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Breaking News: Biden Threatens Trump

In a stunning development, before anyone has even called the election, Joe Biden just threatened physical violence against President Donald Trump.

Please read and compare these statements from Joe Biden and President Donald Trump and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page. Who is acting more presidential? Joe Biden of Donald Trump?



  1. Annette says:

    Tell me that the dems have not been working on ousting our President out of the White House for the last 4 years.
    Funny how this virus came out this year…….Let’s bet on how quick “ Biden “ will come up with the credit of a vaccine for this virus. Biden will handle this virus so much differently than our President, what a flipping joke this communist pig is…
    God bless this country……2020 will never be forgotten by anyone.

    • Kay says:

      News flash idiot – of course we have been working on getting your PUSSY GRABBER out of the people’s house.
      You should be thankful. The people have spoken and God is celebrating. Take your paranoia to a good therapist and hopefully they can help in deprogramming you. Trump is irrelevant and so are you, you repulsive repub.

      • nancy says:

        you ass ! how do you like another crooked sob who is selling us out to china. Wait until you cant buy gas again You are all fools!!!!!

        • Kay says:

          Go play with yourself Nasty Nancy – you must need the attention.Whine all you want, you repulsive Repubs lost – the people have spoken. Keep talking trash – no one cares.

      • Hal Henschel says:

        Well you think what ever you want but I will never let a sleezy bag democrat like Biden ever be my president he has never done a dam thing for this country in 48yrs like Nancy lieing as Pelosi and nether deserve to be near the peoples White house if he thinks he really won then he should give the people a true vote by redoing it in person voting with pictures IDs with legal voters no mail in ballets but military that’s over seas and ID bet he would lose so bad but since they rigged this election we know he would never do it and with all this SHIT over his head about Hunter he should never have been aloud to run till he was cleared but we knows he is guilty as hell so Yall can go straight to HELL THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TRUMP NOT SLEEZY JOE AND HIS GOONEYS

      • S. Richardson says:

        When your tax rate goes to 48%, when jobs are hard to come by and you can’t survive on a smaller social security check.
        When your children are starving in fron of your face because you listened to all of the b.s. catchphrases absent any proof! Look in the mirror and remind yourself’ I voted for this’! Remember it hot shot. Then talk trash. When you are watching your children die. Your daughter raped by the criminals Trump was keeping out of America.
        I will ask you what you have to say then. Let’s see if all those cool phrases are still what makes you mad. Or if safety and a good economy don’t suddenly seem like a good thing. Next time maybe you will go on facts. Not slogans

      • Cindi says:

        Your an asshole

  2. Don says:

    Biden’s always running his mouth.

  3. David Smith says:

    LOL Holly you still make me smile. We all see what a great job he did leading his son a great job he got away with crack cocaine use and molesting you girls and didn’t spend a day in jail Let’s hope he can lead America the same way LOL

    • Kay says:

      Better option than the PUSSY GRABBER that you repulsive Repubs voted for. Put a smile on your face –
      you are going to be okay. Have a blessed day.

  4. Holly Rose says:

    Biden is withing his rights to say what he said which shows strength and conviction of a true leader. Trump on the other hand is blowing smoke up our tails. Biden won fair and square and I see Trump is kicking a dead horse. Trump lost so now he is throwing a temper tantrum because he didn’t win and get his way so now he is licking his wounds and taking his dollies home. Too bad. Trump you are nothing but a spoiled brat!!! Thank goodness you didn’t win. All hail Biden and Harris.

    • Kevin says:


      • Kay says:

        Oh my, such an angry person. Be careful, God is watching you. He may cast harm upon you just to teach you a lesson. Maybe you secretly wish to be raped. Keep up your bad attitude and intentions and you just might land in prison along with the PUSSY GRABBER. You have a lot in common. Trump won’t need to make you his bitch because you became that when you voted for him. Have a blessed day.

        • nancy says:

          keep talking about God Biden is not a christian but he sure acts like A catholic ps I went to 18 years of catholic schools he and pelousi must not believe in HELL!

        • Dede says:

          God is watching you too Kay. Be careful what hate you spew. You are claiming to be His child and should act like he’s in your heart. We all should.

          • Kay says:

            Oh never fear, I’m good with God. You on the other hand are nothing but a hypocrite. Can’t by a PUSSY GRABBER supporter and be good with God. You have no redeeming qualities, so no redemption for you.

    • Walter Robertson says:

      It sounds to me like you are talking about the democrats and the last election.

    • MICHAEL says:

      Go jump off a cliff you POS. You live in a dream world of fairy tales and your worth nothing

    • Don says:

      Ya know…it’d be best if you engaged your brain before commenting. The ONLY thing between you and the Dems sucking the life out of you is the Senate. You ARE so naive.

    • KDC says:

      Biden is a wimpy old man who has to cheat and run his big tough guy mouth. Anyone who supports this communism should be held accountable.

