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Breaking Now: 15 Shot, 1 Dead

( – Breaking Now: Another day, another inexplicable mass shooting rampage in the United States of America where, in recent years, as Americans seemingly grow more violent, barely a day goes by that there isn’t a mass shooting somewhere in the country. Grocery stores, movie theaters, elementary schools, and almost every other place where Americans gather in public are no longer safe from the violence that courses through the veins of America.

This time, in the wee hours of this Sunday morning, the bloody carnage erupted at a bar in St. Paul, Minnesota, shortly after midnight when, reportedly, multiple shooters opened fire. When the gunsmoke cleared, a young woman in her 20s lay dead, and 14 victims were scattered about the scene. According to an official statement issued by the St. Paul Police Department, officers arriving at the bar witnessed a “hellish situation” as they took action to ensure the scene was under control so that EMTs could render emergency medical aid to the victims.

According to law enforcement sources, the 14 victims were transported to area hospitals, and as of this time, they are expected to survive.

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell expressed his condolences to the victims, saying, “My heart breaks for the woman who was killed, her loved ones, and everyone else who was in that bar this morning.”

This is a breaking news report from Red Alert News, and we will update this report as more developments in this shooting become available.

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