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Breaking: As of Now, Trump Is Running

BREAKING NOW: As of this moment, former President Donald Trump will run for president in 2024. The report comes from CNN and is based on multiple sources who’ve spoken with Trump.

According to multiple people familiar with Trump’s current habits, who requested anonymity to speak freely to CNN about the former President’s day-to-day focus, his stated goal — barring impact from ongoing criminal investigation — is to run for president again, in 2024.” [emphasis added]

For more, go to the complete article at CNN.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Trump will be a candidate for president in 2024? Do you want him to be a candidate?


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    He has my vote. What a guy, hope he will win. We can then feel like our country has a chance, to prosper. Otherwise we will become a third world country. I can go on and on, but I wount. All of you, know what I’d say.

  2. Daniel Stewart says:

    I voted for Donald Trump twice. I will proudly vote for him again.

  3. Charles Larson says:

    Verna, sweetheart, does Trump know about your silly love affair you have with him? He’s not exactly a faithful husband, you know. You’re loyalty to him may seem admirable until you think about his “loyalty” to you and the American people. HA HA, RIGHT. He’s presently planning to move to his own island retreat probably because he knows the state of New York is hot on his butt investigating him for Fraud on taxes and his business deals and the IRS finally is investigating it all, too, since he evaded paying taxes for decades, according to some of his critics via fraud and declaring bank- ruptcy 4 times, incredibly enough. We’ll see what happens, but has Trump invited you to his island for his house-warming party? Will the N.Y. D.O.J. or the IRS be able to touch him or PENALIZE HIM? His island is probably out of their jurisdiction to do anything to him.

  4. Donna Wickings says:

    I don’t whatch CNN it doesn’t not work for me I have never liked CNN and will not allow it on my TV just like f book twitter or eny other social media

  5. Sandra Callaway says:


  6. Verna L Hart says:

    America needs President Trump. The American people need PresidentTrump. You Trump haters can go to Hell, and take the Democraps and the Swamp with you. You do notdeserveto be called American. Just look at what your puppet Biden/Harris has done to our country? You voted for the pussy and look at what you got. Biden lied just to get you asses to vote for him and you piss and moan. So shut the hell up! You idiots got just what you asked for. Questions for you asses-did you get that 2000.00 stimulus check? Did the pipeline get built? Are we self reliant as far as gas oil and energy? Well guess what you assholes who voted for old Dementia Joe, take him home with you cause hes not welcome in my house, President Trumps house or Gods house. I hope you all choke! Look what your ass of a President has done since hes been in office. Do you honestly think he gives a shit about YOU? KEEP GUESSING YOU ASSES! At least President Trump was for the people and willing to uphold the constitution. Hes not destroying jobs and letting illegals run in our country. He enforced the law
    We had police, we had security, we had Congress and Senators at one time who upheld their constitutional duties. Now we have Dumocraps, Pissy Pelosi, CROOKED Senate and Crooked Congress and no police. No Ice, No border wall. I hope you dumbasses are happy. You idiots President Elect can’t even make a sentence without looking at a post card he Carrie’s or some of his puppet string holders telling him what to say. Hell his own team as he calls you are upset with him
    Pretty Damn Sad! Purely Pathetic if you ask me.

    • Gail says:

      I feel the same way you do we need President Trump back we hope that we survived a short amount of time with this horrible Biden and Harris and that piece of shit people that’s in the white out

    • Jennie Sue Dellinger says:

      You go girl Tell it like it is but most of them cannot see the forest for the trees. They are waiting to be tot to think say and do and

    • Charles Larson says:

      Verna, do you honestly think Trump gives a damn about YOU? I don’t hate him, I dislike him, he’s caused too much trouble and division in the last few months alone. I did not vote for Biden. I’ll still support him and advise him as I see fit to do. I have the White House’s email address. Why is Trump running away from the USA?

  7. Jim Best says:

    Yws, I would love to see President Trump run for his 3rd term in 2024. He is STILL the P.O.T.U.S. now.

  8. TJ says:

    Best news so far this year. Only thing bad about this is we have to wait four yrs. By that time how much damage will Joe & Kamala with the support of the left
    have done??????? GOD help AMERICA!!!!!!