      • Biden is a commie loser. I would deal with Trump’s foul mouth any day as that’s his personal life and not our business. People can change. In this Country once you do something offensive it follows you forever. Where’s our forgiveness. But there’s a big difference in Trump not controlling his mouth or emotions, especially since he did more in 4 years than President since Reagan. I might not approve of someone’s life, but as long as it doesn’t control his actions as President, I keep my fucking mouth shut. Biden is a child molester. His own dead sins daughter, for God’s sake. You fucking Democrats won’t believe anything even if there’s proof of your Biden. But after going after Trump daily for four years, you came up with squat. Who looks stupid. it’s dangerous to have Biden as President. He will import illegal Criminals in from everywhere and they will attack us from the inside, just like when idiot Obama let them in. ISIS is back and raising hell in Europe. What if we are next. You think that old fuck can protect this Country. Trump doesn’t take shit, while Biden takes it in the ass for money for his criminal family. Every Mother’s Son’s of them should be in prison.

    • nigeria says:

      He gives out free Visas to everyone thats why you voted for Biden

  5. Rick Smith says:

    Bidens to stupid to be president and no more than a Soros puppet! They will give it to Kamala the knee pad queen is there plan! Take her out and you wont have to worry about Obama being in there screwing things up! FBI should get off there ass and do what’s right and turn over evidence against Obama and Biden! Send them to Gitmo!

    • Kay says:

      You sound like you are threatening Vice President Harris.
      You better be careful. There is a cell with your name on it.
      Get a real job, freak, and stop your pathetic attempt at intimidation.

  6. Cindy says:

    This election isn’t about who we like the best but who we know can get jobs done the right way for our country!! I said this from the beginning to family and friends whether you like PRES TRUMP OR NOT ITS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY !!BIDEN AINT GONNA GIVE A CRAP THAT YOU VOTED FOR HIM WHEN HE COMES TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE!!! AND THAT IS ONE OF BIDENS PROMISES NOT TO MENTION HE IS SHUTTING DOWN MILLIONS OF JOBS WITH THE FRACKING AND OIL !! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US AND OUR COUNTRY!!!!

    • Kay says:

      Well grab your gun, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. Put yourself out of your misery. Or, do you sleep with it.

  7. Cindy says:


  8. Kathleen Hollis says:

    I want to know where the thugs went? Biden thinks he’s the new President elect and the riots stop?? Funny uhn?

    • Kay says:

      The PUSSY GRABBER thug is on the golf course right now cheating someone out of a game. Don’t worry, he will be going from the White House to the Big House. You are safe now.

  9. camille says:

    It just seems off that these ballots were sent out way too early, and people who thought Trump may not be a choice, voted for Biden. Then waiting until October to debate when most sent their ballots in before Biden told his real plans for us!!! Which is scary now if he does win we are doomed!! Our way of normalcy is GONE!!!! we will be their puppets!!!

    • Kay says:

      You are too stupid for words. You seriously think a debate is the sum total of a candidate’s agenda. We have a free democracy and therefore can mail our ballots knowing they will be counted. The people that voted against the PUSSY GRABBER, did so because we knew he was rotten to the core when he moved into the White House and he remains the same. It was a no-brained – “When
      People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them”.

  10. Deborah says:

    Hi everyone this is not about Democrats and Republicans it’s about God and satan and God will win

    • Kay says:

      Yes he will, and God is a Democrat. Change parties so you will be on the right side. God will not hold it against you for having been a repulsive repub. Viva Biden

  11. David R. says:

    There’s this thing called the Electoral College that decides on the President and they won’t get together to vote til 12/14

    • Grace says:

      If Joe Biden is elected president will he still be indicted for taking all that money from China and the Ukraine or will the charges disappear??

      • Glenda says:

        Biden like all of the rest swamp will never be brought to justice.Unless you haven’t noticed,they are above the law.God save us from the “socialist rule” of Biden and of the most liberal ever Harris.

  12. Kathi Bilek says:

    It should have NEVER happened the mail in voting This is a race for our country’s leader . I think they should do the election over !! They have seen where the problems are and now thes States can’t refuse to let the pollsters watch because they now have court orders .NEVER SHOULD MAIL In BALLOTS BEEN ALLOWED FOR A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!!!!!!!


      I Totally Agree . . .The Allowing of Mail-In Ballots Was An Open Door To Fraud. The ONLY WAY The Democrats (BIDEN) Could Possibly Win Is To Cheat. Too Bad The Election Process Cannot Be Re-Done . . , Declare A National Emergency . , . Proclaim Martial Law . . . Deploy National Guard Troops To Each And Every Polling Place . . . Require Vote In Person Or Don’t Vote. Maybe Trump Supporters Should March On Washington To Declare Support For President Trump. Was it Not Obama Who Said That Peaceful Protests Are The Right Of Every American ?

  13. bkaur says:

    DemocRATS have absolutely destroyed the integrity of our election system… fraud all over to steal the election. HOW do you magically find over 138,000 ballots in the middle of the night and they are ALL for Biden… a worker at a polling place told an observer that they were told to change the dates on the ballots so they were 11/2/20 even when they were from 11/4/20… dead people voting, people voting in the wrong districts… The election was stolen…
    Lyin’ Biden’s entire campaign was based on NOTHING but vicious hateful lies against Trump.. Biden pounded his hateful lies day after day and the lyin’ media backed him up…

    • Jean Meyer says:

      Biden is a liar and a weasel he would do anything to get trump out of office I know he cheated and lied to win the election. I know the trump win the election
      Biden need to go away.


