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BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene Removed

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted along party lines and removed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from all of her committee assignments in the House.

This means she has been removed from the Education Committee and all other assignments.

The vote was 218-210.

This is a breaking news report and will be updated as warranted.

We value free speech. Do you agree or disagree with the partisan vote to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from all committee assignments? Why or why not?


  1. Ally says:

    Descending into communism. Violating her right to free speech and to have her own opinion.

    Time for the Libs to quit before they are voted out be the Conservatives.

  2. This is FASCISM at its FINEST , CONTROL REAL HONEST PEOPLE ,PUNISH everyone who doesn’t COMPLY with FASCIST AGENDA !!! Then DONT PUNISH your OWN for being A HATEFUL VILE PERSON to the political party you want to get rid of !!!

  3. Richard Hull says:

    So you moronic libtards see fit to censor Margorie Taylor Greene. You hypocritic bastards. What about all the threats directed at OUR president, Donald J Trump, by Mad Maxine, The Squad, Nancy Piglosi, Chuckie Schumer. All you bastards are on the lowest rung of the ladder of life. Oh by the way. To Patriotic American Citizens the a-hole sitting in the WH now will never be OUR president. That dumb a-hole is not qualified to run an 8-year-olds lemonade stand

  4. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    She’s after Biden, to impeach him. Their running scared. They ellimated her for this reason. They were wrong to vote her out. I’m sure she’ll find some other way to carry out this task.

  5. john says:

    I find it very interesting that Waters, AOC, Omar, even Schumer and Palosi, have not been properly dealt with. Waters has openly called for the killing of a President, the others, well, they are ‘as dumb as rocks’ and know no better. This has shown for years the double standard

  6. Chris Brewer says:

    The only way to stop what dems are doing , is attack them back!Any way you can or prefer at this point. They’ve laid out their threat !

    • Wayne says:

      I absolutely agree w/ the previous reply. The evil demos r taking n killing everything good n Godly in this Country n there is only 1 way to stop them now! They started it!

      • Wayne says:

        Mrs. Green was only doing what she believed in your ❤️ was the right thing to do. I’m done w/ rep. Mrs. Green has more courage n strength than any gutless rep does. You all r totally sissy wimps n r total cowards. You have no back bone n as far as I’m concern u r worst than the evil demos. You have joined the evil side and have started something you can not turn off. We all will be joined together white, blacks, green, yellow, brown n the rest n you will not stop. Note. To our military n police r u going to shoot n kill your brothers, sisters, neighbors r u at peace in your soul to kill us, go home n tell ur wife n kids ya well we just mowed down n killed a whole bunch of American who were not doing anything wrong only standing up for their God given n law abiding Constitional rights. Won’t you feel good about that. My God u r more brainwashed than I ever imagine. Then go ahead n kill us because once you take that stand u already have started the carnage. You won’t be putting a bullet in me but you will be putting bullets in Jesus Christ who lives in me. Hay you brave men in uniform why don’t you do this test go home and ask your wife in kids what they will think of their husband n dad killing inocent Americans. N to set the record straight none of us have any I’ll will or desire to do anything that would hurt any of u. You will have to take the first

    • There is only one way now to regain our Republic back, and sad to say it has to be a Civil War, there is no turning point. the government no longer serves the people, and elections are full of fraud. The CONSTITUTION in under attack and will be abolished soon. The Socialist/Democrats are ruining the country and we are watching it happen

      • Richard Kent says:


  7. Scott J says:

    Alexhorseteeth Oldcrappyused Cotex and the rest of the squat need to be removed from living and breathing.

  8. George E says:

    Rep Steve King of Iowa spent hi last 2 years in Congress without any committee. He was censored, if I remember correctly, by the Repub Party for being kinda wacko crazy especially on white power, and lost all committee appointments.

    IMHO King was a lot more sane and much less wacko than QAnon Theresa Greene.

    In the end, King got primaried and is now retired. We’ll wait and see what happens to Greene.
    How crazy does a person have to be before Repubs see what is happening??!!??

  9. Becky says:

    This is a joke can you actually believe that we voted those criminal lieing thieves to rule our country and make the law of the land this way ? No we did not and these are the results of what they plan to protect from this day on unless they are stoped .I can’t see no future at all with such justice if that is what they call it . I can’t stand to hear them speak they are sickening can we start a petition to get them all removed ?

