Breaking Now: Supreme Court Will Halt Biden Vaccine Mandate!?!


( – BREAKING NOW: After an extremely rare three and a half hour hearing, the United States Supreme Court, led by its conservative majority, appears ready to immediately halt, at least temporarily, President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate that he imposed on employers all across the United States of America. Still, the Court may leave Biden’s mandate in place for healthcare workers.

If the Court issues a halt to the mandate, it could come any minute as Biden’s order takes effect on Monday.

Here’s a small portion of a report of what took place in the closed-off courtroom from The Washington Post:

Conservative Supreme Court justices on Friday appeared skeptical that the Biden administration has legal authority to impose a broad vaccination-or-testing requirement on large employers, casting doubt on President Biden’s most ambitious plan to fight the pandemic.

“But there was a different reaction to the administration’s vaccine mandate for healthcare personnel that receive federal Medicaid and Medicare funds. Some of the justices who expressed doubt about the general workplace requirements seemed more receptive to the idea that healthcare workers could be required to get vaccinated…

A majority of justices seemed inclined to agree with private businesses and Republican-led states that OSHA’s proposed action seemed more in line with what states or Congress might dictate, rather than a federal agency.” [emphasis added]

The lawyers representing the National Federation of Independent Business asked the justices to rule before Monday as that the day OSHA’s and Biden’s current orders will impact businesses.

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