BREAKING TESTIMONY: Hillary Clinton Approved Leak Falsely Linking Trump To Russia

Hillary Rodham Clinton

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, in courtroom testimony delivered under oath, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Manager testified that Clinton approved the leak to the press about an alleged link between Donald Trump and Russia.

An alleged link that was false but sparked a firestorm on the eve of the election almost costing Trump the presidency.

As National Review recounts what happened in the courtroom:

“Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, said that Clinton “agreed” to leak allegations that the Trump Organization had a secret communications channel with Russia’s Alfa Bank to the media during his Friday testimony in the Michael Sussmann false-statement trial.

“Mook said that he and the campaign were unsure of the evidence’s credibility at the time…Mook said that he “discussed it with Hillary as well” and that “she agreed to” their decision to hand the evidence over to the press.” [emphasis added]

Not only was Clinton the catalyst in leaking the false allegation to the media, she then attempted to capitalize on it by tweeting about it herself.

“After the Trump-Alfa Bank evidence was made public via media leaks, Clinton touted the claim on Twitter.” [emphasis added]

You can see Clinton’s tweet from October 31, 2016 — just days before the election — further down this post.