Border Rancher Who Killed Mexican National Charged With Murder?!?

George Alan Kelly

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The following report is based on reporting by Breitbart News.

An elderly rancher living near the Arizona-Mexico border has been charged with murder following the shooting of a Mexican national on the rancher’s property.

The incident took place on January 30th, and police have confirmed that George Alan Kelly, 73, is the individual responsible for the death of 48-year-old Gabriel Cuen-Butimea.

Kelly is in jail with a $1 million bond, charged with first-degree murder.

According to the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office, detectives are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Cuen-Butimea.

There is no evidence that Kelly knew the deceased, and the sheriff’s office stated that Kelly made no statement to the police.

An attorney represents Kelly, but attempts by Breitbart Texas to reach out for more information were unsuccessful.

At the moment, the immigration status of the decedent is unknown, as the authorities have not released any information on the matter.

It remains unclear why Cuen-Butimea was on the ranch at the time of the shooting or if he had just crossed the border. No weapons belonging to the deceased were found at the scene.

Chief Deputy Gerardo Castillo stated that there usually is very little violence associated with migrants crossing through the area. Still, he could not reveal any other details about the shooting due to the ongoing investigation.

One anonymous neighbor told KOLD 13 News that Kelly had had issues with people on his property before this incident but believed that Kelly acted in good faith.

Kelly is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Wednesday, where more information is expected to be disclosed. Castillo stated the charges against Kelly could change as additional information becomes available.