  9. DeeJay says:

    Couldn’t be Happier, “Trump 2024 Heal the Wounds”

  10. Susan says:

    That is incredible! Well have a president that cares about this country and its citizens again, putting us first over every person in every other country. Plus well have a President that can think clearly and function rationally. Having a President with a deteriorating condition is sad and dangerous. The stress of the job is obvious my advancing his condition faster. We should not be doing this to him…it seems like elder abuse to me. He should be enjoying his last years instead of working in such a tense, stressful job. To save his life and this country he should step down after 4 years. I feel badly for what our current President is being forced to walk thru with the majority of the country hating everything he puts into place. I’m afraid to say but he will go down as the #1 worst president this country has ever had. God bless him but also God bless President Trump and thank God if he wins.

  11. Becky says:

    Awesome now maybe we will have something to look forward to but he should be serving his second term right now and then in 2024 go for supreme Court Judge and get it straightened out like it should be or something even better!!! President Trump has my full support for whatever he chooses

  12. Charles Larson says:

    Great, the POOR LOSER TRUMP will run again for President in 2024. Woo- Hoo! I can’t wait! Really? That’s very funny, so that must be why he bought his private island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for $17+ million, “a fortified compound”. Barack Obama did the same recently, as has other wealthy Americans. That clearly is an alarming sign, even Bill Gates was reportedly looking to buy an island soon after Mark Zuckerberg did , too. What do they know and are afraid of happening in our country, folks? A Great Depression? A civil war? The collapse of our economy that “experts” predict is coming? Mass rioting and chaos from run-away inflation? The Fed is QE- ING NONSTOP like they did before the 2008 recession , only back then it was temporary. Our country is headed toward hell, they say and they seem bent on ensuring it does. Why would anyone want to be POTUS in the sinking- Titanic of the USA? So, these billionaires and former presidents have to have their own new worlds/homes AWAY FROM THE CHAOS AND HELL that they seem to believe is surely coming! What a world, baby. What cowards they all are, too. There can be no other greater cowards than these folks who helped create the mess of our economy while they oppressed the rest of AMERICANS.

    • Roy Westberg says:

      Trump will be president again. He bought that island probably because he thinks Bison will screw up our country so bad that he will have to escape to keep his family safe.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Roy, you may be more right than you know. Think about it, only let’s not be dumb enough to put it All on Biden while he’s barely been on the job as POTUS for over a month, for God’s sake. Texas was hit hard by a freezing snow storm that stopped their oil production while the supply was already dwindling, in addition to Biden’s cancellation of the Pennsylvania pipeline that Congress needs to fight him for keeping. Biden is not the Dictator- in -Chief , except IF Congress and We The People LET HIM BE THAT. Biden seems to be counting on the future of electric-powered cars soon replacing our gasoline powered cars and it creating a million more jobs, the problem is it can’t happen soon enough while our country is going to hell. Maybe you and I and others need to and should talk some serious sense into Biden about keeping up our oil and energy independence , because I’m not going to be quiet and brainless about it, screaming for TRUMP in 2024 when that’s too late for policy changes and Trump could well run away to his island retreat permanently real soon, as it is.

  13. ronnie sampson says:

    Didn’t take long for gas prices to start going up after this dictatorship took office. Trump was one of the best we had in decades. Just because he wasn’t a puppet and this brainwashed generation that is coming up now didn’t like his tweets they put this buffoon in office. Trump did all he could to try and make us great and protect us guess Gump was right stupid is what stupid does.

    • Gail says:

      Saw BIDEN today on TV in Texas he is in really bad shape I really don’t think it’s gonna be that long before that half you know what gets in to be president someone needs to do something before it’s too late and before they bring that bitch I’ll

  14. Trump running for President is an interesting phenom..he is a Voice NOT the Singular Voice but a racket maker in a shuffle of a herd of noise makers.. sometimes he get’s it right.. Others.. not so good.. but when someone with the gift of showmanship wants to stay in the show if done with integrity can keep the replacement in line of anything possibly illegal stupid or self-defeating Even of their very own proclaimed agenda.. chat away Donald but unbenost to you the Republican Party has enough room for slight differences of interpretative governance we do not fear ala difference..Other potential candidates and voices from the Senate.. States.. Security and Private Industry will also be speaking and acting in the favor of the Republican Party’s best interests .. Don’t forget to honor the promise to Melania and Ivana to travel to their homelands.. show equal lady respect..

