Breaking: Top Trump Aide Under Investigation for Voter Fraud

Mark Meadows

( – Breaking Now: Mark Meadows, the former White House Chief of Staff who served for a period during the presidential administration of former President Donald Trump, is under investigation for voter fraud.

According to multiple news sources, including Yahoo News:

“Mark Meadows has been removed from North Carolina’s voter rolls, a move made as the State Bureau of Investigation continues a probe into allegations the former White House chief of staff committed election fraud.

“Macon County Board of Elections Director Melanie Thibault confirmed April 12 that she had removed Meadows the prior day from the county’s active voter list. Thibault said she consulted N.C. Board of Elections staff in Raleigh after finding records that Meadows was registered both in Virginia and North Carolina.

“‘What I found was that he was also registered in the state of Virginia. And he voted in a 2021 election. The last election he voted in Macon County was in 2020,’ she said.” [emphasis added]


“Meadows, an ex-Asheville and Western North Carolina congressman…has not commented on the allegations since news broke in March that he registered to vote at a single-wide mobile home in Macon County where there is no evidence he ever lived. Meadows voted absentee using that address in the 2020 general election.” [emphasis added]

Election law experts say that while the case against Meadows appears strong, the criminal prosecution exposure he may face would be relatively minimal.

This is a breaking news report.