      Hard To Believe All The “Supposed Votes” To Live Under Socialism. Of All The Wars That This Country Was Involved In, Were They Not To Oppress Oppression ? Now The Millennials Just Want To Hand The Country Over ? BIDEN Says He Will Tax The Rich . . . Really ?
      He Might Want To Look At Who Provides Jobs Here In America . . . Put Pressure On The Rich . . . Bye Bye Jobs !!!!

    • Kay says:

      And so and so told their friend who then told their friend who then told their friend who then told the baker who then told the butcher who then told….oh my, what were you talking about? Sounds like a lot of unreliable gossip – perpetuated by a repulsive repub. Your neighbors must hate you.

  14. James Hutchins says:

    The Secret service needs to investigate Biden for threats made by him against a Sitting President.

  15. Johnny says:

    stormtroopers are coming ( blm antifa other left wing commies ) who the left has already let riot loot burn and destroy if they defund the Police will we be left to defend our own ? will joe blow try to use the armed forces against US citizens – when they try to disarm us those of great will must be ready only time will tell

  16. George E Ferriter says:

    I come from a long service military family going back generations. I have served in uniform, and also in the public space. I have also spent a few years (now past) involved in partisan politics. I have run for state office, and I have worked within the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I have been a County Party Chair, and I have been the Vice Chair of the Rural Caucus of the WI Democratic Party. I have worked closely with and am friends of Party Leadership in Wisconsin. Bona Fides.
    The Democratic Party is not inclined to, nor is it functionally capable of any sort of large scale electoral malfeasance. Partisan leadership is made up of right minded citizens and patriots. The notion that there is any sort of broad effort (or narrow effort for that matter) to corrupt the electoral process from the Democratic side is nonsense. Fake news. End of story, full stop.
    Full transparency. Count every vote.

    • Duane says:

      You are a idiot

    • bkaur says:

      Lyin’ Biden is NOT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY… HE AND HARRIS WILL TEAR IT DOWN… SAY GOOD-BYE TO FREE AMERICA AND HELLO SOCIALISM… Will be higher taxes for ALL, Open borders so more and more illegal aliens can flood our country (including criminal illegal aliens, drug cartel, human traffickers, etc… , Americans forced to pay for free healthcare for ALL illegal aliens, Amnesty for more than 11 million illegal aliens.. job loses, higher gas prices eventually,
      GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY WITH SOCIALIST LYIN’ BIDEN IN OFFICE.. how long after being sworn will Harris take over People just voted for the destruction of America….

      • Kathleen Hollis says:

        I don’t believe for one minute that Biden won. He will lock everybody down and turn this country into a big toilet. I’m very concerned. Everyone should be. I am 55 and have never seen a person become President that can’t complete a thought. You can’t take naps Joe. No putting a lid at 10am. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

      • Kay says:

        Yes, we are going to let in all the drug cartels, raise your taxes, give all immigrants citizenship, sell your babies, take your guns. My God, what the hell are you smoking?
        Calm yourself down and stop being so paranoid. Where in the hell do you get these crazy ideas. Start thinking for yourself and get off the PUSSY GRABBER’S crazy train.
        I’m praying for you.

    • Robert Schultz says:

      first and foremost, I sincerely thank you for your service.
      That being said, I have to disagree with you about corruption in the democrat party. It has been proven numerous times and eluded to many more.
      I am just on the other side of the big puddle in Michigan, and have seen how much things have changed for the worse.
      more dems are leaving the party because it has gone so far off the tracks that they refuse to be part of it anymore.
      I am sure that in the rural areas, they are still sane, but once you hit the cities……. not so much

    • Linda Miller says:

      Your credentials mean squat!
      You are an idiot!

    • Mike says:

      You George are a MORON!!! 140,000 votes show up at 4:00 in the morning & all are for sleezy joe. You believe this to be true, as I stated you are a MORON!!! That’s why you live in Wisconsin.

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t believe that the Democrats aren’t responsible with cheating, with the history behind all the illegal business the Clintons and the Biden’s have gotten away with? You are so wrong if you think Our Country will be better run by these Communist/Socialists! I will forever stand behind my President Trump and no matter how this ends I WILL NEVER CALL JOE BIDEN MY PRESIDENT.

  17. Jerrold Stokes says:

    President Trump is the greatest President in history The swamp mafia own the top cops not one arrest yet Plus the swamp mafia demoRATS henchmen are BLM/Antifa I would be arrested for spray painting a stop sign With that kind of power rigging a election is a easy piece of cake They illegally arrested and charged many affiliated with Trump and tried to blackmail them to lie about Trump Ask mueller why whitey suddenly died in penitentiary Thieves and traitors are in control of our country So face it trying to be civil and voting them out is a joke Anytime a rule gets in their way they just change it So they all y’all the talk but Trump is the only one that talks and walks If your computer was Biden’s you would be doing life in penitentiary A sailor was still in penitentiary for sending pictures of his ship to family until Trump let him out Obama entire administration lied about Benghazi and who knows why but they are immune and they can get medication we are not allowed to have There’s a whole lot more but traitors are immune GET IT

  18. Pegs says:

    No I.D. NO VOTE!!!!!!! That SIMPLE !!! Color me NOT SURPRISED!!! We all knew what was coming. Our GREAT NATION IS UNDER ATTACK FROM THE RADICALS!!! #GOD ALMIGHTY #JESUS

  19. Jerry Whittinghill says:

    Dems are a joke

  20. Don’t take the old man with severe dementia too seriously – I think he says it out of fear, because behind him are Harris and Hillary herself, behind whom there are more than 50 deaths.

