BREAKING: Trump Associates Charged With Felonies

( – The leftist judicial onslaught against anyone connected with Donald Trump has erupted anew as Wisconsin has charged three allies of the former president over an alleged scheme to subvert the 2020 election in the state.

The Daily Caller reports, citing court documents, that two 2020 Trump campaign lawyers, Kenneth Chesebro and Jim Troupis, and former Trump campaign official Mike Roman, have been charged with felony forgery.

Leftist news outlet Politico claims that Chesebro formulated a plan to dispatch fraudulent slates of presidential electors aimed at inciting a dispute on January 6, 2021, to obstruct Joe Biden’s confirmation as president.

The formal accusation in Wisconsin, a 26-page document dated June 3, primarily draws on text messages and documents from Chesebro, who participated in an interview with investigators last December.

The document alleges that these three men conspired to send “unappointed” electors to Washington, D.C.

Both Chesebro and Roman have previously been mentioned as potential accomplices in similar accusations in Georgia and Arizona.

This is the first instance of Troupis facing criminal charges linked to this purported scheme. They are each charged with a single count of forgery, originating from their alleged involvement in soliciting and delivering falsified electoral certificates to Congress in December 2020.

Josh Kaul, the Attorney General of Wisconsin and a member of the Democratic Party, confirmed these charges on Tuesday afternoon and noted that the investigation was still active.

The case has been registered in Dane County, the locale of Wisconsin’s capital city, Madison.

This marks Wisconsin as the fifth state to initiate charges related to an alleged elector fraud scheme.

According to Politico, Chesebro was tasked by Troupis in November 2020 with devising an elector strategy, primarily centered on Wisconsin.

“But as Trump grew increasingly desperate to stave off his defeat in the 2020 election, Troupis promoted Chesebro’s efforts to the national campaign, which quickly opted to export it to other states as part of a national strategy,” Politico claims.

It further alleges that Chesebro subsequently emerged as the central figure coordinating these “false” elector slates across seven states.

Charges have been brought against pro-Trump electors in states including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada.

US Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith has also referred to Chesebro as an unindicted co-conspirator in Trump’s criminal proceedings in Washington, D.C., highlighting him as the originator of increasingly unconventional legal and political strategies on behalf of Trump.

In Georgia, Chesebro entered a guilty plea to a single charge and received a minimal sentence.

He has cooperated with investigators in Arizona where he is also considered an unindicted co-conspirator and has been implicated in civil litigation in Michigan and Wisconsin that have illuminated his extensive endeavors to support Trump.

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