  10. Nut says:

    Bidon wanna be got his revenge for the impeachment. I would think he is a bigger man than that. The imposter pres gets worse and more worse. Phony any deceptive and not an American at all. The party voters who continue to uphold bidon do not want what’s best for this country or you wouldn’t support this scammer! It’s his virus that has got you all scared. You have been lied to and you ask for more. What is wrong with you all. You wanna pay for his disfunction?!? ohhh I see, mabey you want your kids to foot his bill. Dang, your really gullible. You deserve what you have comming to you. How many times do you need to be conned? BIDON has got rid of free speech, fair elections, kills unborn babies, gives away our money to strangers who laugh at us, takes away God and family, hides behind our military, there’s too much to list.

  11. tom says:

    She gets removed for exercising her right of free speech. The guy who slept with
    a Chinese spy remains on the intelligence Committee? Any rational person with half a brain would think not only should he be removed from the that extremely
    sensitive Committee but removed from Congress. However, we all know The Speaker
    of The House. What a double standard. California needs to to get not only their
    Governor but the rest of their nut cases!!

    • Carlene Lemon says:

      You are so right on your comment.i don’t trust any of them.

      • lucille fuller says:

        Green is a honest ,good american,this is what happens to the few decent ones in the house. Evil runs the house of representatives, her name is Nancy Pelosi.

        • Chris Brewer says:

          Yep and this one is about the sickest one. Their end of power is almost finished! There are so many lose ends and lies confirmed! Dems are Definetly defeated! Now it’s all down hill! Thank God it’s almost done.

    • rmbb says:

      And Sen. Dianne Feinstein had a chinese spy driver. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that any of these anti-Constitution politicians got runn over by a drunkk drivver like regular roadkillll… words mispelled on purpose

  12. Nauvoo says:

    To Frank: Open our eyes? You must be joking, your having helped to put in the absolute WORST PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. SICKEMING IS WHAT YOU ARE.

  13. Mary Janes says:

    This is pure BS get Chaney out to be fair

    • Chris Brewer says:

      To hell with democrats! They don’t deserve the air I have to share with the dirty low life trash of this country.Destroyed, states with total destruction and get away with it. The hell with all you democrats.You abuse our country’s laws everyday! You expect Unity! No sane person in this country will secumb to your political beleifs! Your not gona own people like you think!

  14. GRIZZ MANN says:

    The Bidenreich is working as planned.

  15. I hate what the CHEATING LYING HATEFUL DemonRats are doing they think they are above the law soon very soon you shall reap what you sow!!!!!🙏✝️

  16. Oscar G Jones says:

    It’s not the house memembers responsibility to decide one way or the other about Majorie Greenes assignments especially the opposing party members. I would be interested in seeing what rule they used to justify their actions. She answers to the people of Georgia who elected her to office. Let them decide what her fate should be at next election. House members are going down very slippery slope. If this is going to be the standard then there are at least 25 more members who have made just as bad if not worse verbal public comments that need to undergo the same hearing and removal process. Let the games begin. Come Republicans show you have some guts and let’s get the party started!!

    • Dave Haning says:

      Another honest, outspoken person immobilized by the swamp. Where does it end? Another prop kicked out from under freedom of speech.

      • Albert says:

        Dave. it ends when “we the people” stand united and put an end to the corruption and lying. Everyday some high and mighty Demorat makes some incrediblely stupid statement and not true at that while the mainstream media applauds them for being “so honest and out spoken.” They are our elected voices. They work for us and our needs and interests not their private agendas. TERM LIMITS!!!

        Witnesses have said that AOC was not anywhere near the “riot” but she claims that she was there and Ted Cruz threaten to kill her. If one of “we the People” made a false claim like that we would be in jail!

  17. Yamile says:


  18. Barry says:

    It doesn’t matter what you say if you’re a conservative or republican if you aren’t a liberal socialist you’re blocked censored threatened fired doxed beaten, the democrats with the help of the mainstream lying media can commit just about any crime and get a job on CNN for millions a year, maybe even Saint hood!!!

    • Inga Chouinard says:

      This is bs and has to be stopped. No freedoms left. Sounding more like nazi Germany

    • Frank says:

      Ya… do you wonder WHY?? Just listen & watch this weirdo (Greene)!!! She should be “LOCK HER UP”, along with all those evil weirdos: tRump,Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, McCarthy, Jim Jordan, rich Mitch. & all the rest of those incompetent weirdos who Do NOT represent the people, they are all out for THEMSELVES!! Open your damn eyes & ears before it’s too late.

