BOMBSHELL: Cocaine Found In White House – New Details

( – An “unknown item” whose discovery forced an evacuation of Biden’s White House on Sunday night has turned out to be cocaine.

The White House was evacuated at 8:45 pm over the discovery of a white powder substance, with emergency workers in hazmat suits performing a field test identifying it as cocaine, The Washington Times reports.

The evacuation was canceled later on Sunday night. The First Family was not at the White House then as President Joe Biden and his family, including Hunter Biden, had gone to Camp David on Friday. They returned to the capitol on Tuesday.

Secret Service agents found the suspicious substance in a section of the West Wing visited by tour groups, AP reports. The Secret Service has sent the find for additional testing.

The fact that the substance tested positive for cocaine was revealed by a dispatch call quoted by The New York Post.

“We have a yellow bar stating cocaine hydrochloride. Bag it up and take it out,” a DC firefighter told the Hazmat at 8:49 pm EST on Sunday, per the quoted radio communication.

The initial dispatch call said the cocaine was discovered in the library on the ground floor of the White House.

However, unnamed officials subsequently revealed the alleged cocaine stash was encountered in the West Wing’s holding area, which is accessible to both staffers and guests.

The Secret Service told the Post that it “does not comment on an active investigation.” Its spokesman Anthony Guglielmi issued a statement later saying the additional tests would confirm whether the discovered substance was cocaine.

The news outlet points out First Son Hunter Biden’s “past crack cocaine addiction,” noting that he was “part of the family party that returned to Washington from the presidential retreat for July 4 festivities later in the day.”

Reports about the White House cocaine find led conservative pundits to mock the Bidens on social media.

“The story about a bag of cocaine found in the president’s library is about a fathers [sic] love for his son,” tweeted Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller.

Later, an NBC News report cited sources claiming the cocaine was found in a “dime-sized bag” inside a “storage facility cubby.”