BREAKING: Bye-Bye Christie (Video)

( – Not that it’s much of a surprise as he only got in the race to try to bash Donald Trump – but former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced he is dropping out of the contest for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Republican Party.

See a video of Christie’s bombshell announcement below!

Christie’s announcement about calling it quits came just before the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary occurred.

The former New Jersey governor had centered his campaign efforts in New Hampshire, home to the nation’s first primary on January 23.

“I’ve always said that if there came a point in time in this race where I couldn’t see a path to accomplishing that goal that I would get out, and it’s clear to me tonight that there isn’t a path for me to win the nomination, which is why I’m suspending my campaign tonight for president of the United States. It’s the right thing for me to do,” stated the former New Jersey governor.

“Because, I want to promise you this — I am going to make sure that in no way do I enable Donald Trump to ever be president of the United States again,” he added, speaking during a town hall event in Windham, New Hampshire.

The report points out that his decision to withdraw was influenced in part by pressure from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who wants the non-Trump faction of the Republican party to rally around Nikki Haley, former UN Ambassador.

Recently, Christie had intensified his criticism of Haley, especially after she declined to dismiss the possibility of serving as Trump’s vice president.

Despite Trump’s firm lead in both national and early nominating state polls, Haley has emerged as a strong contender in New Hampshire, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

She currently holds 29.3% support compared to Trump’s 43%, with Christie being the only other candidate to achieve double-digit support in the state.

In terms of campaign finance, Christie raised $5.4 million since launching his presidential bid in June, with $3.9 million cash on hand, as per the latest data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

This withdrawal is not Christie’s first in a Republican primary; he dropped out of the 2016 race following a sixth-place finish in New Hampshire, where he garnered only 7.4% of the vote. Subsequently, Christie endorsed Trump for president.