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Breaking: Trump Defends Matt Gaetz

Many on both sides of the political aisle – especially when it comes to elected officials in Washington, DC – were wondering if former President Donald Trump would come to the defense of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who is under investigation by the Department of Justice for, amongst other allegations, sexual offenses involving a child.

The investigation began when Trump’s Attorney General – William Barr – was at the helm of DOJ.

With this statement 9see below) just issued by Trump, we now know that he is defending Gaetz – at least to the degree of noting that Gaetz has denied the allegations. Arguably, a very tepid defense.

Please review Trump’s statement and share your thoughts about Gaetz in the comment section.


  1. MIKE says:

    If a democRAT mouth is moving, you know they are lying.

    GO TRUMP 2024-2028-2032———————

  2. Why did the Justice Department investigate innocent Matt Gaetz without completing an investigation into the rape of Tara Reed by former Vice President Joe Biden? Why are there no results of an investigation into the sexual relationship of Democrat Svallov, the head of the intelligence committee with a Chinese spy? Where are the results of the activities of this corrupt organization?

  3. ck says:

    Why wouldn’t he get behind him. Sexual predators stick together! Two peas in a pod!!

  4. D-Day says:

    Sounds like the Democrats are still using the same old Playbook. They accuse their opponents of things that they themselves are actually doing. Gee, what a surprise!

    • Sandra says:

      It must be a horrible feeling knowing that you can be bought and paid for at such a cheap price! All liberals that nod their heads when the DEMONRATS tell them to are nothing more than bought and paid for SLAVES!

  5. flashy0ne says:

    Typical ‘drivel’ from the MSM. The President’s statement is VERY clear. He CLEARS THE AIR (MSM ‘implies’ guilt “by accusation”) and Trump points out that NO PARDON was requested (again, implied request sponsored by MSM). Second, and MOST IMPORTANT, guilt denial. Accused pleads ‘innocent’ and awaits trial — if one is ever opened. If not, do you REALLY expect any significant clarification by/from the MSM ???

  6. David Smith says:

    Nothing will change until Politicians and other people feel what lead poisoning does to the brain Funny Trump was not a politician. Wait until you see what happens even if Chauvin is found guilty wait until you see what happens when the drug gangs Pedophiles child traffickers and rapist and murderers and the terrorist get started the ones this dip stick President and Politicians are letting walk right into our country and then giving them a ride to different cities But you just keep your faith in Biden Harris Pelosi Oblackma Clintons and the other corrupt lovely people God help you all I hope I can be gone soon

  7. G says:

    The Biden family is corrupt and many in the law enforcement agencies have been compromised. Election fraud and interference. Hunter Biden’s laptop are real but where is the justice. This will all come to and end soon and people will see just how corrupt many in leadership positions and there families have become over the past 50 years. We have been taken advantage of and the charade is about to end badly for the guilty.

  8. John J says:

    Let justice prevail

  9. Jim says:

    Who Cares? Media creating BS where nothing really exists…FAKE NEWS! Pathetic!

  10. Cbnjky says:

    They never talk about Biden’s hair sniffing or his touchy feely of 10 year old little girl who warding his hands off of her on camera and television I might ad. Democrats don’t talk about that

  11. Mark says:

    The democrats must have a Most Wanted List and they are going to take down as many as they can before the 2022 elections.
    They know that popular opinion is what a lot of Americans believe in and take those thoughts to the polls and vote in lock step like devoted Sheeple do. These are going to be the most trying times with Sleepy Joe and Kamalamading dong in the house, Nancy, Chuck, Mitt, Lisa, Suzy, Main Stream Media showing, telling we the people what we must believe is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God.
    People Keep Your Minds Open, Commonsense is what we need to make sense of the Manure that is spewed at us day in and day out!!!

  12. jkryanspark says:

    This Matt Gaetz incident is so typically Trumpian. It continues to reveal to the decent people of America, the true nature of the degenerate conservative movement that is destroying the country. And the moral cowards who come here to post their vitriol are part of the problem. I know. It’s easier for you to be a lowlife than to play by the rules and laws of the nation. But you have to try.

    • PatK says:

      Laws are meant for all not just a few people. Until those so called elites are held accountable for their actions then perhaps you should not point fingers. This is why lady justice was blindfolded. She was not supposed to be biased but equal under the laws not social media. It’s easy to prosecute someone on social media but as we know there are always two sides to all stories and until the actual facts are known, all people are presumed innocent until found guilty. This is why things are so screwed up now. People are presuming others guilty before being found innocent. Dangerous for all of us

      • TN says:

        There are no true investigate journalist anymore. At least not at the NewYork Times or Washington Post along with many other platforms and news outlets. They post the first thing they hear or assume without finding out the truth first. It’s ruining this country. The Dems are tearing this country apart after Trump had it working like a well oiled machine. After this obviously stolen election and now the things Biden has done, why hasn’t our military taken control of the Whitehouse? If they don’t then can we the real Americans of this country?

