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Breaking: Ivanka Will Not Run

Breaking Now: Disappointing her millions of supporters, Ivanka Trump has told Sen. Marco Rubio that she will not challenge him and run for the Senate in Florida next year.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Would you like Ivanka Trump to run for national office someday? Why or why not?


  1. Sam B. says:

    I live in Florida & like most Floridians I/we r very happy so far with the job Marco Rubio has done & is doing. He’s strong. I don’t know much about the outlooks & ideals Ivanka has but we all know as we’ve heard when she speaks…she definitely has a SPINE like her father..however mite b just a little more tactful than he was lol. I hope some day she does consider running for office. Like her father she has her head screwed on straight. She’s strong, has a SPINE, pro America & America first etc etc. we need more people like her & her father in office! We MUST start focusing on our country..our citizens..our issues FIRST….& with all due respect put all others second.

  2. That is mighty Christian of her not to run for the Senate as indicated by threats..that she ALSO has NO residential status to even apply for such a privledge .. if that over dressed coiffed over promoted self interest not a Wharton grad.. bitch and her idiot father are planning to use Trump Tower or Mar-largo as addresses of occupation think again Get out of my fucking buildings.. Regarding Trump Tower.. and Mockingbird Train Station Dallas Tx those fucking water features of cascading design better be put back…

    • Sam B. says:

      Once AGAIN…divisive hate language like this SUSAN is what is wrong with some of u people. Sadly amazing & embarrassing. What’s with the harsh disrespectful name calling? If u wanna give constructive criticism about policies, agendas, outlook etc then by all means do so. We can agree or agree to disagree without all the hate, rude comments & foul language name calling! C’mon…what r u 5 years old? U still upset after all these years that a 10 year old took ur lollipop from u on the playground? Bs like this is what pisses off all of us true patriots. Damn. ENOUGH!

    • CY WINTER says:


    • John Murphy says:

      Wrong she owns land and is building a house next door to Tom Bradys new house yuk yuk Miami Private Island….

    • Larry says:

      Nice mouth your class less cow!

  3. Rhoda says:

    Any Trump is better and more honest than any Biden. Wish all Trumps would run for an office! MAGA

  4. Holly Rose says:

    Thank goodness Ivanka will not run. Another trump in politics is just toooooo much. That whole family should just retire from politics. They have made such a mess of our government. Thank goodness for President Biden. He is already putting the US back on its feet such as canceling the Keystone project. To help with building up monetary resources that the stimulus has bled us dry, Biden should impose a rain and air tax on all states. Tax those that pollute the air such as smokers. Tax the amount of property that the rain falls on. trump has bled us dry with the stimulus. Great idea but impractical. trump thinks like a spend thrift wife. Thank goodness he is gone and Biden/Harris are in. I hope we can get another 4 years of Biden.

    • Margaret A says:

      Holly sorry you are so badly mistaken. We are in trouble with new administration. Just wait and see. If you can’t say something nice, keep quiet.

      • Vinnie Boone says:

        No there was a complete sigh of relief when Biden took office. We are all sick of the turmoil except for those that do not have enough todo!!! So you shut up you trumpers
        And find something to care about besides your stinking selfish selves!!! So many are hurting because of his selfish indigent ways and hurting so many if they do not agree with him! It be great when he joins Limbaugh!!

        • Gorilla says:

          You have your facts wrong. Wait and see the stimulus that Biden/Harris approve. Biden has already done damage to our Country. He has just begun.

    • Sam B. says:

      Thank goodness for Biden uh? The “Executive Order Signing Commander & Chief-Dictator.” His job-killing policies have already cost thousands & thousands of jobs. Due to his disruptions with our pipelines etc etc gas prices have gone up to a nationwide average of .58 cents since January 4th! I live in Florida…ours has gone up .54 cents! Wall Street journal & others predict that because of the direction Biden & his socialists bosses r taking the country that gas prices could reach $4.50-$5 a gallon by mid to late 2022. He’s also stopped building the boarder wall & looking for pathways to citizenship for a very low est. of 11+ million illegal immigrants…tens of thousands more on the way. Brilliant Biden also dropped all travel bans from pro-terrorist countries!!
      Yeah thank goodness for Biden LOL! *NOT*

    • Jack Murphy says:

