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Breaking: Fauci Threatens Christmas Gatherings

( – It’s not even Halloween in the United States and yet Dr. Anthony Fauci,  the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joseph R. Biden, is already threatening that Americans may not be able for Christmas because of the coronavirus labeled COVID-19 by some and the Wuhan virus by others.

This Sunday morning, during an interview on the CBS News program, Face the Nation, Fauci was asked by program host Margaret Brennan whether Americans will be able to gather together as families this coming Christmas. In an answer that must have caused many viewers to spew their morning coffee in disbelief, Fauce told Brennan that it’s too soon to know.

There can be little doubt that an answer like that from Fauci is why he – and the Biden administration – has lost so much credibility and trust with Americans. Does anyone seriously believe that at a time when football stadiums are filled, and concerts are once again drawing thousands of attendees, that American families are not going to celebrate the most Christian holiday of all – the birth of Christ – with their friends and family?

It’s also unquestionable that statements like this one from Fauci this morning are why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – along with many other elected Democrats are plunging in the polls.

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