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Breaking: Suicide Bomber Detonates at Kabul Airport

Update #1: There are now reports that U.S. military personnel are among the casualties.

Update #2: There’s been a second explosion at the airport.

Update #3: U.S. service members are among the dead.

Update #4: Unconfirmed reports that four U.S. Marines have been killed and several others wounded.

Breaking Now: What was feared has happened.

A suicide bomber has detonated at an entrance gate to the Kabul airport being used by Americans and Afghan refugees to flee Afghanistan.

The explosion was followed by multiple reports of gunfire.

There are unconfirmed reports of multiple deaths and casualties, although so far the Pentagon has not supplied any information.

Several intelligence sources believe the attack was carried out by ISIS as ISIS is a sworn enemy of both the United States and the Taliban.

An alert has just gone out to Americans in Afghanistan to leave any of the other gates at the airport and to not travel to the airport.

This is a breaking news report and we will have more as the day unfolds and we learn more from sources on the ground in Afghanistan.

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