  19. Candy Clanton says:

    She’s done nothing wrong. The Democrats continue to say & do what they want & no one does anything. Several Democrats need to be removed from committees but as long as the Democrats retain control of the House, nothing will be done!

    • sad says:

      Candy you are so right! Dems will never play nice. I think they should look in the mirror when they start throwing stones. I pray it comes back to bite them in the butt!!

  20. Jim says:

    Welcome to out The Divided States of America. When will the filthy Democrats kick Mad Max Waters off every committee along with AOC and The Squad. China Joe purges all Trump appointees and put the bottom of Muslim Obama’s people that are just as bad as The Senile Old Man and Willies Girgfriend. After the stolen election the world is upside down. Impeach China Joe Biden and Kamala Harris now before they completely destroy our Country. China Joe did more damage to our Country in 8 days than the Muslim Obama did in 8 years. And that’s saying something. Only an evil American hating party would do to average hardworking American. Period.

  21. bruce says:

    Nothing she said was any worse than the anti-Semites Talib or Omar or AOC’s crazy unfounded crap. Bur when you have the power you can run over everyone else.

  22. Georgia says:

    This is unbelievable. The socialist in D C are destroying the constitution. Please stop the insanity. Do unto others as you would have them do unto You!! We are losing our Great country! So Sad!!

  23. Lisa says:

    This just means she is doing her job. Democrats are thee most disgusting people nothing is too low for them.

    • As they say: You ain’t seen nothing yet. The communist’s will stop at nothing to control this country. Get ready as they become more bold and take further steps to restrict our freedoms. Sleepy is a Trojan Horse, the the real communist are the representatives from the communist states. It will get real interesting when they repeal the 2nd amendment. Keep your head low! The first amendment is a goner with lame stream media in charge.

      • Tom Carman says:

        so damn true let them even come and take my guns they better be ready it will not be pretty. THAT IS all i got to say about THAT !!!!

    • Yep. Many Republicans do remember the many times during the campaign on face book that Kamila Harris would send around terrible information post threating Trump supporters that she will do a search after the election to find every Trump supporter and hurt them because she will get even because the supporters did not join her side of the network, democrat. That was sent around until some one made copies which I hope it can be found. How about the time again on face book a slide down post came up with an ugly female showing a pistol pointed the opposite direction and remained for several minutes and went back up. Anyone care? I think that Senator has just cause to challenge having her rights taken away by only one side voting against her no matter what. Her Georgia district should get going to handle this crime so to speak or no one eligible will desire to run for office again. Now is the hour!!

      • Up date: I hope Senator Greene will not pay attention to the Democrats votes and still attend the committee meetings as she was elected to do. If not, than this crime will continue on with other candidates who won seats such as Republicans so just get this situation resolved soon.

  24. Marjorie Green got more sense than all them Democrats. They can’t stand the truth. Why haven’t lying Schumer, Schiff, Pelosie, Comey, all proven liars under oath BEEN REMOVED. They stole the election, Schiff reads a false phone call to the american people and said Trump made it. Polsie calls a 2 unconsitutional Impeachment on Donald Trump. Any Republicans that voted for Green removal needs to resign today. Republicans in Congress need to wake up. Republicans your not listening. Wake up. Do not agree with the democrats on any policy. period………………………………………

    • Richard says:

      Unfortunately the only good republicans in congress are Jom Jordan, David Nunes, Tim Scott and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Msybe Kevin McCarthy. All the reat are beholden to mush mouth McConnell

  25. Barbara Smith says:

    Sorry,not! No amount of corruption is acceptable!
    Any and all who dont function according to the constitution and Bill of Rights should be dealt with. The rules are in these documents and are meant to be followed.
    That is pure and simple.
    Waiting for Congress to change in 2 years will be too late. We must do something NOW or it will be too late! Look at the other countries that are fighting to come back from the same scenario! People from these other countries described to a T and warned us this would happen but too many didon’t listen or didnt believe them! I pray their eyes are open now and see what a mess they have allowed and the devastation that is coming if the democrats stay in office.

    • Tom Carman says:

      nope unfortunately all them lefties all they know is what that damn tvset tell them they dont know how to do their own homework

  26. Bobby1937 says:

    Every Red Blooded American should be pouring contributions into her account because if anything she should be running for Governor of Georgia to keep that state state RED, not Black as it is becoming. Her stance on anti-abortion will keep God on her side as America goes down the tubes like Israel did when God punished them.

    • Donna R. Poff says:

      I think people are pouring $ into her. Mitch McConnell needs to go like yesterday.

