Breaking: Jury Verdict In Sarah Palin’s Defamation Case


( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, the federal jury in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s defamation case against the New York Times returned its verdict.

The jury found that the New York Times did not defame Palin.

As the Daily Caller summarized what happened:

“A Manhattan jury found that The New York Times did not defame former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in a 2017 editorial that claimed her political action committee was connected to the 2011 shooting of a Democratic member of Congress.

“Palin and her attorneys argued that The New York Times libeled her in the editorial, which posited a “clear … link to political incitement” through a map her organization distributed that listed Democratic members of Congress who would be targeted in the 2012 midterms. Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was listed on the map, was shot by a mentally ill man at an event outside a grocery store. No link between Palin’s advertising and the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was ever established.”


“Palin’s lawyers argued that The New York Times wrote the editorial without regard for the facts of the Giffords shooting because of its ideological opposition to Palin. Former Opinion Editor James Bennet countered that the claim was a ‘mistake,’ and that the paper’ tr[ies] our damnedest to be perfect.’”

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