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Boebert’s Gun Wall

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) attended a House committee meeting by Zoom and, evidently, the guns on the shelves behind her upset a few folks.

Rep. Lauren Boebert

As reported by, “If the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns did nothing else, they showed us just how unhinged some people are about guns. After all, while it might be understandable if people are nervous if guns are physically present with them, we’ve seen a number of people freak out about the mere visual of a gun on a video stream like a Zoom meeting.

Nevermind that at this time there are absolutely no rounds that can be fired from someone’s home, travel through the internet and strike a person on the other end of a video stream. Reality plays no factor in these hysterics.

The latest person to run afoul of this insane sense of decorum? Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado…

“I mean, the idea that a pro-gun member of Congress might have firearms is just so terrible!!! <Insert eye roll here>

“Honestly, this is beyond ridiculous. Boebert wasn’t on the floor of Congress. She was in a private office, apparently at her home. However, the problem for some is that anti-gunners can’t handle the mere appearance of a firearm in private hands. They’re fine with them in movies, of course, but that’s different. That’s Hollywood and they love them some Hollywood.

“But Boebert’s firearms represent no threat to absolutely anyone.

“For some, though, Boebert’s firearms were a prop, a shrine, apparently something placed there just to make a point.”

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Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you have any problem with Rep. Lauren Boebert having guns behind her as she attends a meeting by Zoom? Why or why not?

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