BOMBSHELL: Hunter a ‘Foreign Agent’?!

( – Notorious First Son Hunter Biden’s legal troubles might be just starting as, besides tax and gun indictments, he could also face severe charges for failing to register as a foreign agent, a report informs.

The possibility that Hunter Biden could be slapped with the same type of charges that led to the jailing of some associates of President Donald Trump was revealed during the first son’s court hearing on Wednesday.

The hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, saw the demise of Hunter’s probation-only plea deal due to a disagreement between the prosecution and his lawyers and an ultimate rejection by US District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Hunter Biden hadn’t registered as a foreign agent before conducting seemingly profitable business dealings in Communist China, Ukraine, and Romania, among other countries, while his father was vice president, The Washington Times points out.

The judge forced federal prosecutors to admit that Hunter Biden was under investigation for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and would remain so despite the plea deal.

Adopted in 1938, FARA requires anyone working to influence the US government or the public to register as a foreign agent with the US Justice Department.

Assistant US prosecutor Leo Wise, who acknowledged Hunter Biden was being investigated under FARA, didn’t give up details about the probe or allegedly specific violations.

His revelation is deemed vital as some legal pundits had commented that the DOJ might not have launched an actual FARA probe against the first son and might have only that option as a bargaining chip for the plea deal.

The report notes there were few FARA prosecutions before 2016, after which the feds charged several Trump associates under it: campaign manager Paul Manafort, inaugural committee chairman Tom Barrack, and national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Manafort was sentenced in a plea deal on multiple charges to 73 months in prison, including the FARA violation maximum of 60 months. He was released in less than two years and was pardoned by Trump in December 2020.

Barrack spent three days in jail in 2021 before being acquitted, while Flynn, accused of lobbying for Turkey, didn’t serve any time.