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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has Died

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Breaking News: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away this evening of metastatic pancreatic cancer at age 87.

Diagnosed with cancer four times, Ginsburg had had numerous health scares, including several recent hospitalizations. Her death will open a pivotal seat on the court less than 50 days before the election,” according to NBC News.

A sharp-tongued moderate liberal, Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993 and had repeatedly vowed to stay on as long as her health permitted, even when some liberals pressured her to step down at age 81 during the Obama administration so a Democratic president could be guaranteed to appoint her successor.”

Ginsburg, who was only the second female justice to sit on the nation’s highest court, was a fierce crusader for women’s rights. She credited her mother, who died of cancer a day before Ginsburg graduated from high school, with influencing her advocacy for women.”


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  1. DV says:

    She has been dead since March, just after her last interview in Feb. Only dictated messages since then. Democrats have been hiding the fact in hopes it would be impossible to replace her before the Election!!

  2. John Hannon says:

    New Supreme Court Judge needs to be a strong person that will defend the Constitution , no left wing liberal pacifist

  3. Joe says:

    With ALL the sedition, subversion, obstruction and the tremendous social chaos upheaval confronting our nation…. Jeanine Ferris Pirro for US Supreme Court Judgeship………..NOW…!!!”

  4. Joe says:

    “Jeanine Ferris Pirro for US Supreme Court Judgeship………..NOW…!!!”

  5. BOBBY T says:


  6. Chas B says:

    Many people have been saying that the people should have a voice in the selection for the next Justice. The people have had their voice when they chose President Trump and a Republican Senate. It was high on the list of the reasons people chose Trump and a Republican Senate. The people HAVE had their voice known. We need confirmation of the next Justice now,

  7. Linda Ross says:

    May the blessings be according to God’s will and Grace

  8. I did not agree with many of her positions, but I respected her right to express
    them and vote accordingly. I hope she passed in peace !!
    I hope President Trump names a strong jurist who will vote according to the
    Constitution at all times.
    MayGod guide President Trump’s choice !!!

  9. Joyce Ward says:

    They need to appoint another woman judge to the Supreme Court.. My condolences to her family and to the other judges on the Justice panel..?

  10. Gael Czartowski says:

    did NOT agree with many of her positions; but, I respect her right to express them and vote accordingly. I hope she passed in peace.
    I hope that President Trump names a strong jurist who will vote according to
    the Constitution at ALL times !!! May God guide President Trump’s choice.

  11. B.F Jackson III says:

    He has mentioned Send. Ted Cruze of Tx. among others, but according to Conservative news, and the Patriot, Cruze would be very Qualified among all the others and a great pick to seat on the US Supreme Court for Trump.

    • Dette Mills says:

      I don’t trust Ted Cruz to always to base his decisions on The Constitution that our forefathers fought and died for. He’s too much of a Politician and is too easily persuaded to go along with the Leftwing Dems. He’s too much like John McCain and Mitt Romney. I hope we get a strong Constitutionalist rather than Legislator!

    • Dette Mills says:

      Do you mean Judge Judy? I think she would be great! She knows the law inside and out and would not be swayed by party lines. However, she’s already in mid-seventies age-wise.

  12. Cathy says:

    Yes I know. Can’t wait to see who our president names to fill the seat. I’m sure they’ll be marvelous.

  13. Maria D Garcia says:

    So very sad…God rest her soul…