BREAKING: Trump’s Candidate Beats Pence’s Candidate


( – HAPPENING NOW: In the most significant race where former President Donald Trump backed one candidate and former Vice President Mike Pence backed another, Trump’s candidate has been declared the winner, and Pence’s has graciously conceded.

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Keri Lake has defeated Karrin Taylor Robson and will now run against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs in the general election in November.

As National Review reports in, “Trump-Backed Kari Lake Wins Republican Nomination for Governor in Arizona“:

“Lake, a former news anchor, beat out establishment-backed Karrin Taylor Robson, who is a lawyer and businesswoman, according to an Associated Press projection.

“‘Arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment just delivered a political earthquake,’ Lake said in a statement celebrating her victory on Thursday.

“Meanwhile Robson said: ‘The voters of Arizona have spoken. I accept the results, I trust the process and the people who administer it.'”

As for the role of endorsements:

“Lake won the endorsement of former president Donald Trump, while Robson was endorsed by former vice president Mike Pence and the current Arizona governor, Doug Ducey. Ducey cannot run for a third term under state law.”


What is your reaction to Keri Lake beating Karrin Taylor Robson for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Arizona? Do you think Trump’s endorsement made the difference in what turned out to be a very close race? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.