      • Michael OConnor says:

        What amazes me, a republican makes a statement before she was in congress the goes after Biden and all hell breaks loose, not only from the Dems but a Republican. all those other puke dems threaten violence and disruption to our daily lives and not one damn peep from a republican. Does anyone else think this stinks????

  27. Donald Gunnell says:

    I really hate how these commies are just running amuck and think they are untouchable, while removing conservatives, the demonrats are the ones that need to be removed and stripping our 1st amendment rights, we the people have had enough.

  28. Buddy Vonweller says:

    If the Republican party doesn’t start standing together, then why don’t they just shut up and give the country to the Democrats? Or should I say commies.

  29. Roger Strong says:

    I am one of the bosses of the house and senate thru my tax payment and voting I want a lot of the Demarcates fired now

  30. Walter Smith says:

    I agree with outcome of the vote but I resent the fact that there is no uniformity on both sides of the House. Waters, Omar, Presley, and particularly Slawell should have been treated at least the same I find it impossible to believe and accept that he still serves on the Intelligence committee. To me he is a far greater risk to our country than any of the others including MTG. I can’t understand how they can think they are representing us and what is best for the country. As an observer my option is that all they care about is keeping power and the party

    • Carolediamondz says:

      Time to do the same and get liar Omar off! She is a cancer, along with Schumer and Pelosi. Clean sweep of this corrupt house. Next up is demented china Joe and the other liar Kamala toe. Off with the heads of Obama and Clintons. None were truly elected, all corruot

  31. BC says:

    Bastards! Time to shake them up!

  32. Vicki M Taylor says:

    Only reason they call her loony is because she mentioned Qanon🥸. That just freaks Dems,Never Trumpers, & Communists out! I think she’s just an outspoken Trump loving good American Republican.
    It was strange that Brett Baer was talking against her & Qanon today & last night Hannity said some horrible insane things about her because of Qanon. Hope General Flynn defuses Sean a wee bit🤔

  33. Lauren Gamman says:

    We are awake, it is the Democrats that are asleep. China is coming soon.

  34. Crystal LVotaw says:

    I feel anything that the Left does is not in the interest of the American People! To take her out just because they are mad she brought impeachment up against Biden is utterly ridiculous! Grow up you self righteous government officials and work for the people who put you there instead of your own interests!

  35. James Hutchins says:

    This is retribution for Greene filing impeachment papers on biden America remember the actions of the Democrats in the house of representatives and the Senate Vote them out of office.

  36. Katherine says:

    This is a disgrace! So now you Republicans had better get Omar taken off her committees,cause this isn’t right, and if something isn’t done then a lot of you will be facing backlash in the 2022 election. It’s a shame our country has come to this place, in such a short time.Our rights, by the Constitution, are being stripped away from us. We are witnessing freedom of speech being torn away from all of us. May GOD saves us all, who believe him,and may HE punish those that are doing all these evil and vile things. The Lord knows and sees all!!

  37. Mark says:

    Communist ass government. SHAMEFUL that they supposedly work for America. My Ass

  38. Sharon Sturgeon says:

    If Marjorie Greene is a republican, how can the leftist Democrats vote to remove her? If that’s possible, why dont’ we vote to remove omar, aoc, shummer, shiff, pelosi for crap they have said. Don’t forget old lady Waters and the crap she yelled for people to do to Republicans. This double standard has everyone fed up with congress and the Democrats.

    • Linda says:

      Your so right!! The DEMOCRAYIC PARTY is full of hatred and distain for us…because we believe in freedom and the first amendment. We can’t let them silence us.

    • Evelyn says:

      I think it’s time we the people stopped being walked on by these democraps, Polosi AOC Cumo Schiff Schumer and the rest if them. Why would Kamala not be kicked to the curb for being a hi end call girl with Willie Brown at his birthday party in 1994. us this really what we want for America.Stop before we lose everything our forefathers and our young men and women fought and died for

    • C. D. Warner says:

      Can only happen due to spineless, Repub sellouts! That’s how we got here, the one Repub leader in decades is gone! They now will sit at a mock trial to ‘Impeach’ as the loaded pants they sit in stink up the whole Capitol. Terrified children in the GOP are responsible for this. Dems just sit and wait as they crawl to them on bended knees screaming for Mercy!!

    • L says:

      So wrong, well we know whose boss. Is so sad that you don’t do what they say, they will hurt you! I’m so sick and tired of the governments offices that are not for the American people. You want war within American?