    • Kay says:

      The PUSSY GRABBER is responsible for 200,000 plus lives lost to COVID, but who is counting. We are, and he is going to be held accountable for it. Orange is the new red!

  21. something has to be done to stop the drms. fron running and ruining this grate country of ours we got to keep them out of the white house some how

  22. Beach says:

    Everybody that cast a vote for Trump needs to show up at the White House on Jan 20th and lets see who gets escorted where. I dont think they could do a thing. We can drain the swamp all at one time and put all of the liars and cheats where they really belong

  23. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    Who will be running the country if Biden wins? Other people campaigned for him so will other people be the president like Obama, Hillary, Harris?

    Pray for Biden.

    • Glenda says:

      This will be Obama’s 3rd term. Biden echoed the same words Obama did..he will fundamentally transform America when analyzed that means transform this country to socialism. Welcome to the New Socialist States of America.

  24. Wayne Albert says:

    Joe wake up. I voted for you & i made a mistake and!

    • Carol says:

      Not too smart. Can’t believe you didn’t see what was coming. It was all planned, they know he isn’t capable, so she will run the country. Better move to Canada, so many already have

  25. yes we need a revote. this time require voter id, watchers on the vote counts. make sure every thing is done legally. our country is better than this. do not let the corrupt side run the election.

    • MARILYN says:


      • Robert Schultz says:

        Where I voted we all had to show ID as well. unfortunately, many did not.
        There were a lot of polling stations that gave out sharpies to voters knowing that they cannot be read.
        I live in a rural area where people are still sane on both sides. It is when you get to the urban jungle where sanity and ethics seem to be lacking

  26. Duane says:

    For four years the Democrats and media have been trying to get rid of Trump, by liying and cheating the American people. Only an idiot would think that the election was fair. Why in the hell would the crooked Democrats and media stop cheating now. When the fuck will justice be served to all of the criminals ie: Democrats and media. My guess would be never, the FBI,CIA,DOJ are all worthless agency’s. They need to be drained of all the scum, FROM THE TOP DOWN!

    • Mike says:

      If I were sleezy joe, I would watch my back. He won’t make 3 months. His family should be ashamed of themselves, it is obvious that he doesn’t know where he is 90% of the time. How many outrageous gaffs did he make. All for money & power. His son hunter is a POS & his wife isn’t much better. They will all get what they deserve if there is a GOD, especially sleezy, lyin biden. Remember he is running for the senate & he had been in politics for 108 yrs. All these people who voted or cheated for him are going to be very upset when things start going to shit!!!

  27. Joseph says:

    The left has not seen the wrath of the Republicans. When it comes to cheating to win the Presidency the Republicans will not stand for it. Biden you and Harris have a scheme along with Pelosi. The scheme is that if Cry Baby Joe gets elected Pelosi will hit Joe with the 25th amendment to have him removed because of health concernes and then Harris will step in as President. I believe that a lot of Americans can see that because Pelosi wants the 25th so she can move Harris in as President. I think it is a terrible shame for the left to treat a person especially President Trump the way they have. God will punish all who are bad.

    • Kay says:

      We have been living under the wrath of you repulsive Repubs. The Democrats are strong and will purge the White House of the scent of the PUSSY GRABBER and all his pathetic deplorables. Get your head out of his fat ass and help America be great again. The acronym for MAGA is Maggots Against GOD’s America.

      • nancy says:

        Kay I think you need someone to grab your PUSSY NOW!

        • Kay says:

          Ooh Nasty Nancy – are you hitting on me?

        • Kay says:

          Hey come on Nasty Nancy are you a PUSSY GRABBER
          like Trump. No wonder you defend it.. You must fantasize
          about that pig stuffing his fat little sausage fingers down your pants and grabbing your stinky crotch. Yuck, just the thought of it makes me want to puke. You will have to be happy with that because rumor has it that his duck is the size of a peanut so we won’t be able to find your hole.

  28. Will Harden says:

    Biden has 3 strikes against him.
    First, he is a weak man. The last time we had a weak man was George Bush.
    The presidency does not allow for a power vacuum and Cheney’s gang of five moved in to tell George what to do.
    Secondly, Joe Biden is already sold out to China and Russia. Our enemies have bought him.
    Worse of all, Joe Biden has gotten elected through election Fraud in the way of mail- ballots.

  29. Ross says:

    Let the crooked traitor go for it. Trump needs to knock his dick stiff.

  30. Bob says:

    No evidence of Fraud!!! Are you kidding!! Video’s of 3 cars dropping off 130,000 ballots 2 days after deadline in Detroit. 100% of ballots for Biden You have a better chance of winning the lottery and being hit by lightening the same day. Same scene in Philly, 400,000 ballots and 27,400 ballots after everyone is gone 4:00am, all 100% for Biden. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Lots of people need to go to prison. If we allow this to stand, we will never again have an honest election and no one will ever trust results. We will become a banana Republic.

