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Breaking: School Shooting / Multiple Shot / At Least One Dead

( – Update: The suspect has been captured.

BREAKING NOW: We are receiving multiple reports of an active shooter who has gone on a rampage in Mansfield Timberview High School located in Arlington, Texas. There are reports of numerous casualties, including at least one fatality.

The school has been placed on lockdown, as has at least one other school in the area. It’s unclear at this moment whether the shooter is still on the loose inside the school or in the surrounding community. Law enforcement professionals from numerous departments and agencies – including the Arlington Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives – have converged on the school in an attempt to check every classroom and restore safety to the students and school personnel.

Parents have been directed to the Mansfield Performing Arts Center to learn more about the crisis and arrange to pick up their children once they are released from the school.

One reporter who works for KTLA has posted a video (see below) that her daughter sent her that reportedly is from inside a classroom at the school and shows students scrambling as they earn of the shooting. One can only imagine the fear that students feel when an event like this takes place. Even though almost all schools in the United States now engage in training drills to practice what to do in the event of an active shooter, no drill can prepare a child – or an adult – for the terror that fills them if, tragically, an actual shooting crisis develops.

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