        • Aaron says:

          It is no longer the Whitehouse, that’s offensive; it is now called, the Caucasian House! Just like one isn’t fat, just nutritionally-challenged; and don’t call someone stupid, they’re intellectually-challenged. So, next-time your boss says, “you’re late”; just respond with, “I’m not late, I’m moderately early”. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Welcome to the 21st Century!!!

    • PatK says:

      Laws are meant for all not just a few people. Until those so called elites are held accountable for their actions then perhaps you should not point fingers. This is why lady justice was blindfolded. She was not supposed to be biased but equal under the laws not social media. It’s easy to prosecute someone on social media but as we know there are always two sides to all stories and until the actual facts are known, all people are presumed innocent until found guilty. This is why things are so screwed up now. People are presuming others guilty before being found innocent. Dangerous for all of us. Don’t assume unless you see something with your own eyes you know nothing!

    • Sicoflibs says:

      Wow, you are so superior! Did you look at yourself in the mirror when you posted that nugget. You are so much better than all the little people.

    • Lucy B. says:

      WOW now Trump is being blamed for Matt Gaetz! And we conservatives are a bunch of degenerates. I for one am getting tired of the left getting away with murder, Joe Biden & their uppity attitudes of superiority when Joe has a sniffing & grabbing history to deal with himself.

    • borecrazy says:

      Who are you trying to fool? The Democrats have been caught so many times defaming people who confront them, it has become a trademark of their party! They actually had someone within their party (Axelrod) who specialized in digging up or creating dirt to slander someone who was threatening the Democrat agenda! Witnesses were hired and coerced to lie about their targets! And you expect the American people to just take what Democrats say as the truth? Some accused may be guilty, but using a false public opinion built on lies before the facts come out is the true cowardly way to act! That’s why so many hate Hillary with a passion, because even when she was caught red handed breaking the law, she always had this “what me? How dare you accuse me” attitude!

  13. margee cotton says:


  14. Gloria says:

    Why is anyone reading into this? It should be taken at face value. President Trump said Matt Gaetz has never asked him for a pardon. He also stated that Matt Gaetz continues to claim innocence of any wrongdoing. It is what it is.

    • Corri says:

      Your comment is a level-headed one. It is what it is. Reading into it is all conjecture from either side. A pardon is granted for a crime that has been established as committed by a court of law, so to have done so in this case would be admitting his guilt before a trial. He will now have an opportunity to present his case without pleading guilty. It is what it is. And not matter how it turns out in the court in the end is up to our judicial system which Trump promoted.

    • Lori says:

      Thank you!! My thoughts exactly. Trump was quoted as stating facts plain and simple.

  15. Rita Fink says:

    Well I believe that if Trump has made a statement in Gaetz, is because it was some thing going on when Barr was Attorney General! So, for some reason Trump must believe that Gaetz is not guilty? Now, remember what the DEMS pulled on President Trump the entire (4) years of his Presidency! Hell the crap started even before he was the President!!! How make times can a President be set a-pond, tweeting that it is all FAKE NEWS??? See I believe that Former President Trump wasn’t believe by the News Reporters, and every day a new NIGHTMARE! What the person who wrote this, isn’t telling all of the information for some reason, either that writer was to lazy to get the full story, or they MADE THIS ALL UP! I am sorry to say that in this day and age, it is hard to watch these so called NEWS PEOPLE, and even HARDER TO BELIEVE WHAT IS COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS, OR OF WHAT THEY WRITE!! Every one of the so called news people that hounded President Trump, during his Presidency, should all be place on an Island with each other, and let them fight out the truth??

    • Gloria says:

      You have made a very good point. The whole world seems turned upside down these days. Crazy Dems with their finger pointing at everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      • PatK says:

        Let’s all remember socialist Dems want everyone who poises arguement against them gone. Where’s HUNTER why isn’t he being prosecuted along with his daddy. Why is there those who went on the Lolita express not being invited to spend time at GITMO oh thats right Biden wants that shut down. Hmm imagine that.Think! Dems are doing shit to us and you all running around with hate in your heart. Americans stand up and see what’s being done to you and it’s not something you can blame on Trump! We are being groomed to hate one another and to be all so compliant.

  16. Tom Hayes says:

    Matt they’re just trying to cancel you. Don’t let them win.

