BREAKING NOW: More Tragedy in School Massacre Community

Joe and Irma Garcia

( – BREAKING NOW: As if things couldn’t get worse for the good people in the community of Uvalde, Texas — the site of one of the worst massacres of schoolchildren in United States history — Joe Garcia, the husband of slain school teacher Irma Garcia has died of a heart attack triggered by his grief.

Irma Garcia’s nephew, John Martinez, tweeted this just a short while ago.

Additionally, reports:

“The husband of one of the teachers who was shot and killed at Robb Elementary School while trying to protect her students has also died, family members confirm.

“Irma Garcia’s husband, Joe, “passed away due to grief,” a nephew posted on Twitter.

“According to Irma Garcia’s online teacher’s biography, the couple had been married for 24 years and have four children.”

And The Dallas Morning News notes:

“The husband of one of the slain Uvalde teachers died of a heart attack Thursday, two days after the school shooting that also killed another teacher and 19 children.

“In a tweet, a family member confirmed that Joe Garcia, Irma Garcia’s husband of 24 years, “passed away due to grief.” They were high school sweethearts and parents to four children.”


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