  15. AJ says:

    President Trump first should run for congress, rep it senator. This will give him direct contact in moving policies and stopping communism. And he will be in the public’s eye daily. This will show that he is for America. He will also create pressure to investigate the voter election fraud coup treason in congress. No chance of being elected with those A cheating voting machines and democrate election clerks. Same game creates the same results. This situation is about to explode into violence by some event soon. And it will escalate into a civil war. These democrat communist traitors will continue the fraud, deception, lying, cheating, pork bills, destruction of our rights and governing by executive orders. If you want your country back be prepared to join in the and support removing these treasonist traitors. Or resolve to be a communist slave. You will not get a second chance to save our country. Meanwhile, I trust President Trump to do something soon. Especially removing those rinos from every getting any support. The best to all patriots.

    • Ann says:

      I think you’re on target. Becoming a congressman first will give insight to what he’s battling.

    • Gail says:

      Trump Got lots of things under his sleeveHe’s not going to just sit down and let the Democrats fuck him anymore can you wait and see what he’s capable of love and everybody who turned on him it’s gonna be sorry to

    • Charles Larson says:

      AJ , Donald Trump is not the President anymore , he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden and Trump is in fact planning to move out to his new island in the middle of the Atlantoc Ocean. He bought it for that obvious reason. He might pretend he’s still interested in politics, I think he’s teasing us all and playing a game because he gets off on the attention and pretending he’s in charge of the republican party.

  16. David Smith says:

    As much as I disagree with Holly she has the right to speak her mind and not be abused for her thoughts isn’t that what this country was started with free speech But we must have free elections this last one was a scam Sad but all the wrong people were in the right place to pull it off. This government is out of control and so are the people

  17. Trump shouldn’t be running for President in 2024, he should be leaving office in 2024. Candice Owens should be running for President, in 2024.🇺🇸

  18. miha says:

    We should not have to wait till 2024 for Trump to be voted in again he is president right now and should be sitting in that seat right now!! Many whom are illegal in the peoples house should be instantly tried for treason, why has it not been done ???? You all do not understand that we are under control of the world communist government that does not allow for another election period. Seems to me there is lack of intelligence on so called Americans. It also seems no one cared when these non-Americans that were sworn in on anything but the bible, ect; ect; ect:::::::

  19. donald stevens says:

    Yes,go for it President Trump I support you 100, percent.Destroy the Democrates thay all have lost their minds.Yes I don’t trust CNN ln anything thay say thay are communist with the other news media.

  20. Laura says:




  21. Sam B. says:

    WAIT A MINUTE EVERYBODY….is this really true?!?! Let’s remember “CNN & their sources r reporting this!” LOL.
    Until WE hear it from President Trump HIMSELF…I’m not buying in to this or anything the obviously corrupt, biased, double standard, fake un-news cnn & other media networks say. Now having said that..I think President Trump will b a candidate in 2024…& I totally hope he does run. Hell yes!! The direction the psycho-socialist party & their front man “executive orders & chief..Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden” r currently taking the country with ALL their unhinged ideas, views & America SECOND agenda…we r gunna need a Commander & Chief with a SPINE to dig us back out of this nonsense. A president that gets positive results for the country while respecting/upholding our great constitution & bill of rights. Trump is tested, tried, true..& without a doubt PROVEN. The haters & naysayers out their can whine all they want…President Trump got positive results for the country & wasn’t told to b nice…all the while dealing with nonstop obstructions from the socialists.
    I’m a registered barely left leaning/very moderate Democrat that knows dozens of others. As patriots I/we bailed out on that titanic un-American radical left party a few years ago. Their policies/ideals r unhinged & destructive..”off the reservation.” Just look what’ they’ve ALREADY done!
    To think how well the country was doing at the time the China virus hit was truly amazing. Thanks to operation warp speed we r in the midst of digging out of that China virus crap..& now unfortunately being sabotaged by the psychotic socialist administration!! Pathetic. Unbelievable.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Lol Preach Sam! So true yet sad. The Biden administration has gone off the deep end. Stopped building the border wall…immigration nonsense…shut down building the keystone pipeline..threatening other energy industries…destroying thousands of high paying career job with NO immediate backup…1.9 trillion “emergency covid-19 relief package” where LESS THAN 10% of the “emergency” package goes towards all covid-19!! So much of this “emergency covid-19 package” doesn’t pay out till late 2022 & beyond. “Emergency ?!?!” Less than 10% actually goes towards COVID?! Sam..Completely agree. We must have a president that is strong & has a backbone! The lunatic socialists gotta go!

