $5 and $6 a gallon for gas and 50% tax. Pay a TV tax of $175 a year for every TV you have. Wait a month and a half for an MRI, be ASSIGNED a general practitioner who ASSIGNS you to a specialist, like a cardiologist,that it takes you 2 months to get to see. And that’s the ONLY one you can go to. Like him/her or not. Because that’s the way it will be with “free” healthcare. In France, after high school, students fill our what’s called a Parcoursup. (That translates basically to “higher path”) It’s a “wish list” of the things you would like to study and THE GOVERNMENT decides whether to allow you to study what you want and if they allow it, which city you will have to go to as well as which university. You might wanna know something about what it is you’re wanting before you actually want it. Because as it is now, you are as lost as last year’s Easter egg in 12 feet of Johnson grass.

    • george says:

      opinions are like ass holes. every body has one, although some has holier than thou attitudes, you seem to fit into that catagory

  10. Don Butler says:

    What’s wrong with having a couple of guns. The people I know with the most guns are hard core democrats. The 3 that most come to mind have hundreds of guns each, so why the big stink.

  11. rick says:

    You GO, girl! Even though Colorado has been Californicated, there are still a few patriots left in this state!

  12. Joe hanacheck says:

    Nothing wrong with displaying your weapons

  13. larry amobe says:

    more the better. with commiecrats in the government we will need them when the chinese and russiand soldiers and tanks are allowed on our streets.

  14. Robert says:

    Hair smelling Joe will sign ANYTHING HEELS UP HARRIS will tell him to sign!
    Even without a brain he’s dangerous!
    Keep up the good work Lauren, If you’re ever inclined, we could use you here in Arizona. Our illustrious new Senator (Anti machine gun Kelly) had Trump guilty until proven innocent! can’t believe voters would choose him over McSally!

    • Eli says:

      Didn’t Arizona used the same voting machines for US Senatorial election as Presidential election? That should tell you who the winner was and who stole the election. The Deep State.

  15. Kath says:

    Women Armed and ready!!!! YES

  16. I think she’s awesome and we need more like her in office.

    • Patty Treeice says:

      Thanks Lauren for standing up for your rights! I can’t believe all the “stupid people” who are against having guns! If someone breaks into your home, what are you gonna do? I know! You will give them every thing and then they’ll kill you!

      • Eli says:

        No. Just scream that you are a commesocialist left wing Democrat’s army. They will leave you alone or suffer blackmail. Isn’t how it works with left wing dem?

  17. Karen Harlow says:

    The Phillipines people had to register ALL their guns before WW II. When Japan invaded they knew where every gun was. My father-in-law used this as a warning to make sure we all knew to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

    • marnie says:

      It’s amazing that people from other countries are telling us to wake up because we’re on the communist road, they’ve lived it, that’s why they’re here.

  18. Jeffrey Rosbrugh says:

    I absolutely love this woman. I wish we could clone her.

    • Ele says:

      Isn’t what the deep state swamp is doing? How can you see Pelosi in the Congress building at the same time of California? Or why is Hilary two feet shorted than when she was a senator? Cloning. Ask the radical left to lend her the machine!!!! Ha! Ha!

  19. Dennis Sumner says:

    Go get em Loren, trigger the a-holes, pun intended!!👍😁

  20. Richard Crouthamel says:

    Thank you for exposing the idiocy and crazed hatred and fear of firearms from
    the unhinged left.
    I love that pic of you with the firearms behind you.
    God bless you and keep you safe from the maniacal kooks infesting our country.

  21. Shelly says:


  22. Sarina Angelescu says:

    The libs are not used to honesty. Good for her. It’s our constitutional right. The senile and co. will never be able to take this away from American people. They know only to call names. You libs are fascist and communist all the worst. 1st thing in a country when become communist, attack the guns. I know, I come from communist country. THE SAME IN A FASCIST COUNTRY. ASK THE GERMANS WHEN HITTLER CAME. Shame on all of you libs. You are anti American, anti America. You want to destroy the best country in the world. But, I have news for you, GOD has all the power.

  23. Sic&Tired says:

    GOOD FOR –> Rep. Lauren Boebert….She has “The Right” to have those Guns, due to the 2nd. Amendment, which is hers as a U.S. Citizen. Democratic Dictating Dumb A ** Biden can go fly a Kite, due to he does respect the U.S. Flying Flag. Hate to Tell Him This, due to he is Too Stupid….That Americans are going to Stand By their 2nd. Amendment and protect it…..Due to it is Our Constitutional Right.!! But, Dufus BIDEN has No Brain, so what can a person do.?? All of His Democratic Leftists or better said – Cronies hopefully get their lunch dumped on their pathetic laps….. The Corrupt Government that we SOMEHOW have obtained, due to the Dumb A * * es, who voted them all into office….Shows the Good Americans that there are Way Too Many – Pathetic Adults in this Country.!!!! IF, the Day Comes when they think they will take my guns away from me….Someone has another thing coming.!!!!!!!!!!! AND, It Isn’t Going To Be Good.!!!!

    • Cindy walz says:

      I agree with you. The people that are ruining our country need to go. I want President Trump back.

      • Eli says:

        The people that are in power is due to those dam voting machines, fake media, oligarchs, demigods – donkeys and fake elephants. They stole the election. Only demented ones vote for communism or socialism even with all the money they damped in the election. The Deep State needs to destroy our great eagle to rule the world, and continue with their child, drugs and human trafficking, paedophilia and child demonic rituals. Sick!!!!!!

  24. Calleen Olson says:

    Love you Lauren! You’ll always have my vote! Love that your not afraid to stand up to the career “puppet politicians” and fight for our rights as citizens. Keep up the great work, never give up!
    ❤️Fellow Coloradan.

  25. David says:

    LOL She can have target practice at all the illegals crossing the border Then maybe she can get Soros Pelosi Camala AOC and the towel head Imar and Joe and hunter and Hillary for more practice LOL

  26. Holly Rose says:

    Hope she will be able to keep her guns and her freedom under President Biden’s new gun directive.

    • Eli says:

      That guy is not ones president in Elohim, God’s eye. He is a thief that I am sure can’t even zip his fly without Kamala’s direction

    • Eli says:

      That guy is not ones president in Elohim, God’s eye. He is a thief that I am sure can’t even zip his fly without Kamala’s direction

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