BREAKING: ‘Gay Superman’ Dead

( – After being announced and promoted with great fanfare, the gay Superman comic series has died a quick death, and it wasn’t kryptonite that led to the superhero’s demise.

Evidently and unsurprisingly, Americans have little interest in a “woke” comic series involving the Man of Steel.

As Breitbart News tells the tale in “DC Comics Cancels Gay Superman Comic Due to Dismal Sales“:

“DC Comics has announced the end of its woke “Superman: Son of Kal-El” series at New York Comic-Con as sales for the title continue to tank.

“The series, by writer Tom Taylor, was launched with great fanfare a year ago but has not stood the test of comic book sales. The series will end after only 18 issues, with its final new book hitting stands in December, according to Bounding Into Comics.

“Unfortunately for woke comics fans, DC’s bisexual Superman who fights climate deniers totally bombed in sales.” [emphasis added]

How bad was the “woke” series?

“The bisexual Superman title was so bad, it fell out of the top-selling 50 comics by its third issue.”

What is your reaction? Are you at all surprised that few Americans have any interest in a gay or bisexual Superman who fights climate deniers? Please share your thoughts and opinions by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.