BOMBSHELL: Biden Not Trusted By National Security Team

Joe Biden

( – Leaked documents have revealed that the US National Security Council had concerns President Joe Biden could accidentally disrupt an ammunition shipment to Ukraine, which has been fending off an invasion by Putin’s Russia for over a year now.

According to the classified papers of the US Department of Defense, Biden could cause damage to Ukraine’s munition supplies by making a premature phone call to South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol, The Daily Caller reported.

The leaked records dated to early March show that National Security Council (NSC) officials thought a Biden conversation with Yoon that might come too early could interfere with Pentagon’s efforts to secure the ammunition badly needed by Ukraine.

More than 100 pages of classified US government documents, which are alleged to be authentic, were leaked last month on multiple social media channels. The initial leak is claimed to have been traced to a Minecraft group on Discord.

The alleged confidential papers were partly removed from social media, but several news outlets have acquired them.

While the Biden administration has launched an official investigation into the matter, there have been expert reports that at least some of the leaked records were falsified or doctored, possibly by Russian intelligence, as they concerned Moscow’s war against Ukraine.

US ally South Korea has supported Ukraine with non-lethal aid supplies almost since the start of the war. However, it also has a policy of restricting weapon supplies to countries directly involved in an armed conflict.

According to the leaked papers, South Korean officials, such as Foreign Affairs Secretary Yi Mun-hui, were worried about the “end-user” of any ammunition provided to the United States. Thus, they considered first changing their country’s policy on arms exports before supplying the artillery ammunition in question.

The National Security Council “was reportedly also worried that the US President would call South Korean President Yoon Sun-yeol directly” before the South Korean side was prepared to hold a leader-to-leader discussion about the ammunition supplies meant for Ukraine, the report reveals, citing the leaked papers.

When asked about the revelations from the classified documents, the NSC referenced two press briefings held by US security officials on Monday.

During the press briefings, NSC spokesman John Kirby and a spokesperson for the US Defense Department said the US government was communicating with America’s allies implicated in the leaked papers. However, they did not offer any details.

South Korea’s government has reacted to the intelligence leak by insisting that the US take “appropriate measures.”

The South Korean officials also claimed that a “considerable amount” of the information in the papers was fabricated.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol is scheduled to make an official state visit to Washington later in April.