  22. Samuel Sherrill Kent says:

    Absolutely, Trump should run for the presidency in 2024. The statistical scientific evidence PROVES that he should be president now.

    I refer you to the highly scientific and statistically valid publication entitled, “Anomalies in Vote Counts and their Effects on Election 2020.” 42 electoral votes were stolen from the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia by dumping fraudulent Biden votes into the system over a 5-hour period in the early AM of November 4. 20 Electoral votes of Pennsylvania were stolen in similar fashion.

    “Anomalies in Vote Counts and their Effects on Election 2020” is a scientific, statistical paper, which I understand with my background. Scroll down to the Table. Of 8,954 vote uploads of Trump-Biden tallies the 10 most anomalous concerned the 42 Electoral votes which were stolen in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia, and given to Biden. The democrats blocked republican observers in the early AM of November 4 and uploaded statistically impossible votes for Biden. It is all summarized in that one Table. You must be a statistician or smart and patient to understand the 13 or 14 figures. It took me 3 readings. Forget all the other trivial cheating like thousands of dead voters and illegal voting by those outside of a district. Those 42 votes alone gave Trump the election, and I have not even considered the circumstances surrounding Pennsylvania and the 288,000 ballots that were illegally transported from NY to PA and then disappeared (witness Jesse Morgan, truck driver). Those ballots were uploaded surreptitiously in Pennsylvania for an additional 20 electoral votes for Biden. As recorded, Trump took 85% of all counties across the US. Five improbable vote dumps in three cities: Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia gave Biden the presidency. They were improbable and excessive for Biden in not reflecting the demographics and history of prior elections. In many counties of the contested states the voter turnout exceeded the number of registered voters – in one case by 350%, many in excess of 100%. And there is a mass of other statistical improbabilities. An example: The coattails went to Trump, which is improbable when the main leader fails to win. Enough! You will probably not examine the evidence, but in my mind and the minds of many informed statisticians, Biden is an illegitimate president, a usurper, and the democrats staged a coup, which is shameful for this nation. These truths cannot be repressed and will come forth in publications and resound down through history.

  23. Annie Gray says:

    I ABSOLUTELY want him for president in 2024. I totally support him. His flag is still proudly flying in my yard. God Bless Donald Trump & his family. And God Bless America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Vernon Baker says:

    Trump was the best president we have ever had sometimes he was not to presidential in his natural state but he got every done that he promiest before he got elected four years ago.

    • Catherine VanDamme says:

      Yes indeed, he is a rough version of the United States President…but, who said he should be anyone but who he is? He didn’t lie… Agree that he fulfilled every promise he made! What a President he was/is and thankful for him! Would love to see him President again and praying for that daily!

  25. Tim T. says:

    Trump was a great President but I don’t think he should run again. We all should have learned a lesson about how the media, social media, the Democrats and the billionaires that got Biuden elected. Trump running would divide the party and assure a Democrat would get elected in 2024. He would do better to get behind a candidate who would bring the entire Republican Party together.

  26. Shirley W Kulchinsky says:

    Awesome – so glad to hear this. He will have to redo everything he did the first time because our current president undid everything we all worked for. Such a shame and a waste of time to elect Joe Biden. He set us back and made life more difficult for sooooo many people. Start with the pipeline – lostjobs – and on and on!!!!

  27. Carol W says:

    I would be delighted if Trump would run in 2024 BUT I would want him to be a little less crude with his speeches. That is what turned many against him. He can do so much more for our country if he tones down his aggressive speech. Barreling through gets it done….once. Afraid he won’t be supported for that. Of course if Biden keeps running this country down it will be an easy win.

  28. Keith Clark says:

    The Voting Machines must be eliminated.
    The cheaters must be brought to justice.
    Otherwise Biden gets 120 million votes from the Cellar of the White House.

    • sunflowers and Daisy's says:

      Totally have to do away with all voting machines. In person or absentee ballots go to your local courthouse. With ID and verified signature when voting. Also police to guard and people to watch the voting.

  29. Sam says:

    YES, WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK WHERE HE RIGHTFULLY SHOULD BE NOW! I hope we still have a country by 2024 and won’t be the United States of China thanks to Biden. If we survive and can still have elections in 2022, we MUST make sure we have secure elections! Each voter MUST be verified! No more sending mass ballots out to dead people etc.! We MUST have more conservative volunteers working at the polls and all workers MUST obey the rules! And MOST OF ALL, REPUBLICANS MUST GET OUT AND VOTE!! We MUST get those crazed socialist communist democRats out of power!