  31. maxibaby says:

    Democrats have been stealing elections as long as anyone can remember, Lyndon Johnson TX (D), used to steal cattle and anything else he could get his hands on before he got into politics, his first Senate seat was stolen and he knew it and, JFK who is still worshipped and revered by the Dems and many Republicans…..votes were stolen in Illinois that enabled him to win the Presidency AND he was called and told not to concern himself they would not stop until they had the votes needed to elect him. I lived during JFK’s time and all of us who did know enough on him and his family to gag a maggot and yet over time people like me have died and his bad deeds have disappeared so, the Dems not only lie, cheat and steal elections, somehow they manage to change historical facts, truth and records! When I read a comment written by a Republican that says “JFK was the last good President the Dems had”….it makes me want to throw up! If it was not for the family fortune the Kennedy ancestors made illegally, the Kennedy family would be known as white trash! Money changes everything including buying elections!
    Okay my dad always said “if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything” so, I will shush up!

    • Rebecca Gray says:

      I lived during yhose times and worked as an election judge. Most of the time it was pretty hush hush. One election, a whole bunch of ballot boxes were “misplaced,” I think it was about seven. They kept us until early morning so everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. By the time we could complain, it was said it didn’t make a difference in the count anyway. Don’t think anything was ever done about it.

    • Rebecca Gray says:

      I lived during those times and worked as an election judge. Most of the time it was pretty hush hush. One election, a whole bunch of ballot boxes were “misplaced,” I think it was about seven. They kept us until early morning so everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. By the time we could complain, it was said it didn’t make a difference in the count anyway. Don’t think anything was ever done about it.

  32. Denver Bowles says:

    Don’t count your eggs before they hatch ,joe biden

  33. angela says:

    What happened to Obama’s saying Biden, is caring and honest. Truth of who he really is is taking it’s toll in his head. President Trump won’t have to leave escorted or not, HE IS THE PRESIDENT ELECT!!! It is up to us Americans to guard against IGNORANCE, by being informed. What the Democrats, have done, and are doing, as roaches hide in the darkness and run when the light exposes them, they too are now scrambling.

  34. Larry Rossiter says:

    For all you doubting Thomas’s out there, let president Trump finish what he has started before you count him as lost
    I believe he will be victorious and a lot of socialist Demonrats will be in jail. Is what I’m praying for.

  35. Linda M. says:

    I just love it when it fits THEIR purpose the demon party starts quoting law as to what they can do, as far as escorting our TRUE president out of the White House.All the while these past 4 years all they have done IS break the law, and most of them belong in federal prison for their treasonous acts!! I knew the minute the Demon party prevented most of us from voting IN PERSON they were going to commit voter fraud with these mail in votes. That’s why Biden is so sure he has been elected!! Well, we will see about that Mr. Biden.”We The People” will never acknowledge you as our next sitting president. Or the REAL candidate, Harris.Trump and his supporters WILL fight you every inch of the way, until justice is accomplished….GOD bless President Trump and VP Pence!!!!

  36. Brenda says:

    President Trump is Americas president. He has won this election, without the cheating that the Dems are doing, to do so. He has the people behind him and for him. I think he should take this through every legal process he has to show those dumb dems that they can’t steal an election. With all the rally’s and flag parades across the U.S. and the massive amount of Trump supporters he WON. Dems need to just go back to their basements and stay there.

    • Mable says:

      Don’t it embarrasses you to admit to liking such low life scum as the Orange Turd. He is EVIL how can you hear his words and see his temper tantrums and not see a baby man.

      • MARILYN says:

        You’re entitled to your opinion! You don’t have to like him, you just have to face reality. He’s managed to accomplish a lot in 3 1/2yrs even though he had to deal with THE IGNORANCE OF A FAKE RUSSA INVESTIGATION! Just give some thought as to what could have been accomplished had he not have to deal with FAKE ACCUSATIONS AND IGNORANCE ON THE OPPOSING GROUP. Speaking of the Opposing Group according to what I’ve noticed they were REPLACED IN THIS RECENT ELECTION WITH THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES ON THE BALLOT. How’s that happen, more REPUBLICANS WERE ELECTED AND YOU WANT US TO BELIEVE THOSE WHO VOTED THEM IN FAILED TO VOTE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT? IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

        • Linda M. says:

          Thank you Marilyn for your quite correct comments. It’s so sad these totally brainwashed Democrats can not look beyond Trumps’ personalty flaws and acknowledge all the great things he has done for our country and all it’s citizens.Joe Biden can not make ONE statement without a teleprompter and yet this is the person they want to be our president?? I think not!!
          Just keep praying our president will be re-elected….

      • MARILYN says:

        You’re entitled to your opinion! You don’t have to like him, you just have to face reality. He’s managed to accomplish a lot in 3 1/2yrs even though he had to deal with THE IGNORANCE OF A FAKE RUSSA INVESTIGATION! Just give some thought as to what could have been accomplished had he not have to deal with FAKE ACCUSATIONS AND IGNORANCE ON THE OPPOSING GROUP. Speaking of the Opposing Group according to what I’ve noticed they were REPLACED IN THIS RECENT ELECTION WITH THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES ON THE BALLOT. How’s that happen, more REPUBLICANS WERE ELECTED AND YOU WANT US TO BELIEVE THOSE WHO VOTED THEM IN FAILED TO VOTE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT?

