Breaking: Cops Ambushed and Shot / Baby Rescued


( – Breaking Now: Five police officers were shot and wounded by a man who ambushed and shot the first officer and then shot four more officers as they attempted to rescue a baby the suspect intentionally placed in the line of fire.

According to numerous sources, including this report by Newsmax:

Five Phoenix police officers were shot and wounded after responding to a report of gunfire inside a home early Friday, including four who were shot while trying to take a baby to safety, Police Chief Jeri Williams said…

“Williams said four of the five wounded officers were recovering from their gunshot wounds while the fifth was ‘seriously hurt but is on the road to recovery.'”

It appears the baby was used as a means to ambush the police further.

“The baby had been inside the home ‘and at some point was placed in a carrier and placed outside,’ Williams said.

“A video on KPNX-TV showed a man coming out of the home with a container, setting it down just outside the front door and then raising his hands to surrender while backing away from the house. The video then appeared to show gunfire as officers approached the doorway.”

We hope and pray all of the officers fully recover from their wounds, and we salute their incredible bravery.

This is a breaking news report.