  17. Betty Cormier says:

    Vote Democrat socialist out they are destroying America Our rights our freedoms they have got to be stopped they stole the election to save themselves from being arrested and prison if President Trump would have stayed in a lot of heads would of rolled

  18. Alan says:

    The Democrats eat their young, so going after Matt Gaetz, a big Trump supporter and a popular Republican, is a no brainer for them. Doesn’t faze them to lie about everything that doesn’t agree with their narrative. A win is a win. When led by Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Nadler, Harris and let’s not forget Quid Pro Quo Joe, how can we expect to ever hear the truth from the Woke Left!

  19. Barbara says:

    President Trump’s DOJ repeatedly betrayed him. Knowing this, I think that it is unusual for you not understand why he would defend Matt Gaetz. First of all, aren’t we innocent until proven guilty or is this the two tier justice system where we are guilty until proven innocent? The left is attempting to destroy one more decent person. How about going after them and exposing their corruption?

  20. Sandra says:

    [email protected]

    I believe Matt totally! The Democrats try to spread lies and confusion everywhere a patriot stands for truth and justice! It’s a great clue that he is doing a great job!

    • Doug says:

      Enough already. This is not a case of right vs left or Republican vs Democrat. That is all political crap. Gaetz did or not do what his accusers claim and it is up to the court system to decide.

  21. Rita says:

    Hang in there Mat, stay strong.were behind you. Sorry you have to go through the tribulation of the left.

  22. Truthoutnow says:

    Well, He may have been a pedophile and he wanted to sleep with his daughter, incestually. Why do his supporters think of him like a god?

    • jaybird says:

      Sounds like you are talking about Uncle Joe!

    • Arnold Tobias says:

      Who do you mean Hunter?

    • Danny Thompson says:

      Because we the people are tired of the democratic parties criminal antics and if you don’t know what has been done by the Democrats to our democracy don’t sit back and point your fingure when you can’t or won’t see these democratic criminals for what they have done you need to look up truth and honesty and find someone to read the definitions for you.

    • JT says:

      This site and fake news, is it still necessary? Isn’t this trump crap over? Does he support Matt Geatz? How could he not, his character is the same. How cares what trump thinks about anything, the man ought to be in jail for trying to overtake the government by force. If he were the savior of all that’s been good about America it wouldn’t be so bad but for someone who thinks so highly of himself he was a lazy president and uninterested in doing his job. I’m sick of hearing his name.

  23. JM says:

    Democrats actually enjoy destroying their competition by any means necessary! A sport for them. I am sure Matt Gaetz is telling the truth

  24. maxibaby says:

    Balderdash! This is just another misleading attempt to sensationalize the Matt Gaetz accusations! DJT did not “defend” or condemn Matt in his statement! He made a statement of fact!
    The Dems have made so many fake, false, lying, untrue, accusations against Republicans that even if they came up with something “real” no one on God’s green earth would believe it! They continually step on their on own message! AND, that makes me truly happy!

    • Doug Cottrell says:

      It was Trump’s Attorney General who opened the case. The rest of this nonsense is … nonsense.

  25. Samuel S. Kent says:

    There is nothing unusual about President Trump’s statement at all! If it is raising eyebrows, they are the make-believe eyebrows of very stupid and lying leftists.

    Of course, Trump never pardoned Matt Gaetz, and Gaetz never asked for a pardon. The response of both men indicate that Gaetz is innocent. It is the leftist media and their lying politicians who are guilty. If I make the statement that all leftists are pedophiles, it is true? Well, maybe half are mental pedophiles, since most of the pedophiles are found on the left anyway, but logically the original statement is not true. The leftists are terrified of Gaetz because he is articulate and can tear them apart. He speaks truth, and all leftists fear truth. I could go on, but why bother. Gaetz is clearly innocent, and we are must still deal with the real destructive elements in our Nation — the genetically deficient like Pelosi, Schumer and, Harris and all their followers who have this lust to control everyone’s lives. Biden? He is the lead traitor, fake president, and the country’s hallmark of corruption. He and Pelosi need to go out like Mussolini and his mistress.

  26. Eleanor E Froehlich says:


  27. Secora says:

    Mat will get my vote no matter how many lies the dumbocraps try to convince me he works hard for the people in his district, they’re spreading everything they can on him and DeSantes to get these two republican out just like they did Brett Kavanoff.

  28. bruce says:

    I don’t find Trump’s statement tepid at all. he doesn’t know the details of the case. In fact, I am not the sure the writer of the article does either.
    Gaetz maintains that he and his father was part of (working with) an FBI investigation, not the target of it. This is simply the latest in the identity politics of the left and the attempt to get rid of opposition by any means.