Breaking: NY Times Finally Admits THIS About Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden

( – Happening Now: It took an awfully long time, but deep in a New York Times article published today that provides an exclusive and detailed expose on the federal investigation of Hunter Biden that relies heavily on sources in the federal government with access to the status of the investigation, the Times finally acknowledges that a significant portion of the evidence comes from the laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop in Delaware.

The significance of it taking the Times this long to make that acknowledgment is that it was evident during the 2020 Presidential Election that the mainstream corporate media was doing its best not to let its audiences know about the laptop and its sordid details – facts that could have swayed an electorally significant portion of voters.

As the New York Post writes today:

“A comprehensive report about the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax filings published by the New York Times on Wednesday night confirmed the existence of the first son’s infamous laptop.” [emphasis added]

That is in the very first paragraph of the Post’s piece. Yet, you’d have to go almost to the end of the New York Times piece – and it’s a very long article – to find that confirmation.

The question is: Why did the New York Times and almost all mainstream corporate media outlets hide the existence of the laptop from voters in the runup to the election?

That’s a rhetorical question.

The other major revelation in the New York Times article – and it’s a big one – is that, while under investigation, Hunter has paid more than a million dollars in back taxes involving the business dealings that are currently under investigation.