BREAKING: US Military Bases Attacked (video)

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( – BREAKING NOW: In a new sign that once our allies are allowed to be attacked, America is next, US military bases in the Middle East have suffered drone strikes by Iran-linked Islamist terrorists – a further escalation of violence after Israel’s recent invasion by Palestinian terror group Hamas.

According to various media outlets, US military bases in Syria witnessed drone attacks on Thursday.

At the al-Tanf coalition garrison, one drone was intercepted and destroyed, but the other drone injured a few personnel, an anonymous US official told The Associated Press.

The Conoco site, located in Syria’s Deir al-Zor region, was another target, as confirmed by Politico, which cited both a US official and an individual who knew about the attack.

Al Mayadeen, a Lebanese news outlet linked with Hezbollah, had earlier indicated that three drones had attacked the al-Tanf base close to the Iraq and Jordan borders.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for the strike on the Conoco gas field, but there was no official verification of this claim.

Local activists also hinted at attacks on the two US military bases. The explosions near the Conoco gas field and the sound of military aircraft that persisted, as highlighted by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, were notable.

Before this, Iran-supported militias had reportedly tried to attack the coalition forces at al-Tanf.

Although coalition forces managed to bring down two drones, one hit the base, leading to material damage.

A day earlier, Iran-backed militias in Iraq attempted to target US and Coalition troops, as confirmed by the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

While some drones were intercepted, one resulted in minor injuries to the troops.

The current escalation in the Middle East emerged after, on October 7, Hamas, another Iranian-backed terrorist group, massacred over 1,400 civilians in Southern Israel, including 30 Americans.

Due to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas with Iran’s involvement, US troops in the vicinity remained vigilant, watching closely the actions of the Iran-backed proxy forces, Reuters notes in a report.

The Wednesday assault on the al-Asad base in Iraq was reportedly claimed by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, a coalition of several groups supported by Iran.

They stated that this attack was a precursor to more such operations against US forces. Another faction, Tashkil al-Waritheen, said they were behind the second attack on Wednesday.