  30. Holly says:

    I’m so glad you will take me off this site. I am so disappointed in the opinions herein.

    • RON KNOX says:


    • Robert Ingram says:

      Holly, if you are a low intelligent liberal, and I assume you are, then please get off. You cannot provide one country in this world where liberalism has been successful! I realize leftist are very low intelligent and will continue to elect half wits time and time again. How any person can believe man can control the climate is beyond reasoning. God has stated in the Bible he destroyed the earth once with water and it would never be destroyed by water again. He provided fossil elements and fuels for our comfort and ignorant leftist low intelligent half wits want to rid the earth of these resources.

  31. Bev says:

    We need Trump in the WH “NOW” !!! The new residents need to be removed immediately! They are supposed to work “FOR” Americans, not against us! They are working against all of us. They are attempting to take over our country! Why can’t we have them removed and arrested for endangering the lives of all citizens? They have emptied the prisons of killers, rapists, human traffickers….etc. Border cities are being over run by illegals without checking for illness, disease or criminal status. We are no longer safe in our own homes in our own country. Our children have been brainwashed against us. And to top it off, we are paying for them to do all of this to ourselves! WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO LET THIS DISASTER CONTINUE !!! I pray GOD shows us the way to defeat Satan! God bless us, keep us safe. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Robin says:

      You couldn’t of made it more clear someone needs to stand up to theses people, we need to request them out of office, every American needs to sign a petition in each state to get theses no good people out before they completley destroy
      America they must be a way, and with out violence!

  32. James Kraft says:

    That is fantastic news trump 2024 our country will be great again! But we have to stop the illegal voting and right in ballots he got screwed in this last election!

  33. Louise says:

    Trump running in 2024 would be the answer to all our prayers. He was the best president we’ve ever had. The group we have in office now is nothing but a big joke. It’s almost like watching a SciFi movie.

  34. Holly Rose says:

    trump won’t be running for long if the powers that be should give him a heart attack electronically. The way he eats fast food burgers that wouldn’t be hard. I often wonder why that hasn’t been done yet.

  35. Sic&Tired says:

    Sure Glad that Donald Trump is considering Running for President again in 2024.
    I would want him to Win Big…..And – Then get started in “Putting those Stupid Democrats”…. Back into their Places.!! Hopefully, the Republicans will take back the House and the Senate in 2022 and the Republicans can begin Cleaning of the Crap….That the Democrats are Spewing Out All Over…So, Trump can put the Finishing Touches to the Crazies.!! Go Trump and Sure Wish the Best for a Man, who Only wants what is Good for the American People ……..AND NOT LIKE THE DAMN DEMOCRATS and WANT WHAT THEIR STUPID, SELFISH BEINGS WANT.!!! It is Pathetic.! They Are Pathetic.!!!

  36. Claude says:

    Yes, he should run in 2024 and he will carry California, mark my words! That is if he works at it a little bit. That plum is ripe for the taking. I expect a “New Contract with Americans” similar to what Newt Gingrich did so successfully in the 80s, to ensure that MAGA is a complete success and an uncontestable landslide victory in 2024

  37. Tim b says:

    I think he should run for a SENTATE Seat or something like a HOUSE seat that way he can get in sooner, TRUMP would have more power sooner then he can run 2024 as President ?

  38. How many naive people are around. 2024, what are you talking about??? I’m not even sure 2022!!!!! This one destroyed almost everything in a month that President Trump took 4 years. Until 2024 there will be nothing left of America. It will be communist. No one will change laws, no one will change election machines, fraud and theft of. votes will be repeated. And also illegal immigrants. He will launch so many of them here and give citizenship that it will not be necessary to steal votes. Stop dreaming and take off your rose-coloured glasses. If nothing is done now, it will never be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Larry Houser says:

      I think in 2022 when the Republicans take over the Senate and The House he should be Specker of The House then run in 2024.He will win in a fare Election by a landslide!!!!!!!!!

    • That is why I trust in the Lord, NOT government!

