BOMBSHELL: Women and Independents Breaking toward GOP

( – Two crucial groups of US voters – independents and women – are increasingly shifting to the Republican Party with only three weeks before the midterm elections, a new poll has found.

Since mid-September, substantial numbers of independent and female voters have broken towards the GOP on the generic ballot, the new public opinion survey by The New York Times and Siena College has shown.

Its results indicated that over the 30 days before the poll, support for Republicans grew by nine points among independents, 13 points among women, and 32 points in the cross-section demographic of independent women.

Thus, the GOP presently has a ten-point lead on the Democratic Party among independents and an 18-point lead among independent women.

The NYT/Siena poll surveyed 792 registered voters between October 9 and October 12 and has a margin of error of four percentage points.

The poll results indicate that the sky-high inflation and particularly soaring grocery store prices are the main factors causing independents and female voters to shift towards the Republican Party, Breitbart News wrote in a report.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis, it pointed out that inflation is “most visible” at the grocery store and that 80% of mothers describe themselves as their households’ primary shoppers.

Last week, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics said grocery prices had increased by 13% over the past year. In September alone, the cost of food at home went up by 0.6% compared with August.

The latest US government data showed that the US Core Consumer Price Index (CPI), which excludes energy and food prices as the most volatile ones, spiked by 6.6% year-on-year.

“That is the highest rate of core inflation since 1982, surpassing the recent 6.4 percent highs hit in February and March,” the report noted.

A recent study by the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, DC-based conservative think-tank, estimated that family income in the United States is down by $6,000 after adjusting for inflation. An earlier estimate had calculated the real income decline at $4,200.

“People are just absolutely being crushed,” commented Heritage fellow E.J. Antoni, as cited by Fox News.

“It’s not the price of caviar and yachts that are driving these numbers. It’s necessities, it’s staples. It’s things like eggs, milk, flour, soup. These are things that are up 20 or 30 percent year-over-year,” the researcher added.

The American voters are increasingly blaming the staggering inflation on the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden.

Another recent poll discovered that only 27% of independent voters approved of how Biden has managed the US economy, while 66% said he had “somewhat” or “strongly” mismanaged it.