Breaking: He’s Already Out of Jail?!?

Jussie Smollett

( – Happening Now: Last night, while the world focused on the war in Ukraine and President Joe Biden calling President Vladimir Putin of Russia a war criminal, Jussie Smollett walked out of jail after serving only one week of a five-month sentence.

As the Daily Wire notes:

“Convicted felon Jussie Smollett was ordered to be released from jail on Wednesday pending appeal of his 150-day sentence that went into effect last week for staging a hate crime hoax against himself and lying to law enforcement about it.

“‘The one-page order issued by the Illinois Appellate Court on Wednesday afternoon stated that Smollett was to be released from the Cook County Jail after signing a $150,000 recognizance bond, which would not require him to post any money,’ the Chicago Tribune reported. ‘The only explanation offered in the order was that Smollett has never been convicted of a violent offense and would have completed his sentence of incarceration well before his appeal is decided.'”

As one criminal law expert noted, for a man who yelled racism about his arrest, trial, and sentencing, Smollett sure is getting preferential treatment more akin to that of a Hollywood celebrity than of a felon who pulled off a massive hate crime hoax that wasted the time of law enforcement professionals for months.

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