    • Jollee says:

      We are running out of time do not believe waiting until 2022 that we can salvage the damage done. Who is going to stop election fraud again

    • Robin says:

      I kinda feel the same way, They are going after everything they need to be stopped but how can we stop this, it may be too late already thanks to the people wanting everything for free, ya it sounded great to them, but they didn’t realize they lied to them NOTHINGS FREE NOW WE WILL BE LIKE CHINA, NO RIGHTS AT ALL, JUST WORKERS TO MAKE THEM RICH (GOV’T) EVERYONE WILL BE FLEEING, especially if they get their way!

    • Craig says:

      Your right!!!!

  39. That’s our president

  40. Tammy says:


  41. James says:

    Trump Train 2024, All Aboard.

  42. John Rodriguez says:

    Praise God, have been praying for that to happen you go Trump when the going gets tough the tough get going.

  43. Samuel Vance says:

    Nancy Pelosi and her socialist country have tried everything from impeachment to rigging the 2020 election to defeat President Trump and the only success they had was rigging the 2020 President election. But the know that come 2022 election they will lose so many seats in the house and senate that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck SCHUMER won’t be in charge of anything or maybe dog catcher but the 74 million that voted for Trump will vote the democrats out of control of anything.

  44. Jean Berry says:

    YAY! This gives me hope again!

  45. Roger says:

    yes he schould run he is the only president that ever did anything for the average man. he sure would be better than that stupid biden the crook.

  46. RONALD PARKS says:

    I believe President Trump will run, and Yes, I want him to run. However, I think he needs to start a new party if the RINOs can’t be purged from the Republican party.

  47. Kathy says:

    I liked the idea of him running for Congress in 2022

  48. David Smith says:

    your not alone mrs Carter I am 65 and the change in this country is insane and sad When I grew up we never locked our doors now you need an armed body guard to walk down the street I am moving out of this country as soon as I can I have a Russian fiancé and her daughter that want to move with me. I wish you luck Mrs carter and God bless you and your family I fear America is already lost to the devil Americans will talk and write about doing something about the government and it’s problems but they will not do anything about it Now id you are black it is OK to burn riot rape and kill white women and politicians will be on your side. And cops now are scared to even give parking tickets. Sad country

  49. Stacey says:

    Love Trump but what’s the point if election fraud isn’t fixed.

  50. Mary Moncrief says:

    TRUMP is still our PRESIDENT USA yes 2024

  51. Mary says:

    God help us they had the opportunity to impeach him but the cowards did not now suffer the consequences
    To late

  52. David says:

    I’m a huge Trump fan but not surprised or saddened by this. Trump is our party leader now and he will be able to do things for this country as a civilian that he wouldn’t be able to do as president.

  53. Mary Carter says:

    I have no idea and hopefully I will not even be here then. I am 82 and if things get any worse my family is leaving this country. By 2024 there will not even be an America as we knew it. It is so far from my country that I do not recognize even an inch of this government. We have always hated and fought communism but I guess we just gave up. I didn’t, so I am leaving one way or the other. Hopefully, moving on to my Heavenly Father.

    • James Woodrow Fraley says:

      Where are you from? Ever heard of King James Peasant King actually Prince James? Going back to the old country. I heard a lot of people are doing that. I wonder what happens when recognized?

    • Samuel Sherrill Kent says:

      Hi Mary, I too am 82, and I suspect we would have a great conversation. And I bet too that you have had tough times sleeping, or just flat out worrying about the entire election fiasco. Both sides know it was stolen. I think Trump will come back in full force in 2024. I have a problem that could take me out before then, but I am not quite ready to go on to my Heavenly Father. When I get a good night’s rest, then will be the time. I do not know if messages are forwarded on this medium. First time I have written here, but,

      Wishing you well.


  54. Robert W says:

    Should run 2024, however, might think about running for Congress in 2022 and talk with Steve Bannon!!

    • ck says:

      They’ll both be in jail by then!

      • Joyce Schmidt says:

        You really think so? If their trying to get him on tax fraud, they will probably have a lot of lawyers to blame! He doesn’t do his own taxes!
        I will be so happy to have Biden gone! I don’t even think he reads what he signs! Someone else is calling the shots! Maybe even Obama, he can do all the nefarious things he might have liked to do when he was president, and they will all be blamed on Biden! There is someone that is totally a socialist running the Democrat Party! Telling everyone one what to do next!
        If we survive the next two years, and the Supreme Court does anything at all to correct the elections, maybe we can get Trump back in office with a compatible House and Senate!