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Breaking: Robert E. Lee Statue Removed

Happening Now: Another piece of American history has been pulled down. The statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that has been located in Virginia’s state capital for many years was removed this morning.


“Work crews removed the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from its place on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Va., on Wednesday, following a year-long court battle,” according to National Review. [emphasis added]

“‘Any remnant like this that glorifies the Lost Cause of the Civil War, it needs to come down,’ Governor Ralph Northam told reporters at the site shortly before the statue came down. ‘This is, you know, hopefully a new day, a new era in Virginia. And in this country where, you know, we can welcome people and we can embrace diversity.’

“Lawrence West, the founder of Black Lives Matter Richmond, said it was ‘very satisfying’ to see the statue removed in comments to CNN…

“Northam ordered the removal of the statue in June 2020 following massive, nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

For more of this report, please go to National Review.

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