      • Robert Schultz says:

        I respect your opinion, because that is a right that we still have in this country, and I respect and love our country.
        The other two responders to you hate filled and ignorant comment were very nice, and correct in their assessment of your opinion.
        I on the other hand am no more. I used to be. I would patiently try to show you assholes the truth, and hope that you would understand that you are brainwashed by the media.
        Now, after listening to you keyboard cowards talk shit for almost for years, I have had enough.
        I will leave you with my opinion, which I am still entitled to, and pose a question to you and yours.
        First. my statement: FUCK YOU! YOU WORTHLESS COMMIE PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!
        and the Question: How does it feel to be complicit in the fraud to elect a senile old pedophile and traitor to our country, and a whore who slept her way to the middle, to an office that they dont deserve…. and lost to the person you hate most?
        You are all losers doing what you do best. losing

        • Kay says:

          You are irrelevant – you have nothing worthwhile to say.
          Get a grip on your anger or you may find yourself being transported by ambulance. It must suck to be you.

      • Mike says:

        Mable you are an Ignorant POS. Go back to mommy & daddys basement you MORON. The republicans had better not let all this biden crap go. He should be impeached & removed from office if he wins. If the republicans turn out to be COWARDS, there will be HELL to pay. Do you hear me Barr. If this is not completed & all this voter fraud is not fixed you will go down in history as a DISGRACE & TRAITOR…

      • Debbie says:

        I am saddened by the disrespect of people like you calling our honorable President Trump names. He loves our Country and the American People and has fought long and hard to make it the Best it has ever been. I will never give up my freedom without a fight nor will I just let the Democrats take away our guns, murder unborn and also born babies, make us pay more taxes, pay more at the pump, or watch them take away all of our jobs that belong to our coal miners and oil field workers, not to mention our farmers too! That part that saddens me even more is the fact that you all want someone running our Country that has been being investigated for crimes and never charged. Not to mention that in one speech he said he was running for the Senate.

  37. Mike says:

    So help me understand, we might have Joe Biden as President, when we understand that there is proof that both father and son have stole millions.

    we should explore that, immediately

  38. Charlene says:

    This whole election is a sham!!! The democrat rats have been allowed to still our election!!! SICKENIBG!!! President Trump is the best President we’ve ever had! He cares fir the American people!! The rats only care about filling their pockets!!!! They could care less about the American people!!!! THEY ARE STEALING OUR ELECTION CAN ANYONE SEE THAT!!! THER NEEDS TO BE A COMPLETE RECOUNT AND THE MONITORS NEED TO BE AT EACH BALLOT COUNTERS TABLE!!! THIS IS SICKENING!!!!!! That is a lie this is the only response I’ve done. Just like the election someone is doing something because they don’t like my response!!! If you say I’ve already left a comment SHOW IT TO ME!!! JUST LIKE THE DEMORATS TRYING TO SUPPRESS MY COMMENT!!!

  39. Hester Jacobs says:

    If Barr has done his job all the swamp was in jail and these dishonest people would not rejoice and tread the President of the USA, they have no respect for any human being.

    • T Beach says:

      Barr and Wrey both need to go. Why is Barr setting on all those indictments?? He should have brought out Hunters laptop last Dec during the impeachment but with held that too. I dont think he has but a small group he can trust to do anything to help him.

      • Kay says:

        Hey dude, Barr saw the writing on the wall and decided he wasn’t going to be PUSSY GRABBER’S bitch anymore.
        How about you, are you tired of being PUSSY GABBER’S

  40. Charlene says:

    This whole election is a sham!!! The democrat rats have been allowed to still our election!!! SICKENIBG!!! President Trump is the best President we’ve ever had! He cares fir the American people!! The rats only care about filling their pockets!!!! They could care less about the American people!!!! THEY ARE STEALING OUR ELECTION CAN ANYONE SEE THAT!!! THER NEEDS TO BE A COMPLETE RECOUNT AND THE MONITORS NEED TO BE AT EACH BALLOT COUNTERS TABLE!!! THIS IS SICKENING!!!!!! That is a lie this is the only response I’ve done. Just like the election someone is doing something because they don’t like my response!!!

  41. Taf says:

    I vote for Mary AllBright……………………

  42. Charlene says:

    This whole election is a sham!!! The democrat rats have been allowed to still our election!!! SICKENIBG!!! President Trump is the best President we’ve ever had! He cares fir the American people!! The rats only care about filling their pockets!!!! They could care less about the American people!!!! THEY ARE STEALING OUR ELECTION CAN ANYONE SEE THAT!!! THER NEEDS TO BE A COMPLETE RECOUNT AND THE MONITORS NEED TO BE AT EACH BALLOT COUNTERS TABLE!!! THIS IS SICKENING!!!!!!

  43. Denise Gonzalez says:

    As a 2nd time voter my theory is right, it really doesn’t matter who You vote for, “They” will put in Office who “They” choose.
    I never wanted to believe my theory so at the age of 55 I decided to vote. I was happy to see that was the case 4 years ago, but I guess “They” let one get away.
    I am appalled by the voting tactics of this Country. Now that “They” have been revealed it will be interesting to see what future elections will be like

  44. Josh says:

    Listen here you son of a bitch, your not the President, of the United States, Trump is, and youd do well to keep your lying, cheating, stealing mouth shut! Jackass!