  39. John cormier says:

    Its all bullshit.all the demorats should be removed instead

  40. Martha Baker says:

    This is so wrong. Someone has to help those that are walking around with blinders on.

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      The left have become worse than Nazi’s, anyone who dares to disagree with their communist agenda is punished. No one is allowed to speak out against them, they rule with an iron fist and do not honor constitutional rights. America, what have we allowed to happen?

  41. Barbara Smith says:

    I disagree wholeheartedly.
    She was voted in for her stand which the PEOPLE agreed with.
    The socialist/ communists that have been trying to take over America have effectively taken away another voice for the people!
    Next they will go after every one of our elected people who don’t vote for THEIR AGENDA! THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED OR ALLOWED!
    WHEN are the Republican representatives going to stand up to them for we the people who elected them to represent us?
    AND YES, I AM YELLING!!!!!!!

    • Katherine says:

      I’m with you, Barbara! If these Republicans do not stand up for their people,what good are they? Don’t they know that if we become communist,they aren’t going to be spared? They had better get some balls and stand up for our rights and freedom, before it’s too late. These people need to be arrested and tried for TREASON! What is wrong with our elected officials? They need to be more like Governor DeSantis of Fl.and the Texas governor.

    • Katherine says:

      I’m with you, Barbara! If these Republicans do not stand up for their people,what good are they? Don’t they know that if we become communist,they aren’t going to be spared.These people need to be arrested and tried for TREASON! What is wrong with our elected officials? They need to be more like Governor DeSantis of Fl.and the Texas governor.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      Well I hear you. And this is the problem! But I think money is king. Elite Political gain coverups.This is what people have to suffer for. The Elite and corrupt of America!Why would anyone want to live in a mess like this! I understand why we are losing a lot of our youth to suicide, because of the last 4 yrs.Government is out of control!

    • Nut says:

      Get new Republicans who ain’t cowards. Replace the old bum Republicans. Two for one deal. Make up for lost time!

  42. Holly Rose says:

    I am so glad to hear that greene has been removed. She has psychological problems. She is a conspiracy theorist on steroids and should resign from congress all together. What is she a rep from Florida or Georgia? Whatever she has absolutely no place in congress. Yay.

    • Linda Horn says:


    • Katherine says:

      Holly Rose, why are you even on this page? You must be a Democratic! That’s fine if you are but please don’t put Rep. Greene down for using her God given right to FREE SPEECE! You might regret these words you have written if things keep going the way they are going. And by the way, what about all the others and what they have said? Like Omar and Cortez,and Pelosi, Schumer,Harris, and others, including MSM. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

    • DianeCrosier says:

      You are crazy! What about Waters, Omar, Harris, Swalwell, Schumer, etc., and their threats, cohortting with spies, and riot promotions? Republicans had better get a spine and fight back!!! All of the listed Dems are guilty of many transgressions. You need to wake up! AOC doesn’t know how to tell the truth!! She was 2 blocks from the Capitol on January 6th! Our Country is being destroyed and many people aren’t intelligent enough to realize what’s happening! God help us!

    • Fed up with Holly thornbush says:

      You’re using a constitutional right to spew off all that shit that falls out of your suck hole. But just you and no one else right? You shit talking commies are only piles of dog shit out in the back yard. But your day is coming and you won’t be talking any of that commie shit then!

    • Nut says:

      Will you be so glad when omar, pelosi, and a few more are removed?

    • Nut says:

      U think all that up by yourself did ya? Geesh! Repete what the communist papers say.. Don’t think with your own mind… And on and on and on…

    • Emily says:

      SHE has psychological problems??? Are you kidding me ? Any she MIGHT have pale in significance to those of Ocasio-Cortez, Talib, Cori Booker, Omar, Pelosi, and dozens of others. They are all out of touch with reality and/or living in an alternate universe.

  43. William Stollar says:

    It is notable the vote was so close. Greene is a perfect example of the ignorance and stupidity of many of our representatives in Congress. While she “regrets” her statements, she does not apologize for insulting Jews, Muslims, or victims of gunshot attacks. She has no place in Congress…or maybe she does belong with those morons.

  44. DeeJay says:

    I disagree with this decision very much, she was voted in by the People, where is the democracy here? Again, it’s just the Democrats whining because someone doesn’t fit into their mold. or their way of thinking. This really Needs to Stop!

  45. Tim says:

    All dems should be under oath , do you even remember when one actually speak the truth ? They just lie lie lie and hate ! Not the American way !!!

