Breaking: 26,000 Illegals in ONE Week

( – 26,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in less than a week at one part of the southern border of the United States of America, while Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been putting illegals on buses and sending them back to Mexico, defying the official policy of President Joe Biden to welcome as many of them as may care to arrive.

In the six-day period, which ended on July 9, the Customs and Border Patrol agents in the Texas area apprehended 26,000 Third World illegals at five key sections of the US-Mexican border.

Those are the Del Rio sector, the Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, Laredo, and Big Bend. Del Rio alone was responsible for 12,000 out of the total number, including 10,000 in the town of Eagle Pass, Breitbart News reported citing US government documents that it has seen.

The second “busiest” section in terms of the number of apprehended illegals was the Rio Grande Valley.

Forty thousand illegal immigrants were caught along the entire Southern Border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific between July 3 and July 9. The five Texas border sectors were responsible for more than half of that.

The documents show that some 70% of the captured illegals were single adults, primarily male and that 65% of them were allowed by the Biden administration to remain in the United States.

That has occurred as the administration keeps trying to kill Title 42, the measure adopted under President Donald Trump, which allows illegals to be expelled for pandemic and public health concerns. That has been the case despite the fact that a federal judge recently stopped the administration from lifting the measure.

The increasingly “open-door” policy of Biden, which has the Southern Border on the verge of ceasing to exist for all practical purposes, and a deluge of illegal immigrants arriving daily, has come as Texas Governor Abbott has been using the state resources to carry out a crackdown on the influx of illegals.

Last week, Abbott issued an executive order telling the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to capture illegals and send them back to the border.

Even so, the efforts of the Lone Star state are yet to make a substantial impact.

Under Biden, the US has received at least 3 million illegals, and 1 million have been set free inside the country. The number of those who have sneaked in undetected during that period is estimated at hundreds of thousands.