BREAKING: Powerful Religious Conservative Has Died

( – BREAKING NOW: Pat Robertson, a popular religious broadcaster and former presidential candidate, has passed away at the age of 93. His broadcasting network confirmed his passing, although the cause of death wasn’t provided.

Robertson was a significant figure in the world of Christian broadcasting. He created the Christian Broadcasting Network and hosted a well-liked program called “The 700 Club.” His health had been declining since suffering a stroke in 2018.

In 1987, Robertson, a former Southern Baptist minister, made a surprising run for the U.S. presidency. He started strong in his race for the Republican nomination, surprising even Vice President George H.W. Bush by doing well in the initial stages of the race. Although he didn’t win the nomination, he used his newfound political standing to create the Christian Coalition in 1989. This group helped conservative Christians to have a bigger say in Washington and to become more politically active.

Laura R. Olson, a political science professor at Clemson University, noted Robertson’s ability to take his presidential campaign experience and use it to establish an influential political group.

Robertson, whose father was a U.S. senator and a Yale law school graduate, used his educational background and media skills to develop the Christian Coalition, building on the work started by Rev. Jerry Falwell with the Moral Majority.

Like Falwell, Robertson was a conservative preacher, advocating against what he believed were signs of America’s moral decline, such as legalized abortion and homosexuality and criticizing certain government policies. However, Robertson’s conservatism style was considered more polished than Falwell’s.

Using his influence, Robertson encouraged conservative Christian values and promoted political candidates aligned with his views. By 1995, the Christian Coalition boasted 1.6 million members in 1,600 chapters and received almost $25 million in donations in 1996.

Robertson gained fame as the host of “The 700 Club,” a unique religious show that aired on his Christian Broadcasting Network. His casual and engaging style and his passion for his faith helped him gain a wide audience.