    • Gilberte says:

      Well said! Enough is ENOUGH!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      A pedophile & a whore is the best the demoncrap party can put up. Everyone knows that sleezy joe always swims & walks around naked in front of secret service personnel, especially women. This has be reported by secret service, & heels-up slept her way to where she got to. She couldn’t even get 1% of vote when running for president!!! This whole election has been a JOKE!!!

      • Kay says:

        Right Mikey, I’m sure you have had multiple conversations with the secret service. You are a joke. The PUSSY GRABBER lost and you need to accept that. Your remarks about Vice President Harris proves just what a pencil dick you are. I am laughing.

    • Kay says:

      Calm down. The PUSSY GRABBER lost and President Biden won. No matter how much you kick and scream, the people have spoken. Compose yourself, figure out how you can become a contributing member to society, and stop your whining. You are going to be okay.

  45. Carol says:

    The Election is not over until the votes are verified by each state. Also, any recounts will need to be completed. The constitutional process is very clear.

    Joe Biden threatening Trump only shows the reckless thug he can be. That may work with the people of the Ukraine, but it is not the Presidential way we act in the United States.

  46. Jane Jones says:

    This whole election is a sham negotiated by the DEMS and their accomplices. Our country will be much worse off with the DEMS. There are too many bad politicians within the DEMS party and Mr. Trump didn’t get the chance to completely drain the SWAMP.

  47. ken says:

    Get Palosi out and DEFINITELY, after this is all over, Hillary should not be off the hook for what she did….Her actions are far more serious than Trumps…Palosi needs rest in a rest home….permanently until her mental state is in tact…. Such Democrat evil that exists and these are the kind of people others want to run our country…..We are dooooooommmmmmed!

    • Dora Salinas Guevara says:

      So many false comments!! Trump and his followers can’t accept that there is no evidence of fraud!! Trump continues with his lies!! Trump undermines our democracy!! Trump falsely claims fraud and victory!! Russia is doing the same by spreading false information!! The American people have spoken with their voting and that is what counts regardless of who wins!!

      • T Beach says:

        You must be that girl in the video smoking crack with Hunter and doin the hoppity dippity with him and his buddies. Something is definetly wrong with your head

      • Debbie says:

        The real Americans are speaking up and that is why there are so many disagreeing with you. I don’t consider you a true American when you agree with anything the Democrat party stands for and is planning on taking away from us true Americans! I will forever fight for my President Trump and will never call Joe Biden my President!

  48. David Smith says:

    Patricia Barnes you are right but just try it I bet you and anyone else who tries to demand a new election and there will not be many Americans are too stupid and lazy to fight back and scares will either be shot as protesters or just disappear. I am a little stupid when did it come down to electoral votes and certain states being the key to who wins It was supposed to be by the people by voting. This country is done good luck to you white Americans that stay you will be fighting Blacks and Latino and Mexicans in the next civil war plus illegal terrorist that just walked into our country. I’ll read about it from my next home sweet home

  49. Carol says:

    First of all, the election results are not final and have not been certified. Secondly, the change of power doesn’t take place until January 20, 2021. It’s premature to be making a statement like the Biden campaign has made. Let’s just all calm down and let the process complete!

    • 14th AMENDMENT. DUE TO ALL ILLEGAL BALLOTS MAILED OUT AND HARVESTED AND ACCEPTED AFTER Nov. 3rd should not have been used anywhere in the country. I am ready to vote again. Thank you.

      • Amen to ALL…God Bless America and the good and hardworking American people, and God Bless Pres. Trump.

      • Martin Hill says:

        William, I agree 100% with your “do-over” of the voting for the entire Country….starting with a Photo ID for EVERY VOTER..and this must be produced to the voting clerk and a signature placed on the voting roll…..If anyone is unable to obtain the ID then there will be assistance for them. When voting time arrives there will be no exemption for No-Shows..they just lost their vote. Show up and vote IN PERSON if you wish to do your patriotic duty. NO MORE MAIL IN BALLOTS and other ballots will only be approved for military and those away from home State at that time. No more pussy footing around with this extremely loosely run operation.

      • Denise says:

        I Agree Let’s Vote Again

  50. Betty says:


    p.s. So why haven’t you posted my comment

  51. Betty says:


    p.s. So why haven’t you posted my comment

  52. God knows best and will see us through this as he did in 2016.

  53. Donna Hernandez says:

    No Trump no peace

    • Kay says:

      What do you have planned? Sounds like the secret service needs to talk to you. If you have been making threats and anyone has heard them, they need to, “see something, say something”.

  54. BH says:

    And Again, twitter blocked anyone from seeing these!

  55. Joan M. Johnson says:

    God help the American people if this mess does not get resolved in favor of President Trump. Never in all of my 90 years have I seen such disrespect and lack of integrity in our political arena as we have today. Praying I will not have to live in this life much longer.