  46. We are 100 million and we are all Marjorie Taylor Greene! And you can’t Remove all of us! The fight continues!

  47. Tricia Sennyk says:

    This is insane. We dealt with 8 yrs of Obama. Had 4 wonderful years under Trump. Biden needs to be impeached.

    • William Stollar says:

      For what? Your stupidity is unbelievable.

      • marnie says:

        What should biden be impeached for?Corruption, fraud, lying, stealing, cheating. He never should have been “installed” to begin with because he did not WIN. It was FRAUD loud and clear. Not to mention taking money from the Chinese and others. So you better start learning Chinese and be ready for your live organ donation–maybe then you’ll “get it.”

    • george says:

      well, i’m sure they will take a vote on Maxine Watters, and Nancy Pelosy, ilhan Omar, Chuck Schumer, and the like right? i mean it’s only fair Right?I hope the Republicans and Democrats remember this in 2022, when they are voted out of office, ….and it’s comming!

    • DeeJay says:

      Biden should not have been ellegable to run for president in the first place, he has committed crimes, that anyone else would be put in prison for.

  48. Tim says:

    Wake up America

  49. Pat says:

    So now that the Democrats have the majority they can do whatever they want. God help us all!

  50. Linda McCarthy says:

    I think Washington democrats are paranoid and mistakenly think they are important enough for the peaceful republicans to threaten cannon-like activities at Washington. If and when they are, the cannon-like instrument will be really really big and loud enough for you to hear them coming. Get over yourself… you’re just not ALL THAT important got it? As it stands the world knows how mentally deficient you are…. you don’t have to keep proving it over and over. There is already someone ready to take your place when your gone. Nobody is irreplaceable. So stop the crying and shaking and lying, you’re not even entertaining. None of you are such beauties that anyone would kill for you either. So get this.. you are just not worth it all.

    • george says:

      I think the democrats think they are GOD, and the republicans are too stupid to do anything about it, but i have a solution, when they come asking for donations in 2022, Just say NO!

  51. Sub says:

    She told the truth and the demoRats can accept the truth and that is the reason they blamed Pres. Trump for everything. They all lie and none of them can stand the truth. I’m so glad God is in control and right now HE is not happy with the evilness and disgrace.

  52. Beverly says:

    What a surprise. Lol. This is so stupid that it’s funny. Free speech and right of your own opinion is not allowed. If you go along with the Pelosi and Biden’s then all is good. If you oppose them then they seek to punish and demean. Yup that makes sense in a democracy. Yup lol. People aren’t stupid guys how long can this keep up? Serving as any official in the government was originally to be done by the people not politicians They were to be the everyday person who spoke for the everyday working person. This is soooo far out of hand that it’s stupid and quite funny. Do they really believe that the American person is going to stand by and do nothing? That if they put us in our place we will stand by and do and say nothing??? Really??? We like free speech and to speak our mind without retribution…..get real

  53. Beveely says:

    What a surprise. Lol. This is so stupid that it’s funny. Free speech and right of your own opinion is not allowed. If you go along with the Pelosi and Biden’s then all is good. If you oppose them then they seek to punish and demean. Yup that makes sense in a democracy. Yup lol. People aren’t stupid guys how long can this keep up? Serving as any official in the government was originally to be done by the people not politicians They were to be the everyday person who spoke for the everyday working person. This is soooo far out of hand that it’s stupid and quite funny. Do they really believe that the American person is going to stand by and do nothing? That if they put us in our place we will stand by and do and say nothing??? Really??? We like free speech and to speak our mind without retribution…..get real

  54. JOSEPH W MORGAN SR says:

    More censorship and violation of the 1st amendment by the liberal socialist COMMUNIST bigots now in government. “WAKE UP AMERICA OR WE ARE DOOMED”

  55. Norma J Paris says:

    I disagree very much. Why can’t you shut up Pelosim Shumer, Biden and some of the Democrats.

    • Tim Fincher says:

      True that !!!!
      The corruption is way past acceptable, the democrat dictatorship has gone way too far !!! They do not acknowledge the Constitution and their tyranny is far over board and must be shut down immediately before they completely destroy our country

  56. Wkenobi says:

    All out Assault on the First amendment by the new administration and the Congress. Will be gone in 2 years and everything will be fine.

  57. Robin Kerby says:

    Bullshit, if they have it their way there will not be a Republican party, just one side, God help us all, let’s start getting these assholes removed, it cannot keep being one sided, if this is what’s the point in anything.

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