Breaking: MSNBC Thrown Out of Rittenhouse Trial

Judge Bruce Schroeder

( – BREAKING NOW: Judge Bruce Schroeder, the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just banned MSNBC from the courthouse “for the duration of the trial” for what legal experts are calling an egregious violation of the court’s attempt to protect the jury from outside interference and to protect their privacy.

(You can watch the full video clip of the judge addressing what an MSNBC producer did below.)

According to Judge Schroeder, to protect the jury from outside interference, the jury is being transported to and from an undisclosed location in a bus that has the windows blocked so that outsiders can’t see in and so that the jury can’t see any of the public demonstrations and signs outside of the courthouse.

Last night, as reported by law enforcement authorities to the judge, police stopped a vehicle that appeared to be tailing the bus at a distance of approximately a block after that vehicle ran a red light trying to stay within sight of the bus.

According to the police, the vehicle driver identified himself as a producer for MSNBC and said that he was acting under orders from someone higher up at MSNBC in New York City.

Based on that information, and while an investigation continues into the actions by MSNBC, the judge has banned anyone from the network from being inside the courthouse until after the trial has concluded.

Here’s the video of the judge banning MSNBC:

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