  56. Sic&Tired says:

    This Whole Election….Has Been a Total Joke.!! Can’t even have Firm, True, Verified, Votes.!! That tells You – Right Now….that this Country Doesn’t Have a Handle on ANYTHING.!! You Put Biden and Harris in as our Country’s – Leaders……..One Has Seen Anything Yet as to the Chaos, Hate, Discontent, Total Increased Racism FOR SURE….. Sad that we have So Many Dumb Americans in this Country. Sad that I even have to make a Statement of this Nature, but look at ALL that is going on in this Country….Stupid BLM, Stupid ANTIFA, Corruption in our Governmental Ranks….. AND it just keeps going ON and ON.!!! Democrats get in – It is Pretty Much Over for things in our Country. The Democrats would look at me and say that I don’t know what I am talking about…..BUT, When was the Last Time a Democrat Looked Themselves into a Mirror and Truly See What They Are Looking At…?? Here is a Blank Line, which any on You can fill in Yourself. You don’t even want to know what I would enter onto that Line about the A-Hole Democrats, Leftest’s, Marxist’s, etc. etc. So Here – You Enter What You Would Like to Say: ____________________!!!???

    • Raymond says:

      If Biden wins this will be first time we will have an idiot as President.
      This country will be known as the “Disjointed States of America” and well on the way to socialism.

  57. Brenda Martin says:

    It is very clear the Democrats are adding votes to where they are behind and CBS when I watched it last nite was such a disgrace they were so negative of President Trump Nora should be fired period , Most of us know about Fake News and how much Democrats cheat , Hillary, Obama, Biden an his son illegal activity with China shoved under the rug . It’s clear who runs this Nation , Can we not Drain the swamp ?

  58. Betty says:


  59. Patricia Barnes says:

    Did you know that we, the people do not have to accept the election results? According to the 14th amendment, we can order a brand new election, discarding the one we just went through. Just tell your Governors, Senators and the President. We can have a do-over!

    • Sharon L Baker says:

      How can we do this? Let’s do a do over with no mail in ballots!

      • william ahrens says:

        I agree. There is so much suspicion regarding the integrity and honesty of the presidential election as well as lessor political positions, we should mandate a new election with iron clad provisions assuring equal and honest results. From what I see there is strong suspicion of fraud and manipulation particularly from the Democrats who are desperate to take control. If they succeed God help us. With a country as strong and wealthy as ours there should be no doubt as to the honesty of the outcome.

    • Libby Talley says:

      America needs to re-vote with picture ID & mail in vote should be witness! The election is over on November 3rd people had plenty of time to get votes in!!! I want it explained how states extended extra time which isn’t right!

  60. Melba E Moody says:

    I think they should just either throw out all mail ins or throw every thing out & do a new vote with no mail ins……………this is disgusting the way the dems are acting……….they should be ashamed of themselves………

  61. Becky says:

    Only a stealer would make such treats to the American President .He must have been assured the vote .But they have not been counted as of yet !!! Americans let your voice be heard cause we are not asleep at the wheel

  62. Miriam Ibarguengoitia says:

    Stop stealing us!!! We don’t accept so many treacherous behaviors at different voting places. We will fight!!!

  63. Don Butler says:

    They won’t escort him out until January 20th when his rule is over. The funny thing is will be the process servers waiting to hand out the subpoenas to him and his family especially his daughter. Him and his daughter have multiple counts of tax fraud coming up that is 5 years at a whack.

    • Donald Gunnell says:

      These liberal cowards won’t escort anybody out of nothing all talk, the election has not even been decided yet and your messiahs are trying to steal another election.

      • Kay says:

        Oh really. If the PUSSY GRABBER and his trashy entourage don’t leave on their own accord, there are other ways to remove them. The extermination and disinfection can begin and the White House will be pristine once again. The putrid odors of racism and whoremongering will be put to rest. I have it on good authority that the PUSSY GRABBER recently tried to sneak Story Daniels in to try out the Lincoln room. He got busted by Melania so he just pleasured himself. Yikes, I hope there is a lo of bleach on hand – they are going to need it.

  64. Lela G Goar says:

    President Trump is a gentleman and one who truly loves America. He has proven for the past four years that he will put American interests first and grow our economy, jobs, infrastructure and healthcare for the American citizens. His foreign policies have far exceeded in anything the past presidents have accomplished and we are not in any more wars because of it.

    If the Democrats succeed in winning this election by pushing a corrupt man who has served 47 years in government and has helped no one other than his family. Just look at the proof if we are lucky enough to see it not be destroyed before it sees the light of day. America needs to wake up against the Deep State before we are at the point of no return.

  65. Eileen says:

    Not much class on the part of Joe Biden , as seen during the debates.

  66. Judith Stein says:

    Congratulations newly elected President Kamala Harris and Vice President Joe Biden OR is it newly appointed President Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris. Surely, this is the plan of the Democratic Party!Joe Biden obviously can’t run this country.

    • If Biden gets in through corruption and cheating then all of you that voted for president trump better pray that the Senate is full of Republicans otherwise we lose our country because of the Democrats run the house the Senate and Biden goodbye America as we know it will never see another free country again God bless America! You democrats congratulations on getting away with cheating and getting what you think you want! The rest of us will Pray the senate at least keeps the majority! Otherwise Kamala Harris will destroy our country!

    • Kay says:

      Don’t worry Judith, whatever the combination is, it will be better than the PUSSY GRABBER. Just say thank you to the Democrats for saving your sorry ass.

  67. Jan says:

    Isn’t it a little early to be escorting anyone from the White House? A president’s term is for four full years and not just until the election!

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