      I tell you what look up how much your 504k was when he was elected POTUS an look at what it was when he left office….Thats how much you personally were made richer by DJT POTUS….Don’t have a 504k well dummy you ought to anyway same formula except this time go to BCPA.NET an see what your house is worth now vs 4 years ago that is if you are smart enough to live in Florida if not go to first 2 letters of your county add pa after that an see what your house is worth or 3rd alternate go to Zillow an use the same formula…It must really hurt to have voted for a demoncrat exactly what has he done except fire 30,000 workers in America and climbing what a dolt…belongs in a nursing home…

    • Larry says:

      Holly the troll,still supporting Dumb and Dumber I see. Just a word of warning that your constant promotion of the Biden administration will not get you more bread or soup than anyone else in the line.Joseph Hitler and Kamala Stalin will not treat you any different than all the others in the internment camps.

  5. maxibaby says:

    Ivanka and Jared are both LIBERAL! We do not need more RINO representing us in Congress! She spent much of her time trying to influence President Trump to bring more liberal policies! She is a beautiful young lady but, we do not need her in politics unless her ideas change and then could we trust her. I have more Ivanka stories as well. Most of her friends are very leftwing, she was very close to Chelsea Clinton until DJT got into politics, if you are a fan of hers politically speaking, research her!
    We conservatives are going to have to closely vet people, never mind who they are related to, if we intend to root the RINO out of Congress!
    I am the #1 DJT supporter!

  6. Pete Kingsley says:

    Ivanka,You need to run for the N. Carolina Senate seat.

    • John Murphy says:

      Her sister-in-law Laura is gonna…….Ivanka is a Florida registered voter…Laura is a better choice she is political savy as is her husband ceo Trump Inc…

  7. It’s a pity that Ivanka Trump made such a decision: we really, really need people as strong, intelligent and loyal to our party as Ivanka. In the most difficult time, when plutocrats stole elections from 75 million Republicans, such eloquent politicians as Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley and others suddenly fell silent – why, what were they afraid of? And what are they going to do next, staying in our party – to be silent?

    • maxibaby says:

      Sorry but, Ivanka is liberal, liberal, liberal! She is not like DJT! Ivanka was close with Chelsea Clinton before DJT decided to run for President. Research her, who her friends are, how she tried to get DJT to include more liberal policies, etc….Don’t take my word research it!
      Republicans must take the time to vet people if we are going to get rid of RINO!

      • Kam says:

        Trump was also democrat until they went so far left. Plus, he had finally got saved. So then his family also changed parties.
        I was once Democrat, thanks to my parents. But I also found the truth and became Republican. Now my parents are also Republicans. So when one sees how far the left has gone. They look at how and why. Then they are determined to prevent it from happening again. They start looking at moral issues and it changes their lives. So I’m sorry I can agree with you on their pay. But I will look forward to the future by looking at what they have done recently.

    • John Murphy says:

      Sorry you kind of mixed up Nicki Halley is not a trump lover neither is small hands Marco these are all establishment politicians who never had a job a real job. Ivanka has her own company of ladies fashions that she built pre Jared an is a millionaire in her own being and a devout Jewish Mom….

      • Jack Murphy says:

        An Paul Ryan is a devout member of the Trump haters club an is on the board of Fox News which he screwedup just like he screwed Trump for 2 years…an gave away the House to Pelosi…

  8. M says:

    Ivanka should run against Rubio. The man is a waste of a seat. The bill he recently proposed is an affront and disgrace.

  9. Ellsa says:

    McConnell thinks President Trump will be forgotten by 2026 when he will be up for re-election. He is dead wrong!! McConnell will be remembered as a back stabber, and communist that he is. President Trump is the best President we have ever had. In fact he might be back in office! Oh, no, I forgot McConnell wants a communist, like his wife or himself to be appointed by xi.
    RESIGN,RESIGN low-life McConnell!!

  10. Dennis R. Sund says:

    i believe that the thing that needs to happen immediately is that those folks that lost someone because of his stupidity is, file a class action lawsuit against him. first, stop the sale of his so-called book, freeze all the monies he has received so far from the sales and upfront, freeze all of his bank accounts and credit cards. get an order forbidding him from selling giving away, transferring any and properties with his name involved in any way. and stop all paychecks he receives, garnish his wages, so those folks can cover the cost for laying their loved ones to rest.

  11. Richard says:

    He should,I will miss him n Bullshit in closing GP.

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