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Breaking: Is Biden Taking the USA into War?

Breaking Now: On this Memorial Day weekend, President Joe Biden, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Military, is seriously considering military strikes against Iranian-backed forces inside Iraq. Is Biden about to initiate a war with Iran?


The Pentagon is planning to seek approval from President Joe Biden on strikes against Iranian-backed militias in Iraq, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation,” according to the Daily Caller.

Iraq’s Ain al-Asad airbase, which hosts U.S. forces, suffered from a rocket attack Monday. No one was hurt during the attack, a coalition spokesman told Reuters. This is the latest in a series of similar attacks over the past several weeks.

“‘The administration is looking hard at a broad range of responses to Shiite militia aggression against Americans in Iraq,’ one source with knowledge of the situation told the Daily Caller.

“The source noted that authorities have been in place since the strike against Gen. Qasem Soleimani — the former leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force — but require individual authorization for each strike at the directive of the president.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted.

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