BOMBSHELL: DeSantis Is Going To Do WHAT?

Ron DeSantis

( – HAPPENING NOW: Tomorrow, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will announce he is running for the presidency and will indeed challenge his fellow Republican, Donald Trump.

It’s how and where DeSantis will make the announcement which is gaining the most attention.

DeSantis will announce his bid for the presidency during an online event on Twitter Spaces, hosted by the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk. This information was confirmed by an insider close to DeSantis.

The event, which NBC News reported first, is scheduled for 6 p.m. Following the announcement, DeSantis will formally declare his candidacy to the Federal Election Commission. He then plans to spend two days in Miami raising campaign funds. The official commencement of his campaign will occur later in his hometown of Dunedin, Florida.

Opinion polls have consistently positioned DeSantis, aged 44, as the primary competitor to ex-President Donald Trump, aged 76. However, these same polls typically give Trump a lead in the double digits over his nearest rival.

Anticipating DeSantis’s potential challenge, Trump has critiqued him for a perceived lack of loyalty, dismissing him as an “average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations.” More recently, Trump echoed left-leaning sentiments, accusing DeSantis of creating “a wake of destruction” in Florida. DeSantis’s political action committee, Never Back Down, responded to this criticism by offering to assist Trump in moving to California.

Karoline Leavitt, a representative for Trump’s super PAC, Make America Great Again, Inc., labeled DeSantis’ event with Musk as “one of the most out-of-touch campaign launches in modern history.” She further criticized DeSantis’s after-party at a high-end resort in Miami.

Leavitt further claimed, “Everyday [sic] more and more Americans are realizing just how out of step Ron DeSantis is with their values and how unelectable he really is.” She cited his voting history, including his support of a national sales tax and his vote against funding for Trump’s wall, as evidence of DeSantis’s unpreparedness for the presidency. She asserted that Trump, in contrast, is ready to reverse destructive policies and reinstate American greatness.

DeSantis has been in the public eye since his slim victory in Florida’s gubernatorial race in 2018. He has made headlines with his aggressive approach to divisive cultural issues, from COVID-19 vaccine mandates to education on gender and sexuality in schools. This approach resonated with Florida voters, who re-elected him with a nearly 20-point lead over his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, last November.

Recently, DeSantis has openly pondered his potential presidential future. Speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando, he discussed possible future Supreme Court appointments, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a conservative majority on the bench.

An impressive fundraising total bolsters DeSantis’s presidential run, with his campaign and related political action committees having amassed over $110 million in donations. In contrast, Trump’s MAGA Inc. had a much smaller $55 million cash reserve at the end of last year.

Unlike Trump, who, due to the 22nd Amendment, can’t run for the presidency more than twice, DeSantis has the potential for two consecutive presidential terms should he be successful in his 2024 bid.